Razumovsky Palace in Baturyn

The palace of Cyril Razumovsky is located in one of the most famous centers of the times of the Cossacks in Baturin. The palace is part of the National Reserve "Hetman's Capital". He was the residence of the last Ukrainian hetman.

Baturin was a gift of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna Kirill Razumovsky. The city was planned as a cultural and political center with its own university. In 1754, the famous architect Antonio Rinaldi was invited to Baturin to implement the plan. However, the construction did not go beyond the plans.

With the advent of Catherine II, Cossacks were abolished, and Cyril Razumovsky lost his hetman title. Returning to Baturin, he had to confine himself to the construction of his own residence. Thus, in 1803, the palace and park complex of the Palace of Razumovsky was designed by the Scotsman Charles Cameron.

On the territory of the complex, apart from the palace itself there are two wings and a park of landscape type. The architect was ardent admirer of Andrea Paladio, therefore, it is not surprising that the building is a vivid example of Paladianism. The palace has three floors. On one side there is a loggia, the opposite façade adorns the balcony. The wings were rebuilt, because the original drawings of the project were preserved.

The death of Count Razumovsky Palace passed from hand to hand and was involved in many military conflicts of the Russian Empire. Until the small provincial palace, no one was simply concerned. There is evidence that there was a time when the walls of the building were used as a target for shooting.

At the beginning of the XX century. the palace turned into ruins. In oblivion, it was almost 100 years. The first attempts at restoration were made in the second half of the 20th century. However, this project of the Soviet government was never completed. In 2002, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a complex project for the restoration of the "Hetman's Capital" reserve, which included the Razumovsky Palace.

In 2009, the palace received a second youth: the building was completely repaired, the exposition was refreshed. The interior was restored, relying on the work of Cameron in Tsarskoe Selo. Now, in the palace there are 55 rooms. Here is collected an impressive collection of portraits of the hetmans, who were transferred here from the Lviv Gallery.

Kirill Razumovsky was a great connoisseur of books, his collection numbered more than 2000 copies, he even hired a special librarian to create a catalog. Unfortunately, the collection was lost. Only the music collection of the Count was preserved, who adored music and was personally acquainted with Mozart and Beethoven.

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