Sunny tour. May holidays in Transcarpathia + Valley of daffodils!

May tour 8 places left
We invite everyone to visit the most popular and beautiful places of Transcarpathia for the May holidays! Waiting for you: classic ancient castles, exquisite palaces, thermal springs, mountain rivers, waterfalls and valleys, Transcarpathian dishes and wines and much more!

What we want to surprise you this time:

- cherry blossoms in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo;

- the most beautiful castles of Transcarpathia;

- "the sea eye of Ukraine" - the mountain lake Synevyr;

- exclusive in Ukraine "Valley of Wolves";

- tastings of Transcarpathian wines and buffalo milk;

- pleasures in the thermal waters in Beregovo;

- a stunning sight of the blossoming Valley of the Daffodils.

Contact the manager, learn more, you can book here - https://m.me/navigatorukraina?ref=w14870458

Tour dates

30.04 - 04.05 - 3-day tour
30.04 - 05.05 - 4 days tour


Mukachevo - Schönborn Castle - Synevyr - Shipot - Vinogradovo - Khust - St. Miklos



Duration of the tour

3 or 4 days

Type of tour



Breakfast at the hotel


Hotel "Ferdinand", Mukachevo

Hotel "Ferdinand" 4 * level is located on the picturesque bank of the Latoritsa River and 1,4 km from the city center. The hotel is a three-storey building with 33 rooms of different categories. Each room has air conditioning, safe, minibar (extra charge), flat-screen satellite TV, bathroom. Free Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the hotel. The hotel has a restaurant "Ferdinand". Also on the territory of the hotel there is a beauty salon, free secure parking for a car. The reception is open XNUMX hours a day. 
ferdinand 01 ferdinand 02
ferdinand 03 ferdinand 04
ferdinand 05 ferdinand 06
ferdinand 07 ferdinand 08
Uzor NU

Hotel "Amethyst", Mukachevo
The modern hotel complex is located near the city center on the bank of the river Latoritsa. We offer standard rooms with double or single beds, a table, furniture, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and a bathroom (WC, shower).
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Uzor NU


Excursion program

30.04 Friday

Departure from Kharkov by train number 46 at 12:39 (from Sumy at 16:40, from Kiev at 22:47). 
Uzor NU
1 Day 01.05 - Saturday

Arrival to Mukachevo by train # 46 at 12:56. Meeting tourists at the station. 

13: 15-15: 00 - Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation in rooms. Free time before excursion around Mukachevo.

15: 00-18: 30 - Guided tour Mukachevo "The City of Latoritsa" (in cost). During the excursion, you will get acquainted with the ancient (1124) and forever young city of Mukachevo, with its amazing history and architecture. You will visit the legendary Palanok Castle (additional entrance ticket), whose turbulent history is connected with the history of almost all countries of Central Europe, you will visit the historical center of the city, once surrounded by a city wall. You will also see the monument to Cyril and Methodius, the equestrian monument to St. Martin, make a wish by rubbing the chimney sweep's bronze button and the finger of Prince Fyodor Koryatovich. If you wish, you can get acquainted with the history and life of the active St. Nicholas convent.
mukachevo 001 mukachevo 002

Optional for add. optional fee is offered:
18:30AM - 21:00PM  - Tasting of beer and meat snacks of our own production in the restaurant "Grafsky Dvor"(250 UAH. Per person.).
Plunge into the atmosphere of mysterious legends associated with the Mukachevo castle "Palanok", stories about their own production of decent Transcarpathian owners and enjoy your own craft products.
gazda001 gazda002

Uzor NU

8: 00 - Breakfast at the hotel.

08: 30-20: 30 -Excursion "Higher in the mountains - closer to God!" (in cost).
Lake Synevyr - one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, it is located at an altitude of 989 above sea level (additional entrance ticket). The route to it runs along the winding roads of the Ukrainian Carpathians. You will hear the mysterious legends of the mountainous region, see a magnificent panorama of the mountains, turbulent streams of rivers, picturesque Shypot waterfall (additional entry ticket).
sinevir 001 sinever 002
Also, those who wish can take a chair lift to the incredible beauty of the Borzhavskie valleys, opening from Mount Gimba and there, above, feel like a real Verkhovynsk, drinking hot wine (tea made from Polonynsk herbs for children) in the mountain Chayovna above the abyss.
gemba gemba02

If you wish, you can visit the largest in Ukraine rehabilitation center for brown bears and personally see the most powerful animal of the Carpathians (additional entrance ticket).
medved01 medved02

On this May tour we will also delight you novelty - "Valley of the wolves" (additional entrance ticket), where not only wolves of different breeds live in the enclosures, but also now "Carpathian" lions, tigers, camels, llamas, deer and ostriches!
dolina volkov 001 dolina volkov 002
dolina volkov 003 dolina volkov 004
Uzor NU
3 Day 03.05 - Monday

07: 30 - Breakfast.

08: 00-20: 00 - excursion "Blooming Transcarpathia" (in cost).

The route will pass along the largest Transcarpathian river Tisza and its tributary Riki. First, we will conquer the castle mountain with the ruins of the Khust castle, which once belonged to the grandfather of the legendary Dracula.

Next you will visit the famous Valley of the Daffodils (additional entry ticket) - the only place in Europe where narrow-leaved narcissus grows and blooms on the plain. The further route will pass through with. Big Dig with Twin Well, past the ruins of Nyolab Royal Castle.
narcissus 001 narcissus 002

On the way to Vinogradov several attractions are waiting for you - the famous lakes of Mukachevo and Irshavschina, the "valley of greenhouses" near the village. Selce and more than a century-old mill in the village. Big Komyaty. Near the town of Vinogradov you will visit farm "Carpathian buffalo" (10: 30-11: 30), where they are engaged in the restoration of the Carpathian buffalo population and the production of dairy products, which we will taste (additional entry ticket).
buivol 001 buivol 002

A short tour of the city of Vinogradov (in the past Sevlyush): the ruins of the Kanko castle of the XNUMXth century, the palace of Baron Pereni, the famous monument to the winemaker, the Silvica fountain, the “parade of churches” of different denominations of the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries.

Returning, we will cross the largest river of Transcarpathia - the powerful Tisza, we will drive along the Hungarian-Ukrainian border, we will see the famous Vilotskiy Turul and the "Salt House" of the XNUMXth century, in village Chetfolvo let's take a photo, where in one frame there will be an old Reformed church with the highest wooden bell tower in Ukraine with a rocket-space silhouette and a modern Catholic one with unusually modern outlines.
chetfolvo 001 chetfolvo 002

From the windows of the bus we will see the medieval defensive church in the village of Bene, the gardens of the warm region of Transcarpathia and the famous Muzhievsky gold mine. 

In Beregovo we will visit the pools "Skylark" (additional entry ticket), the thermal mineral water of which will wash away all the fatigue of this long day. Thermal complex "Zhavoronok" is its own well 1200 m deep, several indoor and outdoor thermal pools, a jacuzzi with a dome, a Roman bath and a wood-fired sauna, a salt room, a spa complex and much more.
zhaivoronok 01 zhaivoronok 02 
But the day is still going on! 

Offer taste the best Transcarpathian wines in the three-hundred-year-old "Old Cellar" (150 UAH / person)... There were once about two hundred such cellars on Vinogradnaya Street. They were called "household" ones. The tasting is conducted by a real winemaker who knows not only a lot about wine, but also the truth hidden in it ...
 st podval beregovo 02 st podval beregovo 04
Return to Mukachevo. Free time and rest.

Departure of the participants of the 3-day tour from Mukachevo by train # 46 at 22:39. Arrival the next day by train 45 to Kharkov at 22:07 (to Kiev at 11:46, in Sumy at 18:00).

Uzor NU
4 Day 04.05 - Tuesday

For the participants of the 4-day tour - to be continued!

08: 00 - Breakfast In a hotel.
10:00 - Release of numbers. 

10: 00-14: 00 - Excursion "Romance of the Count's Palaces"
You will visit the territory of the hunting estate Palace of the Austrian Counts of Schönborn in the Beregvar tract, you will count all its windows, chimneys, doors and towers, remember the famous films in which you have already seen these romantic silhouettes, try the living water from the Source of Beauty. Here you can take pictures to your heart among the flowers of sakura and magnolia, in the green of oaks, beeches and hornbeams, pines and firs ... (additional entry ticket).
shenborn 000 shenborn01

Further in the program - an excursion along the road that led from the Russian Gate pass to the castle of St. Miklos of the XNUMXth century. You will see Chinadievsky Castle (additional entrance ticket) and the story of the guide will barely snatch from the darkness of centuries the secrets and mysteries of its famous owners, romantic stories of brave knights and seductive beauties.
sent miklosh 001 sent miklosh 002

14: 00 - transfer to the railway station.

Departure from Mukachevo by train No. 18 at 14:50.
Uzor NU
05.05 environment

Arrival in Kharkov at 08:39 (to Kiev at 01:36).

The cost per person in UAH.

Cost 3-day tour:
Placement option / Price tour cost
for 1 person
without railway
tour cost
for 1 person
with railway pass
from Kharkov
(reserved seat)
tour cost
for 1 person
with railway pass
from Kharkov
at "Amethyst"
for 2-3-local placement:
there is a female sharing!
 3600 4350 4900
at "Ferdinand"
for 2-local placement:
 4450 5200 5750
at "Ferdinand"
for 3-local placement:
 4050 4800 5350

Cost 4-day tour:
Placement option / Price tour cost
for 1 person
without railway
tour cost
for 1 person
with railway pass
from Kharkov
at "Amethyst"
with 2-3 local accommodation:
 4600 6150
at "Ferdinand"
with 2-local accommodation:
 5450 7000
at "Ferdinand"
with 3-local accommodation:
 5050 6600

- Children under 5 years old without a seat and food (but with a seat in the bus) - the cost of the tour is 750 UAH.
- Children under 12 years old on the main place - a discount of UAH 400.
- Children up to 14 years on all optional excursions - discount 50 UAH.

Contact the manager, learn more, you can book here - https://m.me/navigatorukraina?ref=w14870458

There are places   Under the request    No places   


  • Railway passage (according to the chosen tour package)
  • Accommodation in a selected hotel in Mukachevo for 2 or 3 nights in rooms with private facilities
  • Travel by tourist class bus
  • Program Excursions
  • Meals according to the program - breakfasts at the hotel
  • Transfers from and to the station
  • Group insurance (HMSK)
  • Group supervision by a tour operator representative


Extra charges:
  • Additional optional excursions (optional - the cost is indicated in the program);
  • Entrance fees to excursion sites, thermal springs, tastings (see below);
  • Personal expenses (additional meals, souvenirs).
Entrance tickets, tastings in UAH with adult / student:
- Mukachevo castle "Palanok" - 50 / 30 UAH.
- Schönborn Castle - 20 / 15 UAH.
- St. Miklos Castle - charitable contribution.
- Thermal waters "Zhayvoronok", Beregovo - 200 UAH / 2 hours (adults), 150 UAH (pensioners), children up to 120, see - for free.
- Wine tasting in the Old cellar - 150 UAH / adult.
- Lift to Mount Gimba - 140/100 UAH.
- RC Brown Bears - 30/15 UAH.
- Valley of Wolves - 50/30 UAH.
- Excursion and tasting at the "Carpathian buffalo" farm - 95 UAH.

- Lake Synevyr - 30/15 UAH.
- Shipot Falls - 20 / 10 uah
- Valley of daffodils - 30/15 UAH.

  • The formation of groups for prefabricated tours occurs as soon as applications are received
  • Please reserve seats and pay for the tour in advance
  • We pay attention that the tour can not take place if the group is short-cut
  • For group customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group
  • The company reserves the right to change the sequence of excursions and replace them with equivalent ones.
  • Due to possible changes in the schedule of the railway, the route, train number and time can be changed.       
  • Due to the limited number of tickets, the compartment travel can be replaced by a reserved seat with compensation for the difference in value.  

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