Deribasovskaya Street

Each city has its own "main" street. Kiev has Khreshchatyk, Kharkov has Sumy, Moscow has Arbat, Petersburg has Nevsky Prospekt, New York has Broadway, Paris has Champs Elysees. And Odessa has Deribasovskaya street.

The length of the street is less than 1 kilometers, and the history is very long. At first the street was called Sadovaya, then the Gymnasium, because it housed the main commercial gymnasium. And when the gymnasium turned into a Richelieu lyceum, the street was renamed in honor of the brave warlord, the hero of the capture of Ishmael, the mayor of Odessa - Joseph De Ribas. In Soviet times, they tried to rename her to Lassalle Street, then to Chkalov Street, but the Odessaites persistently called her Deribasovskaya, and even the Soviet system had to come to terms with it.

Deribasovskaya Street was created for recreation, for a slow and tranquil course of life. Odessites and guests of Odessa are taking a walk here and have a rest. Walking along Deribasovskaya, you will meet numerous historical monuments: the Passage Hotel, Gambrinus, the City Garden, the Richelieu Lyceum building, the monument to De Ribas himself, the monument to the 12 chair from the genius creation of the genius Odesites Ilf and Petrov, the monument to the equally outstanding Odessite Leonid Utyosov and much more.

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