Provence and exotic. Lavender field + Kitsevo desert

We invite you to unusual photo locations, which you can visit only a few weeks a year, and bring unique photos and useful souvenirs from there.

You have a chance:

- enjoy the magnificent view and scent of lavender;
- make beautiful and romantic photos for memory;
- visit a real desert without leaving for this to Africa;
- see rare disappearing species of insects;
- inhale the aromas of thyme and wormwood.

In the program of the tour: a road excursion, a visit to the Lavender field, a visit to the Kitsevskaya desert, if desired, it is possible to organize a photo session.

Acquaintance with these amazing places will fill you with positive energy, surprise and even stun in some way, because it was not for nothing that Hippocrates himself said: "Lavender warms braintired of lived years ", and Avicenna argued that "Lavender - whip for hearts и broom for brain "!

Tour dates



Kitsevka - Lebyazhye



Duration of the tour

6 hours

Type of tour


Excursion program

10-00 Departure from Kharkov (gathering tourists from 9-45: Sportivnaya metro station, "Metalist - Arena", opposite the Fitness Center).

12-00 - 13 00-
Lebyazhye. Lavender field.

While Provence is only dreaming of us, and the Crimean mountains are temporarily unavailable, one family in the village of Lebyazhye decided to create a small copy of Provence right next to their house and planted a lavender field. The hosts greet guests, show their property, answer questions about lavender.
lavanda370 1 lavanda 370 4

Then, of course, the photo session begins. Professional artists, photographers, newlyweds, and simply lovers of beautiful locations and fans of Instagram come here. The photos taken here are bright, juicy and unusual.
lavanda 370 3 lavanda370 2

Finally, it is impossible not to buy bouquets of fresh and dried plants, fragrant crafts, soap and lavender candles. 

Further, following our march, we go to a new, no less unique location - the most real desert with dunes - Kitsevsky sands! Needless to say, this is a truly unique landscape for our strip, which, moreover, is inhabited by rare species of animals. 
dvurechanskij prirodnyj park dvurechanskij prirodnyj park 4

The desert is favored by foxes and gophers, lizards hide under stones, and birds of prey are looking for prey in the sky above the desert. Previously, a tank training ground was located on this territory. Since the desert area is relatively small, there is no need to worry about getting lost.

There is no amusement in the desert - only nature, clean air and harmony with oneself. You can come here for unique photos, have a small picnic and enjoy the exotic scenery from the heart! 

18-00 Return to Kharkov


The cost per person in UAH.

Adults - 550 грн.
Children up to 14 years - 500 грн.

Attention! Shares 2021 year for prefabricated bus excursions:

1. When booking two group tours at once, a 50% discount is provided for the second round * (the discount is valid for a tour that costs less);

2. For groups of more than 4 people - every 5th tourist gets 20% discount; for groups of more than 10 people - every 11th - free;

3. For tourists who have a birthday on the date of the tour within a radius of 3 days, 30% discount is given.

Prices for organized groups see here.


transport service by a comfortable bus, excursion service during the day, accompaniment by a guide, entrance ticket, insurance.


  • The formation of groups for prefabricated tours occurs as soon as applications are received
  • Please reserve seats and pay for the tour in advance
  • We pay attention that the tour can not take place if the group is short-cut
  • For group customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the number of people in the group.


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