Prefabricated tours from Kharkov

Weekly tours and excursions from Kharkov. Pedestrian, bus, rail

6 days / 8 days
8350 from UAH.

MEGA-tour to Truskavets. 7 days of rest in the Carpathians Train

Kharkov - Kiev - Lviv - Truskavets - Borislav - Drogobych - Goshev - Stry - Dovbush rocks - Beregovo - Synevyr - Shipot - Lviv castles - Slavske - Ancient Sambir - Tustan - Lviv - Kiev - Kharkov

Weekly tour to Truskavets from Kharkov for "All inclusive" 8350 UAH / person
There are male and female sharing - no extra charges!
4 day
3875 from UAH.

Aroma of Transcarpathia. Synevyr - Beregovo - Mukachevo Train

Kharkiv - Mukachevo - Synevyr - Shipot - Beregovo - Uzhgorod - Kharkiv

Hit! Are you missing travel? Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" invites you to spend several free days in Transcarpathia!
7 days / 9 days
6200 from UAH.

MEGA tour to the Carpathians. 7 days of rest in Vorokhta Train

Kharkov - Kiev - Vorokhta - Bukovel - Rakhiv - Verkhovyna - Ivano-Frankivsk - Yaremche - Kosiv - Chernivtsi - Kiev - Kharkov

One-week tour to the Carpathians for "All inclusive" The cost is 7600 UAH / person.
There are male and female sharing - no extra charges!
2 day
2750 from UAH.

The sky over the Dnieper. Zaporizhzhia - Dnipro - Petrykivka - Grechane village Bus

Zaporizhzhia - Khortytsya - Dnipro - Galushkovka - Petrikovka

We will unite in one round two beautiful Dnieper pearls of Ukraine, a city with a glorious Cossack past and no less glorious industrial present - Dnipro and Zaporozhye!

3 days / 5 turodney
3750 from UAH.

Carpathian pearls. World Mountain Day! Train

Yasinya - Bukovel - Dragobrat - Yaremche

Tour on Tourism Day! The Carpathians are a unique tourist region of Ukraine, where you can relax at any time of the year. You will always find something to do here and where to have a good time. Rest in the autumn in the Carpathians, as well as in the off-season, is especially charming here! On this tour you will have the opportunity to visit the best mountain resort in Ukraine - Bukovel on September 27 - the International Tourism Day!

10 hours
395 from UAH.

Manors of Kharkiv region + Singing terraces Bus

Old Merchik - Sharovka - Natalia - Singing terraces

One of the most popular excursions among Kharkiv residents and visitors of our city tells about ancient estates that have survived to our days, which give an opportunity to glance into the past of our region, learn about the life of Kharkiv citizens in the XVIII - XIX centuries, Kharkiv patrons.

10 hours
450 from UAH.

Slobozhansky Switzerland. Zmiev - Korobovy Khutor Bus

Zmiev - Water - Korobovy Khutor - outdoor recreation

Korobov Khutor - one of the most beautiful places in the Kharkiv region, a real resort. From the height of the Cossack mountain, from the banks of the Seversky Donets, a wonderful view of the picturesque places of the Kharkiv region opens.

15 hours
600 from UAH.

Ukrainian Baden-Baden. Mirgorod Bus

Velikiy Sorochintsy - Mirgorod outdoor recreation - Oposhna (market)

Mirgorod is one of the most famous Ukrainian resorts of mineral waters. The city was founded in 1575 year on the bank of the river Khorol. In the XIX century, Mirgorod acquired the status of a district town of Poltava province.

2 hours
100 from UAH.

From history to modern times. Walking tour around Kharkov Walking tour

a sightseeing tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

The first capital of Ukraine, the largest city 50-th parallel, the legendary capital of Polovtsi Sharukan - "the city behind the wall at the swampy river", a modern cultural, industrial and scientific center with a population of almost 1,5 million people. You are invited by Kharkov!

3 days / 5 turodney
3700 from UAH.

Autumn Balloon Festival in Kamyanets-Podolsk + Khotin and Bakota! Train

Khmelnitsky - Kamenets-Podolsky - Khotin - Bakota - boat trip - Khmelnitsky

Hit! One of the most popular and romantic festivals of Ukraine! You can visit one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, become members of a bright holiday and see the exciting spectacle - the flight of balloons over the medieval city! After all, you dreamed about it, is not it?
1 day / 2 night
1550 from UAH.

Miracles Cherkassky. Uman + Buky canyon Bus

Uman - Sofievsky dendrological park - Buk canyon

Traditional popular bus tour to Uman from Kharkov, which combines visiting the most beautiful places in Ukraine - Sophia Arboretum in Uman - and Buk canyon on the mountain river Tikich.

1 day
1550 from UAH.

Festival of equestrian and trick art "Centaurs"! Bus

Kharkov - Ancient Kiev Principality of Kievan Rus - Kharkov

We invite you to the Festival of Equestrian and Stunt Art Centaurs!
Immerse yourself in Ancient Kiev in the Principality of Kievan Rus into the wonderful world of equestrian trick art! "Centaurs" is a festival that brings together the best equestrian stuntmen of Ukraine.
Don't miss our unique and spectacular fire show
Fireball Trebuchet Shooting
10 hours
395 from UAH.

Handmade masterpieces. Krasnokutsk - Singing terraces Bus

Krasnokutsky Arboretum - Singing Terraces

The beauty of the landscape lakes, the greens of centuries-old oak trees, the purity of picturesque springs - all this "Red Kut" - a beautiful unique corner of the Kharkov region. It was here that the Krasnokutsky dendrological park was built on the monastery land donated to the Karazin family.

13 hours
695 from UAH.

Under Tabor, over the Donets. Svyatogorsk Lavra + Goat farm Bus

Svyatogorsk - village of Prestestnoye

Svyatogorsk Holy Assumption Lavra is one of the three Lavra of Ukraine. The monastery complex is located in a picturesque place on the right bank of the Seversky Donets. An excursion to the Lavra fills the soul with peace and light.

13 hours
675 from UAH.

We get acquainted with the Kharkiv antiquity. Both Akhtyrka and Trostyanets were once part of the Kharkov province. Nowadays, Akhtyrka is a museum of temples in the open air, and Trostyanets is famous for the former estate of the sugar manufacturer Leopold Koenig - now the Trostyanets arboretum.

2 days / 4 days
2850 from UAH.

Vinnitsa fountain of emotions! Vinnytsia - Zhytomyr - Old Solotvin Bus

Vinnytsia - fountain show - Zhytomyr - Berdichev - Stary Solotvin

A 2-day tour to Vinnitsa is a unique opportunity to see the stunning natural, architectural and historical monuments of central Ukraine. You will immediately fall in love with this charming city and discover it for yourself from a completely different perspective!

1 day / 2 night
1550 from UAH.

Miracles Cherkassky. Uman + Buky canyon Bus

Uman - Sofievsky dendrological park - Buk canyon

Traditional popular bus tour to Uman from Kharkov, which combines visiting the most beautiful places in Ukraine - Sophia Arboretum in Uman - and Buk canyon on the mountain river Tikich.

16 hours
1200 from UAH.

Khortytsya unites Ukraine! We invite in a combined tour to the legendary Zaporozhye. On the Day of Defender of Ukraine, you can get acquainted with the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks, hear legends about the life and customs of the Cossacks, and see the unique presentation with the participation of Sich Cossacks.

15 hours
1150 from UAH.

Petrikovsky region. Dnipro - Petrikovka - s. Grechanoe ethnohutor "Cossack Sich" Bus

Dnieper - Petrikovka - village Grechanoe ethnohutor "Cossack Sich"

We invite you to visit the unique corner of the Dnieper region - Petrikovsky krai, which combines a magnificent nature, original folk art and unlimited hospitality. This is a great place to get acquainted with the authentic Ukrainian culture and outdoor recreation.

3 day
3980 from UAH.

On the banks of the Desna and the Sejm. Chernihiv tour Bus

Kharkiv - Nizhyn - Baturyn - Chernigov - Kozelets - Trostyanets - Kachanivka - Kharkiv

We invite you to a beautiful tour of Ancient Sivershchina in order to plunge into the thousand-year history of Ancient Chernigov, the glorious Cossack past of Baturin, the provincial life of Nizhyn, to immerse yourself in the spirit of landowners' estates, parks and palaces.

2 day
2850 from UAH.

Amazing Poltava region. A weekend in Poltava! Bus

Oposhnya - Dikanka - Bolshie Budischa - Poltava - Abazovka

If you think that one day is not enough to get to know the Poltava region (and you still think correctly!), Then why not go on a trip for two days ?!
13 hours
500 from UAH.

Excursion to the historical and cultural reserve "Svyatogorskaya Svyato-Uspenskaya Lavra" is truly a miracle created by nature and people in an amazingly beautiful place on the banks of the Seversky Donets.

3 day
3400 from UAH.

Festival "Cheese and Wine Festival 2020" in Lviv Train

Kharkiv - Cheese and Wine Festival in Lviv 2020 - Kharkiv

Festival "Festival of Cheese and Wine 2020" in Lviv will be held for the 11th time. For 3 days, from October 23 to 25, on the square in front of the Palace of Arts, guests will be able to visit a large Cheese and Wine Fair, which will present products from both major producers and importers, as well as regional organic products.
And all this with an interactive cultural program.

7 days / 9 days
9150 from UAH.

MEGA-tour to the Carpathians for the New Year! Train

Kharkiv - Vorokhta - Yasinya - Bukovel - Yaremche - Kharkiv

Promotion of early booking to 01.10.2020!
MEGA-tour to the Carpathians for the New Year 2021 All-inclusive one-week tour to the Carpathians!
Excursions and hikes in the Carpathians, an unforgettable trip to the forest and to the waterfalls, evening entertainment programs, transfer to the GC "Bukovel".
New Year's banquet and show program are included in the tour price!
6 days / 8 days
5250 from UAH.

Yo! New Year in the Carpathians Train

Kharkov - Kiev - Yasinya - Bukovel - Dragobrat - Kvasy - Rakhiv - Vorokhta - Verkhovyna - Yaremche - Kiev - Kharkov

Promotion of early booking to 01.10.2020!
Do you dream of celebrating the New Year in the Carpathians? Then do not miss the chance to celebrate the New 2021 Year in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, actively and cheerfully spend your winter holidays at the best ski resorts in Ukraine - Bukovel and Dragobrat.
6 days / 8 days
10400 from UAH.

New Year's premium vacation in the Carpathians! "Premiun Club", Yaremche Train

Kharkiv - Kiev - Yaremche - Bukovel - Kiev - Kharkiv

Promotion of early booking to 01.10.2020! NG BANQUET - IN THE PRICE OF THE TOUR!

Meet the New Year 2021 in the most famous resort of the Carpathians - Yaremche! New Year's tour to the Carpathians for lovers of passive rest and relaxation! Premium vacation in hotel "Premium Club 4 *"!

4 days / 6 turodney
4500 from UAH.

Mayfay tour. New Year in Transcarpathia Train

Mukachevo - Uzhgorod - Perechin - Chinadievo - Beregovo

Stock early booking before 01.10.2020!

Transcarpathia at any time of the year - these are castles, thermal springs and the spirit of the Middle Ages!

Meet the New Year 2021 in a new exclusive tour of Transcarpathia!

4 days / 6 turodney
5200 from UAH.

Novorichna tamnitsya and smakivnitsya. Faine Misto Ternopil Train

Ternopil - Zbarazh - Kryvche - Zarvanytsia

Promotion of early booking to 01.10.2020!

Incredible enigmatic atmosphere holiday Of Ternopil и hospitality his inhabitants waiting for you! Podillya is one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. A third of all castles and fortresses of Ukraine have been preserved here, ancient churches and monasteries are conquered with their grandeur and gray hair, and nature is as if the personification of God's paradise!

3 days / 5 turodney
3200 from UAH.

Gastronomic Odessa. New Year 2021 in Odessa! Train

Odessa, excursions, tastings and rest by the sea

Promotion of early booking to 01.10.2020!
Odessa at any time of the year - this is the sea, sun, joy and wine!
And the New Year holidays are an opportunity not only to see Odessa and love it, not only to return to your favorite city, but also to meet beautifully and cheerfully
Sandwich and glass Odessa + history of the port city.

3 days / 5 turodney
2800 from UAH.

New Year's Adventures. Tour to Kharkov for the New Year Independently

Kharkiv - New Year's Fair, a concert on pl. Freedom, park them. Gorky

Promotion of early booking to 01.10.2020!
Tour for the New Year to Kharkov! We are waiting for tourists from all over Ukraine and the world!

Very soon we will plunge into that wonderful time of winter holidays.
Gifts, a tree, toys, tangerines and a magical atmosphere - all this is approaching us at a breakneck speed. We say - of course, in Kharkov)
New Year's Fair and Kharkov Disneyland!

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