This is not a joke! Odessa in jokes on April 1

Once in the Odessa courtyard you met Ida and Dodik,

Mom and son are fighting, that's where it all starts ...

I'll tell you what:

If you look at Life from a pessimistic point of view, then you will always have two jacks and this ...

And if you live on a positive, then everything will be guken kwaken!

What we wish you too!

During spring break and April Fool's Day we promise you in Odessa:

- Fact: cozy comfortable hotel in the city center;

- Riddle: There will definitely be humor, but in what format? .....

- Quest: 2000 leagues deep and 2500 km long, will you get out of the Odessa catacombs?

- Axiom: Humor does not die, which means the First of April - to be!

So, are you coming with us to Odessa? Or a little expensive?

So in the Jewish tale, the Rebbe Good took money from the rich and distributed it to the poor, at a small percentage.

Tour dates

30.03 - 03.04


Odessa - catacombs - courtyards - April Fool's Day



Duration of the tour

3 days / 5 turodney

Type of tour



2 x Swiss table breakfasts + free tasting!


Hotel "Orange 3 *" built in 2016 and is located in the very center of Odessa in a quiet, cozy green lane. There are many places of recreation and entertainment near the hotel, all the main attractions, the Black Sea coast and the park.
otel 2 otel 3

Hotel guests have the opportunity to both feel the active rhythm of the city, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of celebration and fun, and enjoy solitude and peace /
Orange Hotel has 28 comfortable rooms of various categories. Each room is equipped with an electronic lock system, mini-safe, minibar, satellite TV. The hotel has a free Wi-Fi zone. There is also a bike rental service.
otel 5 otel 7
Uzor NU

Classic Room
A small room with an area of ​​15 m2, in which everything is thought out in order to make your stay the most cozy and comfortable.
In the room: comfortable double bed or two twin beds, Wi-Fi, Air conditioning, Minibar, Mini-safe, Electric kettle, Plasma TV (32 ") and IP TV, Landline telephone, Work desk, Bathroom (with shower), Slippers, mini perfumes, set of towels.
At your request, a hairdryer, ironing board and iron can be brought into the room.
classik 1 classik 2
classik 3 classik 4
Uzor NU  
Standard Room
The Standard room is exactly what you need to spend your time in the city most comfortably. Cozy room with an area of ​​21 m2, equipped with modern ergonomic furniture, a spacious wardrobe.
In the room: comfortable double bed or two twin beds, Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, mini-bar, mini-safe, electric kettle, plasma TV (32 ") and IP TV, landline telephone, work desk, bathroom (with shower or bath), slippers, mini perfumes, set of towels , hairdryer. This room faces a cozy patio. Also, at your request, you can be provided with a room with a shower or a bath. An ironing board and iron can be brought into the room upon request.
standart 1 standart 2
standart 3 standart 5

Excursion program

30.03 Friday Departure from Kharkov to Odessa by train number 59 at 17:04
Uzor NU

1 day 31.03 Arrival in Odessa at 06:18. Meeting tourists at the train station in Odessa.

06:30 Sightseeing bus tour "Odessa is laughing":

Tsilya! Don't you ask me how I live?
- Rose, how do you live?
- Oh, Tsilya, and don’t ask!

Funny anecdotes, stories, legends from the life of Odessa citizens, very famous and not so famous. If covid passions have subsided by that time and everything will be chiki-peaks, then in the City Garden you can even chat with the participants of the International Festival of Clowns "Comedyada".

yumorina odessa 0001 yumorina odessa 0002

Transfer to the hotel (we leave things at the reception).

10:00 - Excursion "Fables and bylitsy of Odessa courtyards".

Odessa, a quiet courtyard. A bored Senya looks out of the window and addresses his neighbor:
- Zhora, where are you going?
- No, I'm home!

The atmosphere, architecture and national composition of the Odessa courtyards are unique. In ancient times in any classic Odessa courtyard must have been: a column of water, a long common table, behind which gathered all the residents of the yard, and most importantly - the famous Odessa hospitality! Let's go through the courtyards of Odessa and look for it all!
dvoriki odessu 24 dvoriki odessu 25

And so a surprise!

In one of the courtyards, you will witness a classic squabble between the Jewish mother of Aunt Ida and her son Dodik. She blames him for refusing food on what, and treats guests with her delicacies. She has a prominent boyfriend, Dodik, and she still can't find a worthy bride for him, she has reviewed how many.

dvoriki odessu 26 45455291 755026128168533 3327696268158828544 or

Return to the hotel on your own. Accommodation in rooms.

Free time. Buying souvenirs at Cathedral Square, promenade down the street Deribasovskaya and Primorsky Boulevard, riding the city funicular, Arcadia Embankment with its entertainment, walking tours on the Odessa tram.
Uzor NU
2 day 01.04 A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.

And now it has come - April Fool's Day!

What will it be like this year? Funny or not so funny? What events will be allowed in Odessa? What - no?

Well, something will definitely take place! After all, Humor does not die! And that means the First of April - to be!

yumorina odessa 0005 yumorina odessa 0006

Usually on this day in Odessa there are festive festivities, performances of famous artists and folk groups, theatrical shows - performances, fireworks. You can visit the performances of "Comedy" in the Theater "Masks", humorous concerts in theaters and on the streets of the city.

On the subject of Humorina, you can visit the first in the world. Smuggling Museum, Humorous Sculpture Garden, Shustov Museum.

yumorina odessa 0003 yumorina odessa 0004

Rest by the sea, walks around Odessa, along the Lanzheron embankment, Arcadia, along the Health track.
odessa003 arkadiya01

Uzor NU

3 day 02.04 A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley. Free time. Check-out from the rooms (things can be left in the hotel's storage room)

At your disposal - Odessa museums, shops, markets, restaurants, etc. The best way to "show yourself and look at others" is on Deribasovskaya. And the bazaar is best, of course, "do" on the Privoz!

On the market:
- How much is this horse?
“But it's a chicken, madam.
- I look at the price.

11:00 Sightseeing walking tour of Odessa. Dumskaya square, Primorsky Boulevard, a glass panorama of excavations of an ancient city on Primorsky Boulevard, Cathedral Square, The Potemkin Stairs, the palace of Count Vorontsov, Odessa Opera House, Odessa port, Gorsad. Outstanding personalities who glorified Odessa: Duke de Richelieu, Count M. Vorontsov, A.S. Pushkin, Ilf and Petrov, I. Babel, L. Utesov and others.

odessa007 odessa008

15:00 Bus excursion "20000 Leagues Under the Ground. Odessa Catacombs"  Odessa catacombs stretch for 2,5 thousand kilometers. These are the most mysterious, intricate and intricate man-made caves in the world. The stone "safes" of the catacombs store evidence and documents of many dramatic and heroic events. In the stone galleries, "rakushnyak" was mined by hard labor, and during the Second World War, partisans carried out subversive activities from there. Visit to the unique Museum of Odessa Catacombs, legends and tales of the underground world of Odessa.
2281 20000 lye pod zemley catacomb tour1 1
Purchase of Odessa souvenirs for memory and "for relatives".

18:00 - Transfer to the station.

Departure from Odessa train number 60 in 19: 21

- Your resume says that you received the Nobel Prize. In what field?
- In Odessa.

Chao, Odessa!

odessa obzor 02odessa obzor 1Uzor NU
03.04 Saturday Arrival in Kharkov in 08: 34

The cost per person in UAH.

tour package / room tour price 
without railway 
tour price 
with railway pass 
(reserved seat)
tour price
with railway pass
for 1-local 
Hotel "Orange 3 *", 
Classic room
3800 4400 4800 600
Hotel "Orange 3 *", 
Standard room
2-3-bed accommodation
3950 4550 4950 700

Children under 14 and adults on an extra bed - 500 UAH discount.
Children under 5 years old without a seat - free of charge (accompanied by 2 adults!).

There are places   Under the request    No places   


  • railway passage (according to the selected option);
  • meeting and supervising the group;
  • accommodation in a 3 * hotel in the center of Odessa in rooms with all conveniences;
  • meals - 2 CHF breakfasts a table in the hotel and tasting of Odessa snacks on the 1st day;
  • transport and excursion services according to the program (2 bus excursions, 2 walking tours);
  • theatrical performance;
  • entrance tickets to the Odessa catacombs;
  • transfer station - hotel - train station;
  • insurance.


  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • For group customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group.
  • Optional activities are paid additionally. 
  • Attention! To guarantee to get on optional excursions, you need to book them when booking a tour.
  • Due to possible changes in the schedule of the railway, the route, train number and time can be changed.
  • Due to the limited number of train tickets, compartment travel can be replaced with a reserved seat with compensation for the difference in ticket prices.   

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