Kharkov weekend. 2 days in Kharkov

New!  Traveling with friends is a great idea! Any Kharkiv citizen will tell you that the first capital of Ukraine is the best city on earth! Don't believe me? See for yourself by ordering one of the many excursions in Kharkov.
Walks accompanied by an experienced Kharkov guide are full of informative stories, myths and legends. Vivid impressions and excellent mood are guaranteed to you.

Which Kharkov do you want to see:
- Is Kharkiv historic with huge squares and masterpieces of the best architects?
- Cultural Kharkov with theaters, exhibitions, philharmonic society, art galleries?
- Kharkov scientific with universities, museums, scientific centers?
- Is Kharkiv a city of the IT industry, a museum of computer technology, an Art Factory Mechanics?
- Is Kharkiv a city of entertainment - with amusement parks, entertainment centers, a water park?

Programs for the reception of groups and individual tourists in Kharkov include: 
- meeting and accompanying tourists;
- transport and excursion service in the city, Slobozhanshchina;
- accommodation in hotels and hostels of Kharkiv and the region;
- varied food;
- visiting entertaining centers, parks and attractions of Kharkov;
- excursions to museums;
- shopping in Kharkov shopping and recreation center;
- the purchase of souvenirs;

We love Kharkov and really want our city to love you too!


Ukraine, Kharkov


2-day personal reception in Kharkov.

Season of rest

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Duration of the tour

2 days / 1 night


Hotel "Mir" 3 * located on one of the central highways of the city - Nauki Avenue, next to the Botanichesky Sad metro station. Convenient location allows our guests to easily reach anywhere in the city. In the immediate vicinity are the source of Sarzhin Yar and "Kharkov Disneyland" - Gorky Park.

Rooms are equipped with satellite TV, direct dial telephone. Bathroom with shower, hairdryer, twin beds.
On the ground floor there is a cafe "Joker" where breakfasts are held. The cafe is open: 07: 30-12: 00

Voyage hotel 3 * It is located on a quiet street in the historical center of Kharkov, 5 minutes from the entertainment and business part of the city with convenient transport links (5 minutes from the metro, 5 km from the railway station and 12 km from the airport). Just a few steps and you are on the central square of Kharkov. 

Rooms are equipped with: wide beds, shower, combined with a bathroom, Wi-Fi (throughout the hotel), air conditioning, TV.


1 breakfast in the hotel + 2 lunches in the cafe.
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Type of tour


Excursion program

1 day Meeting of tourists in Kharkov.
Transfer to the hotel. ABOUTwe put our luggage in the hotel's storage room.

Sightseeing walking tour of Kharkov "From history to modern times" 

We are convinced at 100% that the tour will please you! After all, Kharkov is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, a city with a million inhabitants, a city-worker, a city-dandy, a city-businessman, a city-scientist, a hero city, although officially it did not deserve its title. Kharkov has something to be proud of and has something to show! City tour: Sarzhin Yar - park them. Gorky, st. Sumsk, the largest square in Europe - Freedom Square, one of the most beautiful monuments in the world T. Shevchenko, the symbol of the city - Mirror Stream, national university and building Gosprom, Shevchenko's garden, a monument to the founders of Kharkov. History, symbols, traditions of Kharkov, streets and squares, famous Kharkovites and much more.
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Transfer to the hotel. Check-in at the hotel (according to the estimated time of the hotel).
Lunch at the cafe. 

Walking tour "The city lights the lights" Evening romantic Kharkov " In the light of the night lights, the unhurried annals of our beloved city are majestically and solemnly conducted by his guards and symbols: streets, squares, parks, fountains, theaters, mansions, museums, sculptures, monuments. A beautiful city with a beautiful history ...
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Free time.
You can order a table in one of the many cafes and restaurants in the city.

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2 day Breakfast in the hotel. Eviction from the hotel. Оwe put our luggage in the hotel's storage room.
Transfer to "Feldman Ecopark" 
Feldman Ecopark in Kharkov is very popular, it is rightfully called a corner of wildlife. Here you can see predators and herbivores, birds and reptiles. The zoological collection of the park numbers over 2000 animals of 200 species. The collection of primates remains one of the largest not only in Ukraine, but also in Eastern Europe - it includes 200 monkeys. 
Also, there is a contact zoo on the territory, where kids can communicate with pets: touch and pet, if possible. Playgrounds and sandboxes were placed in the park for children's leisure.

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The Ecopark has an equestrian complex where horses, ponies and donkeys are kept. Now about 250 children aged from 2,5 to 18 years old are constantly engaged in the complex, who are taught the basics of equestrian sports, the basics of caring for animals and the rules of safe communication with them.
In addition, in the eco-park you can barbecue in a specially designated place, take part in contests and events. All year round, sports and entertainment events, show programs, educational excursions (including for educational institutions) are organized here.
Transfer to the hotel.
Lunch at the cafe. 

Free time. In your free time, we recommend visiting:

- Kharkiv Art Museum - one of the first museums in Kharkov, includes 25 halls, which display paintings by Ukrainian and Russian artists of the 16-20 centuries. 
- Maritime Museum - a museum that tells about the history of sailing in models.  
- Kharkov Historical Museum - the expositions of which show the history of the origin and development of Kharkov from the first settlements to the present. 

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- Museum of Sex and Sexual Cultures of the World
 - the most piquant museum in our city, which contains paintings and sculptures dedicated to the sexual culture of different countries and peoples of the world. 
- Kharkiv Oceanarium - here you will see the inhabitants of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans from different parts of the world. 
- Kharkiv Planetarium - a center that allows you to see the stars of the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth on the territory of its Star Hall. You will also be able to watch: sunrise and sunset, aurora starfall, created by special projectors. 
- "AVEK" - gallery, which exhibits the works of Ukrainian and foreign masters of painting, graphics, sculpture, photography.
- Ermilov Center - the first center of contemporary art in Kharkov. The exhibitions feature art works by contemporary artists. 
- Landau Center - exhibition hall, which is one large laboratory.

Independent departure.

The cost per person in UAH.

group / hotel  6 people 4 people

3 people

2 people
hotel of 3 * category "Mir" or "Voyage"
(2-3-bedded rooms with private facilities)
1750 1850 1900 2600


Meeting tourists, excursion service according to the program (3 walking tours), hotel accommodation for 1 day, meals according to the program (1 breakfast and 2 lunches), insurance.


  • The cost of reception programs is approximate and in each case is calculated by the order.
  • On request, it is possible to calculate accommodation in a hostel or hotels of a higher level - 2 *, 4 *, transport service for the whole day, excursion service in foreign languages, etc.
  • The cost depends on the agreed program, the level of the hotel, meals, the number of people in the group, transportation services, facilities visited, etc.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects, master classes, theatrical performances, optional events are paid additionally.
  • Museums, master classes, theatrical performances, optional events are booked in advance when booking.
  • Any variants and combinations of programs, excursions are possible.  

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