Reserve Ukraine. Askania - Stone graves - Azov

Popular weekend tour! A sea of ​​pleasure in one trip: rest on the shore of the warm Azov Sea, a unique monument of history Stone graves, the pride and wonder of Ukraine - the Ascania Nova biosphere reserve and much more!

5 irrefutable reasons to book this tour:

- Do you want to visit the sandbanks of the ancient Sarmatian Sea? - Yes!

- Do you want to see a structure that is older than Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids and palaces of Babylon? - Yes!

- Have you longed to visit the oldest steppe reserve of the planet? - Yes!

- You wanted to swim in the hot springs of Genichesk? - Yes!

- Are you tired and want to get away from the sea and relax for at least a day? - Yes!

We know what you need for a good mood and relaxation! Tour to Askania Nova Reserve and the Sea of ​​Azov!

In the program of the tour: departure on a comfortable bus from Kharkov, transportation and excursion services, guide escort, accommodation in a comfortable hotel on the seashore, meals, excursion around the reserve Askania-Nova, rest on the Azov Sea, hot springs in Genichesk, excursion to Stone graves.

Contact the manager, learn more, you can book here - https://m.me/navigatorukraina?ref=w14917320

Tour dates

07.05 - 10.05


Schastlivtsevo - hot springs - pink lake - Askania Nova - Stone graves



Duration of the tour

2 days / 2 nights

Type of tour



In the OK cafe "Aist"
aist korpus 0010 aist korpus 008


Hotel complex "Aist" 

located on the spit Arabatskaya arrow, directly on the beach. Distance from the sea to the buildings 50 meters. The boarding house is designed to receive 400 vacationers.
aist korpus 001 aist korpus 003
aist territory 02 aist territory 04

Luxury one-room
2-3-x local rooms are equipped with everything necessary for rest, there is a refrigerator, TV, electric kettle, air conditioning, double or single beds, a sofa, facilities in the room.
aist lux1k02 aist lux1k03

Two-room Suite
3-4-bed rooms are equipped with everything necessary for relaxation, there is a refrigerator, TV, electric kettle, air conditioning, double beds, sofas, amenities in the room.
aist lux1k01 aist lux2k03

Uzor NU

Excursion program

07.05 Departure from Kharkov on a comfortable bus to 23-00 (fee from 22-45, Metalist Stadium, South Stand, opposite the Fitness Center).

08.05 Arrival in Melitopol. Excursion "Stone grave" - underground "Hermitage" of Ukraine. In its grottoes and caves (and there are about 100 of them) numerous ancient drawings are hidden - petroglyphs and rock paintings, the oldest of which is more than 4 thousand years old.
kamennaya mogila 0003 kamennaya mogila 0004

Moving to the Arabatsky arrow.
Check-in to the hotel. DinnerRest on the coast. Here you can not only swim in the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov, but also improve your health in the unique healing hot springs, see the pink lake!

goriachiy istochnik 001 aist pliazh 005 

09.05 Breakfast.
 Departure for an excursion to the world famous biosphere reserve "Askania-Nova": a zoo, an arboretum. An unprecedented variety of the world of animals and birds. Moving to the Arabat Spit. Rest on the coast. 

askaniya 0003 askaniya 0006
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10.05  Breakfast. Eviction from rooms to 12: 00. Departure from the Arabat Spit (approximately at 14:00).

Arrival in Kharkov (approximately at 22:00)

The cost per person in UAH.

Adults - 2650 UAH.

Children up to 14 years - 2450 UAH.

Attention! Shares 2021 year for prefabricated bus excursions:

1. When booking two group tours at once, a 50% discount is provided for the second round * (the discount is valid for a tour that costs less);

2. For groups of more than 4 people - for every 5th tourist - 20% discount; for groups of more than 10 people - every 11th - 50% discount.

Prices for organized groups see here

Contact the manager, learn more, you can book here - https://m.me/navigatorukraina?ref=w14917320


transport service with a comfortable bus, escort of the group, hotel accommodation in rooms with private facilities, meals according to the program at the hotel, insurance.


  • The route of the tour can be adjusted at will of the customer.
  • You can leave late at night or early in the morning.
  • Bus tours with night crossings are possible for children's groups only if there are 30% adults on the bus.
  • Entrance fees to museums and other excursion objects, optional excursions, etc. are not included in the tour price and are paid additionally.
  • Entrance ticket to the Reserve Askania Nova - 70 / 50 UAH., Safari - 120 UAH / person. (with a group of at least 10 people);
  • Entrance ticket to the Reserve Stone Grave - 65 / 55 UAH.
  • The cost of the tour can vary depending on the fluctuations in fuel prices, the season, the level of the hotel, the program, the number of people in the group. Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • The calculation of the tour by train from Kharkov is possible.

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