Prefabricated tours from Kharkov

Weekly tours and excursions from Kharkov. Pedestrian, bus, rail

7 days / 9 turodney
5700 from UAH.

MEGA-tour to Truskavets! 7 days of rest in the Carpathians Train

Lviv - Truskavets - Borislav - Drohobych - Goshev - Stryi - Dovbush rocks - Beregovo - Synevyr - Shipot - Lviv region castles - Slavske - Tustan

Hit Winter 2019-2020! All inclusive!

Combined tour to the hotel complex "Truskavets" on 7 days with rest, hiking in the forest, conquering mountain peaks, excursions to Lviv, Mukachevo, Slavske, Skhodnitsa, through the castles of Lviv region.

15 hours
750 from UAH.

On spring holidays, it was customary to ride horses, go on a visit, have fun, treat yourself to a vodka, cook dumplings and, of course, pancakes that symbolized the sun, solar heat and power.

8 hours
500 from UAH.

All over the Kolodyya! Carnival in Skovorodinovka Bus

Skovorodinovka - the estate of Kovalevsky

How will they meet Maslenitsa in one of the most beautiful, paradisiacal places of Slobozhanshchina - in Kovalevsky's estate, in Skovorodinovke? We are sure that it will not be boring! Are we going to Skovorodinovka?

13 hours
750 from UAH.

Poltava snacks. Wide Shrovetide in Poltava Bus

Poltava - Dykanka - Shrovetide celebration

The traditions and customs of Ukraine on Shrovetide have come to us from the depths of centuries. Our ancestors celebrated this holiday in the springtime, when nature woke up from a winter dream. The meeting of spring was accompanied by fun festivities, baking of golden pancakes.

13 hours
650 from UAH.

Fun festivities in Dikanka. Pancake week in Poltava Bus

Big Budishki - Dikanka - Shrovetide celebration - Poltava

Shrovetide is a farewell to winter and a solemn meeting of a beautiful woman - spring. Her celebration among the Gentiles was associated with the glorification of the Sun God Yarila, and after the adoption of Christianity, she became the last stage of preparation for Lent.

3 days / 5 turodney
3990 from UAH.

March 8 tour There is a female sharing! What will the weather be like on 8 March? Whatever the weather, sunny Odessa always welcomes its guests with hospitality, warmth and cordiality!

3 days / 5 turodney
3850 from UAH.

March 8 tour! The best spring tours for you! We offer to celebrate the spring festival in the capital of Western Ukraine! A wonderful gift for our lovely women!

4 days / 6 turodney
4650 from UAH.

Sunny tour. May holidays in Transcarpathia and Slovakia! Train

Mukachevo - Schonborn Castle - Uzhhorod - Synevyr - Shipot - Kosice

Spring 2020! May Holidays Tour! We invite everyone to the May holidays to visit the most popular and beautiful places in Transcarpathia and Slovakia! You are waiting for: classic old castles, exquisite palaces, thermal springs, mountain rivers, waterfalls and meadows, Transcarpathian dishes and wines and much more!

4 days / 6 turodney
6250 from UAH.

May Chernivtsi and a trip to Transylvania! Train

Chernivtsi - Sighisoara - Sinai - Peles Castle - castle of Count Dracula - Brasov - Chernivtsi

Spring 2020. May Holidays Tour! May Chernivtsi + Romania 2020. Combined tour to the capital of Bukovina with 2-day departure to Romania to the homeland of Count Dracula. The tour includes a visit to one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine - Chernivtsi, familiarity with nature, history and famous castles of the popular region of Romania - Transylvania!

4 days 6 days

Roads of three eras. Volyn + Poland Bus

Lutsk - Castle - Lublin - Kozluvka - Helm - Kovel

Spring 2020! May Holidays Tour! Combined tour to the amazing cities of Volyn and Poland. 5 days of wonderful and relaxed relaxation, acquaintance with the magnificent architecture of cities, visiting museums and castles, excursions to the cities of Zamosc and Helm.

3 days / 5 turodney
4100 from UAH.

May bouquet of Transcarpathia. Valley of daffodils - Uzhhorod - Mukachevo - Berehove Train

Mukachevo - Schönborn Castle - Uzhhorod - Daffodil Valley - Khust - Isa - Berehove

Spring 2020! May Holidays Tour! The beginning of May in Transcarpathia is the blooming Valley of daffodils, the time of sakura blossom (if you're lucky), which lavishly decorates the streets and castles of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo. Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" offers to celebrate the second May holidays in Transcarpathia this year!

3 days / 5 turodney
4050 from UAH.

Ternopol mix. May holidays in the Western Podillia Train

Ternopol - Buchach - Yazlovets - Chervonograd - Vyshnevets - Zbarazh

Spring 2020. May Holidays Tour! A historical and gastronomic tour in the heart of Western Ukraine, which will not leave anyone indifferent who loves to eat well and relax informatively!
3 days / 5 turodney

The beauty of pristine nature. Volyn + Belovezhskaya Pushcha Train

Klevan - Lutsk - Brest - Bialowieza Forest - Cockroaches - Dubno - Rivne

Spring 2020! May Holidays Tour! Do you dream to meet spring in the tunnel of love or in a nature reserve? Then we invite you to an amazingly beautiful fairytale tour of Volyn with a trip to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park!

3 days / 5 turodney
3700 from UAH.

Balloon festival in Kamenets-Podolsky + Hotin, Chernivtsi and Bakota! Train

Khmelnitsky - Kamenetz-Podolsky - Chernivtsi - Hotin - Bakota - Khmelnitsky

Hit! One of the most popular and romantic festivals of Ukraine! You can visit one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, become members of a bright holiday and see the exciting spectacle - the flight of balloons over the medieval city! After all, you dreamed about it, is not it?

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