Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin in Kozelec

Kozelets - an ancient city, mentioned in documents from the 17-th century. The main attraction of the city is the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin.

The construction of the cathedral began in 1752, and was finished only in 1763. Its construction was supervised by architects Andrey Kvasov and Ivan Grigorovich-Barsky. The cathedral was dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin, as a token of gratitude for the life successes of the sons of Countess Natalia Razumovskaya.

Countess Natalya Razumovskaya is known to us, first of all, as the mother of Alexei and Kirill Razumovskiy. Alexei, the eldest son, was the husband of Elizabeth, the Russian empress, field marshal and count. Cyril, the youngest son, went down in history as the last hetman of Ukraine and president of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

The cathedral consists of two tiers. At the bottom there is the so-called warm church of Adrian and Natalia, in which the Razumovsky family tomb was located. On the second tier, there is the cathedral itself, the decoration of which is a carved linden-tree iconostasis, in the creation of which Rastrelli himself allegedly took part.

The height of the iconostasis is 27 meters, it was decorated with 80 icons, in our time there are only 50 left. Initially, it was intended for the St. Petersburg Smolny Monastery, but the Razumovsky brothers intercepted the order and delivered it to Kozelets.

There is a legend that it was in Kozelts that Empress Elizabeth got married to Alexei, and the sacrament was performed by Kirill Tarlovsky, also known as the "wild pop".

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