Mayfay tour. New Year in Transcarpathia

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Transcarpathia at any time of the year means castles, thermal springs and the spirit of the Middle Ages! Meet the New Year 2022 in a beautiful and memorable tour of Transcarpathia!

What we want to surprise you with this time:

- You will see the classic castles and palaces of Transcarpathia - Palanok castle, Shenborn, Nevitsky and Uzhgorod castles;
- Swim in the thermal pools of the most famous complexes "Zhayvoronok" and "Kosino";
- You will be able to visit one of the unique space objects in Ukraine;
- Get acquainted with the culture and national cuisine of Hutsuls, Rusyns, ancient Celts and Transcarpathian Hungarians;
- Visit one of the 7 natural wonders of Ukraine - Lake Synevyr, as well as the Shypot podopad;
- Meet the New 2022 year in the best hotels and restaurants of Transcarpathia.

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Tour dates

  • 5-day tour 29.12-04.01 
  • 6-day tour 29.12-05.01 


Mukachevo - Beregovo - Kosino - Synevyr - Shipot - Uzhgorod



Duration of the tour

5-6 days / 7-8 tour days

Type of tour



Breakfast at the hotel


hotel "Star" 4 *, Mukachevo - the most central hotel in Mukachevo, one of the best Premier hotels in Ukraine, is located in the very center, opposite the City Hall, in an old building that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian dynasty von Schönborn, and now the American billionaire Alex Rovt, a native of Mukachevo. The hotel has a gym, Finnish sauna with a swimming pool, jacuzzi (extra charge)
star01 star02

Uzor NU
2-bed economy rooms with all conveniences. Room size 18 sq.m., located on the attic floor of the hotel, in the room two separate beds, air conditioning, TV, telephone, refrigerator, hairdryer, safe, minibar, free wi-fi. Add. places are not provided.
economy 1 1 economy 1 2
Uzor NU

2-3-bed standard rooms.
Classic one-room suite overlooking the central square and the Town Hall. Room size 17-20 sq.m., in the room one double bed or 2 twin beds, air conditioning, TV, telephone, refrigerator, hairdryer, safe, minibar, free wi-fi. Perhaps add. a place.
202 dvomisnyj standard r 0x0 316 dvomisnyj standard r 0x0

Uzor NU

2-3-bed junior suites. 
Bright and spacious studio rooms with a beautiful design and functional use of space. All rooms with a double bed up to 37 m2 and a view of the hotel's courtyard. In the room air conditioning, TV, telephone, refrigerator, hairdryer, safe, minibar, business corner, coffee and tea making facilities, free wi-fi. Perhaps add. place is a sofa.
207 napivlyuks 1 r 0x0 314 napivlyuks 1 r 0x0
Uzor NU

2-3-bed rooms of the Mansard Suite categoryA bright two-room suite, decorated in pastel and warm colors, located on the attic floor of the hotel. The room has air conditioning, TV, telephone, refrigerator, hairdryer, safe, minibar, business corner, coffee and tea making facilities, free wi-fi. Perhaps add. place is a sofa.
lyuks mansarda 401 1 0x0 lyuks mansarda 402 1r 0x0
Uzor NU

2-3-bed 2-room suites. Comfortable room ranging from 34 to 37 m, equipped with everything you need to enjoy your vacation in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Spacious and modern two-room suite, consisting of a bedroom and a living room with a sofa and TV. In the room air conditioning, TV, telephone, refrigerator, hairdryer, safe, minibar, business corner, coffee and tea making facilities, free wi-fi. Perhaps add. place is a sofa.

208 lyuks 0x0 208 lyuks 1 1 r 0x0

Excursion program

29.12 environment 
Option Standard: departure from Kharkov by train No.46 in 12: 36 (from Kiev at 22:47)
Comfort option: departure from Kharkov by high-speed train No.17 in 15: 09 (from Kiev at 22:10)Uzor NU
1 day 30.12

Comfort option: arrival in Mukachevo by train No.17 in 09: 07. Group meeting at the station.
09: 15-12: 45 - Guided tour Mukachevo "Tales of ancient varosh". Mukachevo is an ancient city! The baptism of the Mukachevites took place much earlier than the Kievites. Several owners of Mukachevo ruled Hungary, several - Transylvania, some were in personal correspondence with the Sun King. The turbulent history of Mukachevo is connected with the history of almost all countries of Central Europe. Tourists will visit Palanok Castle, the owner of which was written in every issue by the oldest in Britain “London Gazette” for 2 years in a row; in the historic center of the city, once surrounded by the city wall; atsee the monument to Cyril and Methodius, the equestrian monument to St. Martin, they will make a wish by rubbing the chimney sweep's bronze button, the aquiline nose of the ruler of Hungary Ferenc II Rakoczi, the beak of the unfaithful goose and the pointing finger of Prince Fyodor Koryatovich.
12:45 - Transfer to the hotel "Star", check-in. Free time.

Zak Winter 03 82441677 1487870001368749 7936547775674580992 n

Option Standard: arrival in Mukachevo by train No.45 in 12: 00. Group meeting at the station. Transfer and check-in at the hotel "Star"
15: 00-18: 30 - Guided tour Mukachevo "Tales of Ancient Varosh". 

Optional for all offered at will:
19: 00–20: 30 - Dinner-tasting in the restaurant "Decent Gazda"  (350 UAH. Per person.).

Uzor NU
2 day 31.12 

8: 00 - Breakfast at the hotel. 

Optional for an additional fee is offered:

09:00-12:00 - Excursion "Mukachevo - space outpost of Ukraine" * (300 UAH per person). Ukraine can be proudly called a space power, and now we have the opportunity to visit one of the unique space objects. It is called the Western Center for Radio Engineering Surveillance and is located in Mukachevo. Radio-technical unit of the missile strike warning system, antenna pavilion, radar station, command post, computer complex. A tour of these and other objects for you will be led by real "monsters" of space, on which at one time lay the responsibility for the safety of the whole world.

space 04 space 02

12: 00-19: 00 - excursion "Beregovo - the capital of the Hungarians in Ukraine". There is a small town in Transcarpathia Beregovo, where mainly Hungarians live. During the excursion, you will get acquainted with the main monuments of Beregsas, history, national traditions, culture of the Transcarpathian Hungarians. The decoration of the center of this city is the medieval cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross with a sundial, an old Reformed church with an asterisk instead of a cross on a spire, a pompous building of the Royal Court, a "humpbacked bridge" - the oldest in Transcarpathia ...

In Beregovo, an optional bathing is offered for an additional fee. thermal pools of the complex "Skylark"... The complex has the only unique indoor pool with thermal water in Ukraine! This is a place where you can relax your body and soul. In the "Lark" you will appreciate the unsurpassed effect of thermal water and feel refreshed after visiting the saunas.

zhaivoronok002 zhaivoronok001

Optionally, in Berehove, for an additional fee, a tasting of the best Transcarpathian wines is offered in the 300-year-old "Old Cellar" (180 UAH. Per person.). 
The tasting is conducted by a winemaker who knows exactly what truth is hidden in this sunny drink.
 st basement beregovo 02 st basement beregovo 04
Return to Mukachevo. Free time, preparation for the New Year.

It is proposed to meet and celebrate the New Year (optional) in one of the best restaurants in the city:
1) Restaurant "Grafsky Dvor" ("Orderly Gazda") -  1800 UAH / adult -
see the menu- no places!
2) Restaurant "La Vie D'or" - 1700 UAH / adult - see the menu 

Reservation of seats and payment for NG banquets - in advance!

Uzor NU
3 day 01.01
 Happy New Year 2022 !!
10:00 - Late завтрак

13:00-18:00 Departure to the village. Koson. Swimming in the pools complex "Thermal waters Kosino". The water, which fills the pools of the complex, comes directly from wells 1200 m deep, and is not subjected to technical or chemical treatment. And thanks to this, the guests of the complex have the opportunity to experience the healing power of thermal water. 
kosino kosino2

Visitors are offered seven pools, four of which are thermal, saunas to choose from: eucalyptus, salt, herbal, Hungarian, Roman baths, hamam, ice cave, bath - a panacea for all misfortunes and diseases.

Uzor NU
4 day 02.01
08:00 - breakfast.  Free day.

Optional for an additional fee is offered:

09: 00-21: 00 - Excursion "Lake Synevyr, Shypot waterfall and Borzhavskie poloniny" (600 UAH / person)
Mountain lake Synevyr, which is popularly called the Sea Eye, is one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, which is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. The route to it passes along the winding roads of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Tourists will hear the mysterious legends of the mountainous region, see a magnificent panorama of the mountains, turbulent streams of rivers, picturesque Shypot waterfall, they will breathe in the clean air, and on the way they will taste the mineral water from the spring, get acquainted with the old wooden church and the strict way of life of modern highlanders. Optionally on chairlift you can climb the top of the Borzhava valleys.

sinevir Podemnik
Uzor NU
5 day 03.01
08:00 - breakfast at the hotel.

09: 00-12: 00 - Excursion "Nevitsky castle - restored pearl". Since ancient times, the castle of the XNUMXth century blocked the enemy's path along the Uzhansk valley. Each stone breathes medieval severity. This is an example of a medieval fortification with ditches carved into the stone slopes, towers of various shapes, a barbican, a deadly assault and a beautiful donjon of the late XNUMXth century. By the way, the powerful donjon was recently restored, perhaps we will be able to conquer it ?!

nevickiy001 nevickiy002

Optional for an additional fee is offered:

12: 00-14: 00 - Lunch-tasting of Transcarpathian dishes in the colorful "Horseshoe" tavern (350 UAH / person with transfer). 15 dishes of different peoples of Transcarpathia will give you the right to be called connoisseurs of Transcarpathian cuisine!
podkova01 podkova02

14:00-19:00Excursion "Ungvar - ancient city"!
Located on the border with Slovakia Uzhhorod - the regional center of Transcarpathia, a city with a unique view, interesting history and monuments of history and architecture, which are well preserved. Tourists will get acquainted with the historical center of this city, see the old Korzo street, monuments to the lamplighter, St. Mikolajczyk, Ferenc Liszt, St. George Cathedral, the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and the former synagogue of the Orthodox Jewish community.
uzh004 uzhgorod01

Next we will visit Uzhhorod Castle... This is the only castle in Transcarpathia, which has bastions with orilions. Here, in the weapons hall of the local history museum, tourists will see its excellent examples, including a two-handed sword of the XNUMXth century, spears, halberds, cuirass, swords and even the personal saber of Stefan Bathory, who once defeated the army of Ivan the Terrible himself.
uzh01 uzh02
Tourists will get acquainted with the wooden architecture of Transcarpathia in Museum of Folk Architecture and Life.
Free time in the center of Uzhgorod.

Option Standard:
Completion of the program.
19:00 - Transfer to the railway station of Uzhgorod... Departure by train № 45 from Uzhgorod at 21:13. (Arrival in Kiev on 04.01 at 11:47, in Kharkov at 22:10). 

Comfort option: 
Return to Mukachevo to the "Star" hotel. Free time.
Uzor NU
6 day 04.01

Comfort option: 
08:00 - breakfast at the hotel. Vacation of numbers.
09: 30-12: 00 - Excursion "Romance of the Count's Palace of Schönborn".
Tourists will visit the territory of the hunting estate Palace of the Austrian Counts of Schönborn in the Beregvar tract (now - the Karpaty sanatorium), where all its windows, chimneys, doors and towers will be counted, they will remember famous films in which they have already seen these romantic silhouettes, they will rejuvenate, having drunk from the Source of Beauty.  Here you can take plenty of pictures among the snow-covered greenery of pines and firs against the backdrop of a fairy-tale castle ... 
2 b2365bd7684015252531d5fb1c884a76

12:00-13:50 - free time for lunch.
13:50 - Transfer to the railway station Mukachevo.
14:55 - departure from Mukachevo by train # 18 to Kiev, Kharkov.
Uzor NU
05.01 Arrival to Kharkov by train # 18 at 08:39.

The cost per person in UAH.

5 days tour (Standard Package):

Placement option without train with railway pass
from Kharkov, Kiev
by train # 46/45
with railway pass
from Kharkov, Kiev
by train # 46/45
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Economy
5300 6200 6900
with 1-local accommodation
в номере Economy
7300 8200 8900
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Standard
5850 6750 7450
with 3-local accommodation
в номере Standard
5550 6450 7150
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Attic suite
6200 7100 7800
with 3-local accommodation
в номере Attic suite
5800 6700 7400
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Junior
6550 7450 8150
with 3-local accommodation
в номере Junior
5950 6850 7550
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Luxury
7400 8300 9000
with 3-local accommodation
в номере Luxury
6500 7400 8100

6 days tour (Comfort Package):

Placement option without train with railway pass
from Kharkov, Kiev
train number 17/18
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Economy
6500 9100
with 1-local accommodation
в номере Economy
9300 11900
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Standard
7200 9800
with 3-local accommodation
в номере Standard
6800 9400
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Attic suite
7550 10150
with 3-local accommodation
в номере Attic suite
6950  9550
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Junior
7850 10450
with 3-local accommodation
в номере Junior
7200 9800
with 2-local accommodation
в номере Luxury
8850 11450
with 3-local accommodation
в номере Luxury
7900 10500

  • Children under 5 years old without a seat (on the train, bus and hotel) and food - free
  • A separate seat on the bus for a child under 5 years old - 750 UAH.
  • Children under 14 years old - UAH 300 discount.
  • Contact the manager, learn more, you can book  here
There are places   Few places    No places   
  • For booking and fixing the price, it is enough to make a minimum prepayment of 30% of the tour cost.
  • In the event of a worsening of the situation with Covid (restrictions on the work of the tourism industry or cancellation of departure on our part), we will refund the funds in full.

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  • Railway travel (according to the selected tour package);
  • Accommodation in a 4 * hotel in Mukachevo in rooms with all conveniences for 4 or 5 nights depending on the chosen tour package;
  • Meals: breakfasts at the hotel;
  • Travel by tourist class bus;
  • Excursions according to the program;
  • Transfers from the train station and to the train station;
  • Group insurance;
  • Supervision of the group by a representative of the tour operator.


Additional paid:
  • Optional excursions (optional, the cost is indicated in the program);
  • New Year's banquet (optional)
  • Entrance fees to excursion sites, thermal springs (see below);
  • Personal expenses (additional meals, souvenirs).

Entrance tickets, tastings in UAH from an adult / student / schoolchild according to the standard tour program:
- Mukachevo castle "Palanok" - 100/70/50 UAH.
- Uzhgorod castle - 75/50/35 UAH.
- Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Uzhgorod - 75/50/35 UAH.
- Lake Synevyr - 30/15 UAH.
- Shipot Falls - 20 / 10 uah
- Chair lift - 150/100 UAH.
- Center for brown bears - 30/15 UAH.
- Swimming in the thermal complex "Zhayvoronok" in Beregovo - 260 UAH. from an adult (2 hours).
- Swimming in the thermal pools "Kosino" in the village. Koson - 500 UAH per adult (3 hours)

  • The formation of groups for prefabricated tours occurs as applications are received. We ask you to reserve seats and pay for the tour in advance.
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • For group customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group.
  • Optional excursions will be held if there are at least 10 people in the group.
  • The cost of entrance tickets, tastings, additional services is listed as of 29.10.2020 and is subject to change.
  • Due to possible changes in the schedule of the railway, the route, train number and time can be changed.
  • Due to the limited number of train tickets, compartment travel can be replaced with a reserved seat with compensation for the difference in ticket prices.   
  • The cost of the tour and the New Year's dinner may change in case of a significant change in the economic situation in the country, the cost of the paid tour and the New Year's dinner are not subject to change.     

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