Large carriage. Christmas taste of Lviv

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We invite meet Christmas 2022 in Lviv! Vyou are waiting modern и medieval Lviv, hot wine and cold beer, Lviv donuts, nativity scenes and carols! All hotels in the city center! 

Tour for Christmas to Lviv from Kharkov, Sumy, Kiev and other cities.

Taste Christmas Lviv:

  • cozy Lviv coffee houses, popular eateries, modern pubs;
  • mysticism streets and dungeons, cathedrals and castles;
  • the Venetian luxury of the Lviv Opera;
  • aroma of Lviv coffee, beer and mulled wine;
  • delicate taste of Lviv chocolate and pampukhs;
  • Christmas mood, Christmas traditions and gifts.

We invite you to celebrate Christmas 2022 in Lviv! Make yourself a Christmas present - spend the winter holidays in the very heart of Western Ukraine!

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Tour dates

05.01 - 09.01





Duration of the tour

3 days / 5 turodney

Type of tour



breakfast at the hotel + tastings


hotel "Old Krakow" 3 * (center)
Located in the center of Lviv, only 100 meters from the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater. It features a 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi. The hotel's cafe-restaurant serves breakfast with traditional Ukrainian dishes every morning (complex)
All rooms at the Stary Krakow Hotel have a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a minibar, air conditioning and a safe. The hotel's interior is decorated with stained glass windows, original forged products and paintings from the ancient city of Krakow.
st.krakov 01 st.krakov 02
st.krakov 03 st.krakov 04
Uzor NU
hotel "Eurohotel" 3 * (center)
The hotel is located in the center of Lviv and provides elegantly decorated rooms with free Wi-Fi.
Ideal location, classic style and sophistication come together in the modern Eurohotel building. The hotel is located within walking distance from Rynok Square, historical monuments and prominent places of Lviv. All rooms are tastefully decorated in warm colors. Rooms here will provide you with cable TV and a work desk. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom with shower. A buffet breakfast is served in the restaurant, which also serves a wide variety of European and Ukrainian dishes. XNUMX-hour room service is available.
eurohotel 0001 hotel6 1024x683
hotel8 1024x683 restbg 1024x683

Classic rooms 
eurohotel 0003 classictw4
classictw1 eurohotel 0004

Standard rooms (newly renovated)
standarttw2 standarttw6
standardtwB1 standarttw8
Uzor NU

Excursion program

05.01 environment  Departure to Lviv by train # 46 at 12:39 from Kharkov, from Sumy at 16:36, from Kiev in 22: 47.
Uzor NU
1 day 06.01  A DAY OF BEER AND WINE!

Arrival to Lviv in 8: 15. Meeting tourists at the station. 

08: 20-11: 00 Sightseeing bus tour of Lviv (included in the price).
You will have na great opportunity to get acquainted with the historical monuments and wealth of the city: the neo-Gothic church of St. Elizabeth with high city spiers, the complex of the university "Lviv Polytechnic", Archcathedral Cathedral of St. Jura  with the oldest bell in Ukraine, the first higher educational institution in Ukraine - Lviv University (the building of the former Galician Seim), Noble Casino - the place where arranged chic balls and looking for brides, and now the place of many filming.
lvov sobor 2 lvov sobor 1

11: 00-12: 20 Visit to the museum "Lvivyarnya" with beer tasting (included in the price).

lvov muzey piva 1 lvov muzey piva 2

Transfer to the hotel, check-in. Free time.

On request, a visit to the skating rink and the New Year's fair in the city center, where you can warm up with hot wine and taste Lviv donuts, go up to the observation deck of the Town Hall (entrance fee - 40/15 UAH). 

16: 00-18: 30 - Walking tour "Heart of Lviv in medieval decoration" (included in the price).
Let's get to know Lviv from his heart - Market Square, which housed Town Hall and 44 buildings - each with its own history. A unique medieval part of the city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Latin catheld, the chapel of Boim, the bell tower of Kornyakt, Dominican Cathedral, patio Bernardine monastery... Exciting stories about outstanding people who lived and stayed in the city of Leo and created his history. Visit unique parts of ancient Lviv - Latin, Armenian and Jewish quarters ... Lviv legends, tales and historical curiosities.
lvov plosha lvov sobo 5

The world is preparing to birth Christ!

19: 00-20: 00 - We suggest visiting a Christmas dinner in the restaurant "Stargorod" (600 UAH / adults).
12 lenten dishes, kolyada accompanied by a den, leading the evening with stories about the traditions of the celebration of Christmas.
rozhdestvo lvov01 Hrushevsky.2015 173309
Uzor NU

Breakfast. You have the opportunity to take part in the Christmas liturgy in one of the churches of Lviv.

10: 00-12: 00 - Excursion "Mystic and underground Lviv with a taste of mulled wine" (included in the price).

Like every medieval city, Lviv is covered with myths and legends. Stories about ghosts, alchemists, vampires ... You will hear the legends of the Lviv Opera, discover the secret of the Poltva River, find out who wanders the corridors of the City Hall and what Lviv residents hid in an artificial hill High Castle... You will learn about all the secrets church of the Order of the Jesuits, pharmacy-museum and fortress walls of medieval Lviv. Well, for those who do not get lost in secret labyrinths, a surprise awaits - a treat with aromatic warming mulled wine!
UL cover e1482087939253 Lvov underground 1

Lviv invites guests to festive Christmas festivities in different locations of the city center and in Shevchenkivskyi Guy: Big Carols Christmas Festival, City Feast of Donuts, City Show “Christmas in the Forest”.

1043431 Lviv Christmas 5

Optional optional:15: 00-17: 00 - Atypical excursion "On the roofs of Lviv" (400 UAH / person).Lviv panoramas that will take your breath away. The best sights of Lviv from the height of the places where the elevators go. The most beautiful roofs, Lviv flavor and stories that excite the imagination.
15 18

Optional optional: 20: 00-22: 00 - Evening excursion "Night Wart of Lviv" (400 UAH / adult; 350 UAH / children under 14 years old): If by chance you can not sleep at night, look out the window and see people with flashlights. Do not be afraid! They are the aides of the burgomaster - they just take care of your sleep ... When darkness sets in on the evening in Lviv, secrets begin to stir in the dark alleys, the night burgomaster comes out to the streets, surrounded by faithful assistants - Mr. Schlussel.
He monitors the tranquility of residents and searches for violators living on the dark side of the month. Unexpected encounters, terrible legends, ghosts, secret rites - all this awaits you during a night excursion. If you are not afraid to become an assistant to Mr. Schlussel, join us!
nochmaya varta 1 nochmaya varta 2
Uzor NU


Breakfast. Eviction from the rooms (things leave in the hotel). Gathering group in the city center.

10:00-13:00 - Walking tour - tasting "Lviv with the aroma of coffee and sweets" (included in the price).
Excursion with a coffee tasting! Sensually about coffee! Open your heart and all five senses with coffee! You will go to meet emotions in Lviv Coffe MineYou will learn all about the origin of coffee, its varieties and processing, brewing methods and coffee traditions. "There is de cava - there is fun," they say in Lviv. Therefore, what a coffee without sweets! Stories about Lviv sweets, without which it is impossible to imagine Lviv! And of course tasting of different varieties of aromatic coffee and handmade chocolates!
lviv 2021 3 lviv 2021 2

Free time to enjoy the aromas of hot chocolate and the wonders of the coffee capital.

Optional optional: 13: 00-14: 30 - dtasting the original Lviv tinctures (350 UAH per adult).You will learn about the ancient methods of production of tinctures, as well as try 8 exclusive tinctures of our own production: Kalganovka, cherry, horseradish, mead, citrus, pear, walnut. Snack included!
lvov nastoyki lviv degusta min

Transfer to the station from the hotel. Departure from Lviv by train number 17 at 19:04.Uzor NU
09.01 Sunday Arrival in Kiev at 01:36, in Kharkov at 08:41.

The cost per person in UAH.

Hotel / travel price per round
without railway

with railway pass 
there - PLATSK.
back - COUPE
(46 / 17 train)

with railway pass 
there - COUPE
back - COUPE

(46 / 17 train)
for 1-local
a discount
for add. location
in 2 local
"Eurohotel" 3 * (center, classic rooms) 5100 6600 6850 1500 1000
"Eurohotel" 3 * (center, standard rooms) 5550 7050 7300 - 1000
"Old Krakow" 3 * (Centre) 5600 7100 7350 2000 1500
  • Children up to 3 years without a separate place in the hotel, train, bus - is free.
  • Children up to 5 years old inclusive without a separate place in the hotel and train (but place on the bus) - 900 UAH per tour.
  • Children up to 14 years on the main place - a discount 300 UAH.
  • Contact the manager, learn more, you can book  here
   there are places
  on request
     no places  
  • For booking and fixing the price, it is enough to make a minimum prepayment of 30% of the tour cost.
  • In the event of a worsening of the situation with Covid (restrictions on the work of the tourism industry or cancellation of departure on our part), we will refund the funds in full.

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  • railway travel (according to the selected tour package), ticket booking;
  • meals according to the program - 2 breakfasts;
  • accommodation in a selected hotel in the center of Lviv in rooms with private facilities;
  • transport service according to the program;
  • excursion service according to the program (4 excursions in Lviv);
  • 4 tastings: beer, coffee, chocolate sweets and mulled wine;
  • insurance;
  • supervision of the group by the representative of the tour operator.


  • Please reserve seats and pay for the tour in advance.
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • For group customers it is possible to organize a tour on any days. The price depends on the agreed program, hotel, the number of people in the group.

  • Вtravel tickets, optional events, Christmas dinner are paid additionally.
  • Optional excursions will be held if there is a group of at least 15 people.
  • Entrance tickets as of 01.10.2021:
    Noble casino - 40/25 UAH.
    Latin cathedra - 5/5 UAH
    Armenian Church - 5/5 UAH
    Italian courtyard - 10/5 UAH
    Jesuit dungeon - 30/15 UAH
    Dungeon Museum-Pharmacy - 30/20 UAH
    Dominican dungeon - 35/25 UAH
  • Attention! Optional excursions please book when booking a tour!

  • Due to possible changes in the schedule of the railway, the route, train number and time can be changed.
  • Due to the limited number of railway tickets, the compartment travel can be replaced by a reserved seat with compensation for the difference in the cost of tickets.
  • The cost of the tour and Christmas party can change in case of a significant change in the situation in the country, the cost of the paid tour and New Year's banquet is not subject to change.


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