The beauty of pristine nature. Volyn + Belovezhskaya Pushcha

May Holidays Tour! Attention! The early booking offer is valid until 20.03! Do you dream to meet spring in the tunnel of love or in a nature reserve? Then we invite you to an amazingly beautiful fairytale tour of Volyn with a trip to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park!

Do you want to see the most beautiful places in Western Ukraine and visit abroad without going beyond the boundaries of historical Ukrainian land? Then your trip to the May holidays will lead you to Volyn!

On a tour of the May holidays in Volyn and Belarus you will find:

- legends of the Ancient Volyn land and incredible love stories;

- the city of Lutsk, which is almost 1000 years old, and the castle of Lubart, which came down to us from the 200-hryvnia bill;

- the most romantic place in Ukraine - a snowy tunnel of Love;

- Dubnovskaya fortress, sung by the ingenious Gogol in Taras Bulba;

- the mysterious Tarakanovsky fort and the legendary Brest fortress;

- meeting with the most famous Slavic fairy-tale hero Santa Claus;

- An opportunity to make 100 of the most daring desires that will surely come true!

We invite you to the May holidays on the ancient Volyn land, in the Ukrainian and Belarusian Polesie!

Tour dates

08.05 - 12.05


Ostrog - Klevan - Lutsk - Belovezhskaya Pushcha - Brest - Berestechko - Dubno



Duration of the tour

3 days / 5 turodney

Type of tour



1 lunch / 2 breakfast


Lutsk, hotel "Ukraine"
The hotel is located 1 km from Lubart Castle in the city center. The hotel features a spa with sauna and solarium. It features a 24-hour front desk, free Wi-Fi and parking. Hotel Ukraina offers rooms with a mini fridge, wardrobe and cable TV. Bathrooms have a shower. Breakfast is served every morning at the hotel. The restaurant specializes in European and Ukrainian cuisine with a predominance of meat dishes. Guests can relax in the sauna, visit the solarium, and book massages. The complex is located 350 meters from the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

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Excursion program

08.05 Friday Departure to Ostrog by train No. 127 (from Kharkov at 16:37, from Poltava at 19-07, from Kremenchug at 21-18, from Kozyatin at 5-24).

Uzor NU

1 day 09.05 Arrival in Ostrog at 08:32, meeting tourists.

Burg - "patrimonial nest" of the wealthiest and most influential Ukrainian princes Ostrozhsky, a city that for several centuries was called the Volynian Athens. You will visit the unique castle (XIV century), the Epiphany Cathedral - the church-tomb of the prince's family (XV century), the National University Ostroh Academy, the main building of which is located in the building of the former monastery of Capuchin monks. Monument to the princes of Ostrog.
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Excursion to the Tunnel of Love in Klevani - the most romantic place in Ukraine. Trees and bushes created a perfectly proportioned arch that adorned the railway track.
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Transfer to Lutsk. RAccommodation at the hotel.

Tour Lutsk. The city of Lutsk was first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle in 1085. Walking tour of Lutsk is a fascinating journey into the history of the city with more than 900-year history. Visit Lutsk castle of ХІV century. Tourists will be offered to climb to the galleries of the walls and visit the observation deck at the Entrance tower of the Lutsk castle Lubart. St. Peter and St. Paul's Church of the XVII century, the workshop of the talented sculptor Nikolai Golovan ("Haunted House"), the Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the XV century, the 19th-century Pharmacy Museum, the former German Kirche, the former Jewish synagogue of the 17th century, Peter and Paul's Church, the world's longest residential building from 170 entrances and much more.
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Time for walking and exploring the capital of Volhynia. You can visit the Volyn museum of local lore, museum of the Volyn Icon, a museum of bells, a museum of Ukrainian troops and military equipment, an art museum, a museum of the history of the Lutsk brotherhood.

We invite you to the legendary coffee shop "Golden Ducat"to hear the amazing love story of young Esther’s girl, and also try “Hot resin” and “Rosalinka”, created according to the recipes of the XNUMXth century by Italian pastry chef Cesare Rosalini ... (optional, extra charge - (200 UAH / person).

zolotoy dukat 01 zolotoy dukat 02

Free time to relax.

Uzor NU

2 day 10.05 Breakfast (dry rations). Early departure for an excursion to Belarus.

Departure to Brest, crossing the Belarusian border. Borderline Brest - one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was first mentioned in the old Russian chronicles in 1019 under the name "Berestie". Visit to the Brest Fortress-Hero Memorial. The ancient Russian Brest-Litovsk fortress was built in 1842 by the order of Emperor Nicholas I. In June 1941 the garrison of the fortress was the first to assume the attack of the Hitler troops. More than a month, people, deprived of food and water, bravely defended the city.
Brest 2696973

Lunch (for extra charge).

Moving to Belovezhskaya Pushcha. A visit to the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" - one of the most unique corners of nature in Europe, in October 2009 celebrated the 600th anniversary of the introduction of the first protected regime! In 1992, by decision of UNESCO, the State National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" was included in the list of world heritage of mankind. The birth of a new Independent Ukraine is inextricably linked with the Bialowieza Forest. In December 2003, Santa Claus settled in the Bialowieza Forest, where a huge Residence was built specifically for him.
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Return to Lutsk. Free time.

Uzor NU

3 day 11.05 Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Departure for the excursion program.

Berestechko. The historic town of Berestechko is located 60 km south of Lutsk. According to one version, it was founded by migrants from Brest. According to another version, the name is due to the fact that there were a lot of birch bark in the surrounding forests. Berestechko arose as a suburb of the ancient city of Peremyl (now a village), first mentioned in 1445. From the 1544th century. The Berestechko belonged to the Bogovitins, and in XNUMX it became the property of the Princes Pronsky and soon received the Magdeburg Law. The Pronsky estate now houses a psycho-neurological boarding school. On the grave of A. Pronsky, who was a Calvinist, there is a stone chapel-obelisk - "Murovanoy pillar".
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Mysterious Tarakanovskiy Fortbuilt by tsarist Russia in the late XIX century. to protect the western borders of the empire. Hundreds of meters of dungeons with many casemates and grand earthen and concrete fortifications.
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Lunch (for extra charge).

Dubna Fortress, founded by the prince Ostrozhsky. The walls and towers of Dubna Castle were witnesses of the tumultuous events of the first half of the 17th century, which the outstanding writer Nikolai Gogol described in the famous story "Taras Bulba". A brilliant Polish romantic poet Juliusz Slovak devoted poetic lines to the river Ikva, on the banks of which more than 900 years ago the city of Dubno was born.
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Transfer to Zdolbunov. Departure to Kharkov by train No. 128 at 18:33

Uzor NU

12.05 Friday Arrival in Kharkov at 12: 12.

The cost per person in UAH.

The cost of the tour is relevant when booking until 20.03/XNUMX!
tour package / hotel
price per round
without railway
price per round
with railway pass
(reserved seat)
price per round
with railway pass
hotel "Ukraine"
there is a female sharing!
4650 5050 5250

Children up to 12 years - discount 200 UAH.

Children under 5 years without a separate place in the hotel and meals - 750 UAH.

There are places Under the request No places


railway train (according to the chosen tour package), hotel accommodation in rooms with amenities, meals according to the program (1 lunch + 2 breakfasts), transport and excursion services according to the program, transfers, curation of tourists by the operator’s representative, insurance.


  • Formation of groups for prefabricated tours occurs as applications are received
  • Please reserve seats and pay for the tour in advance
  • We pay attention that the tour can not take place if the group is short-cut

  • Attention! To travel to Belarus, citizens of Ukraine must have an internal passport (a book with a photo and registration, not an id card!) or a foreign passport.
  • Entrance tickets to visited objects, tastings, optional events are paid extra
  • The cost of admission tickets is approximately 200 UAH / person (in Ukraine) + $ 20 (in Belarus with lunch)
  • Optional excursions will be held if there are at least 10 people in the group.

  • Women and girls may need headgear to visit churches and monasteries, to visit the Tarakanovo Fort it is better to have comfortable shoes and flashlights (enough flashlight on the phone)

  • For group customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group
  • The company reserves the right to change the sequence of excursions and replace them with equivalent
  • Due to possible changes in the schedule of the railway, the route, train number and time can be changed.
  • Due to the limited number of railway tickets, the compartment travel can be replaced by a reserved seat with compensation for the difference in the cost of tickets.
  • The cost of the tour and New Year's banquet can change in case of a significant change in the situation in the country, the cost of the paid tour and New Year's banquet is not subject to change.

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