March 8 in the Carpathians. Bukovel + Yaremche!

March 8 tour! The best spring tours for you! We offer to celebrate the spring festival in the Carpathians. A wonderful gift for our lovely women!

March 8 tour to the Carpathians from Kharkov, Kiev and other Ukrainian cities from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Festive ski and sightseeing tour to the Carpathians on the day of March 8.

In the program of the tour:
- skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, Zorb, snowbike, Segway at Bukovel Group of Companies, Dragobrat Group of Companies;
- Excursion around Vorokhta, Yaremche, the waterfall "Probi, Yablunetsky pass, Dovbush trail;
- The holiday of March 8 in the Carpathians, an entertainment program at the Bukovel Group of Companies.

Tour dates

05.03 - 10.03


Bukovel Yasinya Dragobrat Vorokhta Yaremche



Duration of the tour

4 days / 6 turodney

Type of tour



According to the program (breakfast 4 + dinner 4)


Excursion program


19:30 Group gathering in Kiev, metro Zhytomyr.

Boarding the bus is the responsibility of the team leader. All places are necessarily distributed. You just need to tell your leader your name, and your bus and location will tell you.

19:45 Departure by a comfortable euroclass bus to Yasinya Rakhiv district of Transcarpathian region.

21:30 Stop and landing of tourists in Zhytomyr city near the central bus station. On the road we make stops of 10 minutes for every 3 hours of following the route. The number of stops is usually 3 to 4 to the final destination.

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Uzor NU


Arrival in the morning (06:30 - 08:00 time is indicated approximately) in the village of Yasinya.

Placement in private cottages or hotels. Breakfast. Departure to the ski resort of Bukovel.

Skiing, sledding, snowboarding, ice skating, Zorb, snow bike, Segway.

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Departure to the village of Yasinya.

Dinner. Free time.

Uzor NU


Breakfast. Departure to the ski resort of Bukovel.

Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating (the best in the region outdoor ice rink TC Bukovel). Other entertainments on Bukovel Group of Companies: "Riding a small scooter Segwayriding on Zorb (a huge transparent plastic ball, which is pushed down the hill, and it rolls down, and the person inside it screams with joy and adrenaline!). Visit to the Snowpark - equipped special area with a variety of figures for skiing - “Snow park for jibbing”. The park is suitable for beginners, snowboarders and skiers with experience. Instructors will teach beginners skiing or snowboarding, and those who ride confidently will be shown master classes in jibbing. Snow bike ride - The bike is designed for movement in the snow. For children: visitation children's entertainment center "Leopark".

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Departure to the village of Yasinya.

Dinner. Free time.

Uzor NU


Breakfast. Departure to the Bukovel Group of Companies (included in the tour price). For those who wish, departure to the excursion program: Yasinya - Yablunetsky pass - Vorokhta - Yaremche accompanied by a guide. (390 UAH. Adult, 220 UAH. Children under 12 years old).

On the way to: stop at Yablunets Pass, the height of the pass above sea level - 931 метр. Yablunetsky pass - the transition connecting the Prut and Tisza rivers. The Yablunetsky pass forms the border that separates Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Works here famous souvenir market. Yablunetsky Pass is listed in the Ukrainian Book of Records as the highest mountain track in Ukraine. Peaks are visible from the Yablunetsky pass: Gorgan (1540m.), Bruise (1606 m.), Dovbushanka (1771 m.). Also from here you can see Montenegro с Goverloy and array "Svidovets »...

Moving to a colorful unique Polonina "Peppers". Here you will be greeted by the “Kazda” mountain range accompanied by live music, introduce you to this distinctive place, lead you to a Hutsul hut, tell you about the life of authentic Hutsuls, their traditions, rites, celebrations. You will learn how shepherds are preparing to drive sheep to the meadows and how to cope with difficulties throughout the grazing season. At the end of the tour Waiting for you: tasting of cheeses and liquors that are made here from their products. Here you will be able to participate in interesting workshops for blacksmithing, pottery, weaving lizhnykov and carpets, cooking, painting, etc., as well as you can make a motanka doll, cheese skate, you can taste the Hutsul cuisine, stop by for a healing tea in Molfar’s house, wash yourself with water from a well, take a walk along a forest path, and visit an avenue of stone and wooden sculptures.You are in a good mood after visiting Polonina “Peppers”!

In Vorokhta: Climbing on a panoramic lift, viewing ski jumps, photographs in Hutsul clothes and on horses. Vorokhta is an enchanting beauty of wild mountains, rivers framed by steep cliffs and villages spread out in the mountains. You will visit the "classical" Hutsul wooden church of the Nativity of the Virgin, 1615, аrailway bridgesbuilt by the Austrians back in 19th century.

In Yaremche: One of the most famous climatic resorts of the Carpathians. The most beautiful corner of our mountains. Located in the picturesque valley of the Prut River, the city captivates with its beauty. Yaremche is famous for its architectural monuments (XVII century).

  • Hydrogen "Surf" with a twelve-meter bridge above it and the most famous souvenir market in the Carpathians;
  • Dovbush stone, Dovbush’s trail, Dovbush’s cliffs - according to legend, a detachment of legendary opryshki wintered in these parts (the tour will be conducted subject to good weather);
Lunch and free in Yaremche. Return to Yasinya.

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Dinner. Free time. Optional: sauna, billiards, barbecue, March 8th celebration.

Uzor NU

09.03 Breakfast. Departure to the ski resort of Bukovel (included in the tour price). Skiing, sledding, snowboarding, ice skating, Zorb, snow bike.

We offer to diversify your stay in the Carpathians, and enjoy the wildlife Tracts Dragobratthe highest ski resort of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Climb to Dragobrat off-road vehicles GAZ 66 - an unforgettable experience. Skiing, sledding, snowboarding on Dragobrat.

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Those who wish can stay to relax in Yasinya (2 drag lifts for 400 meters and 600 meters for beginners). Take a walk to the wooden Strukovskaya church, a monument of Hutsul folk architecture and the sacrament of legends.

17:00 return to Yasinya.

18:00 dinner. At 19:00 departure to Kiev.

Uzor NU

10.03 Arrival in Kiev в 06:00 - 07:30 in the morning (time indicated approximately) with a good mood and a lot of impressions.

The cost per person in UAH.

The cost per person in UAH.

Hotels: Cost per adult
at 2-3x local placement
Cost per child
up to 12 years old. on add. location:
Surcharge for
single occupancy:
Private cottages (bathroom on 2-3 rooms) 3850 2700 650
Cottages +, Hotel "Hutsulshchyna", Hotel "Elena" (bathroom in the room) 4270 2750 750
Hotels: Arnica, Mislivska Vezha, Meridian (bathroom in the room) 4450 3150 900
Hotel: Fifth Wheel (bathroom in the room) Sukhovia (bathroom in the room) 4800 3450 980
Hotel: Forward (bathroom in the room) 5250 3800

Possible miscalculation of the tour with railway travel from your city!

There are places Places for request No places


  • bus travel according to the route;
  • accommodation in private cottages or hotels;
  • 4 breakfasts, 4 dinners;
  • transfers Yasinya – Bukovel – Yasinya;
  • medical insurance;
  • accompanying group;
  • earlier check in, later check out.


  • railway travel from your city;
  • hire of ski equipment from 150 UAH / day;
  • sauna 250-350 UAH per hour for a sauna up to 8 people;
  • ski passes
  • transfer to Dragobrat 150 - 200 UAH .;
  • The excursion program Yaremche, Vorokhta, Yablunetsky pass (250 UAH. Adult, 150 UAH. Children under 12 years old);

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