Yo! New Year in the Carpathians

Promotion of early booking to 01.11.2021!

Aren't you tired of celebrating the New Year in the same setting? The best New Year is the New Year in the snowy Carpathians! Meet the New Year 2022 in the heart of the Carpathians - Yasinyah, Yaremche, Bukovel!

A popular New Year tour to the Carpathians from Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Dnipro and other cities.

Who will be interested in our New Year's tour in the Carpathians:

  • lovers of adrenaline and mountain slopes - you can ski for a full 5 days;
  • gourmets and merry fellows - you will daily enjoy Hutsul cuisine, trout, vats and other temptations;
  • curious tourists - the tour program includes excursions to the Center of Europe, Vorokhta, Verkhovyna, Yaremchu;
  • those who choose a quiet family vacation - relax and listen to the silence of the Carpathians!
  • for those who want to find friends or their soul mate - you will definitely meet them on this tour!

And also to all those who want a little of everything and have long dreamed of celebrating the New Year in the Carpathians!

Tour dates

28.12 - 04.01


Kharkov - Kiev - Yasinya - Bukovel - Dragobrat - Kvasy - Rakhiv - Vorokhta - Verkhovyna - Yaremche - Kiev - Kharkov



Duration of the tour

6 days / 8 days

Type of tour



2-single (breakfast + dinner)


Yasinya - Alpine Carpathian village in the valley of the river Black Tisza, ideal for lovers of the Carpathian Mountains. In the village there is a developed infrastructure: shops, cafes, kolyba, souvenirs, equipment rental, several rope tows; next - ski resorts Bukovel and Dragobrat.

Uzor NU

Hotel "BobrovSki"
The newest hotel with a special cozy atmosphere in the very center of the Yasinya resort. Spacious dining room, wi-fi, bright rooms of the hotel are decorated in the style of European minimalism, exclusively from natural materials. 2 and 3-bed rooms with bathrooms, TV, furniture.
bobrovski 001 bobrovski 002
bobrovski 003 bobrovski 004
bobrovski 005 bobrovski 006
Uzor NU

Hotel "Orchid"
A relatively large hotel by Carpathian standards with a capacity of up to 40 people. Consists of the main building, renovated in 2020, and the New building built in 2021. On the ground floor there is a dining room where you can taste national Hungarian and Hutsul cuisine. At 300 meters from the hotel there is a small drag lift, not far from the mountain road to Dragobrat, to the center of the village of Yasinya 5 minutes drive (25 minutes on foot). Various rooms with all conveniences: 2, 3, 4-bed, there are 2-room. All rooms have furniture for clothes, TV, Wi-Fi, bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin, hairdryer, towels). Accommodation with pets is possible.
orhideya karp 7orhideya karp 6

orhideya karp 5 orhideya karp 1
orhideya karp 2 orhideya karp 4
Uzor NU

Hotel "HOF"
Mini-hotel, 2-3-bed rooms with all conveniences, a combination of Hutsul and Bavarian styles in the interior, light rooms decorated with wood. dining-cafe with a bar, access to a covered terrace with barbecue. Each room has TV, wi-fi, in the bathroom - towels, soap. The menu includes dishes of Carpathian and Bavarian cuisine. The hotel has a washing machine, microwave oven, electric kettles, hairdryer, iron, in the courtyard there is a private sauna.
hof 00185583431

98390058 180179039HOF 3 Bettenzimmer2 hof 003
hof 006 98390544Uzor NU

Hotel "Tisa"
Large renovated tourist complex on the shore of the Black Tisza. All rooms after the repair, 2-4-local, with all amenities, in the rooms TV, wi-fi, furniture, electric kettle, a set of tea utensils, towels, soap. Hairdryer and iron - on retsepshene. Modern dining room after overhaul can accommodate up to 100 people. There is a sauna, tennis tables, a sports ground, near a park, a stadium.
tisa001 tisa002
tisa005 tisa006
Uzor NU

Hotel "Roksolana"
Comfortable mini-hotel on 8 rooms in the center of town. Yasinya. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay: a cafe with home-cooked cuisine, a lounge area for relaxation, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, amenities in all rooms. The hotel has a smoking area, there is a free car park, barbecue, and laundry services. Refrigerator - common in the hall, iron, hair dryer - can be taken at retsepshen.
roksolana001 roksolana002
roksolana003 roksolana004
roksolana005 roksolana006

Excursion program

28.12 Tuesday

Departure of tourists:
- from Kiev by train # 357 at 15:02
- from Kharkov by high-speed train # 15 at 18:40 (from Poltava at 21:11, from Kiev at 01:18 (29.12))
Uzor NU

1 day 29.12 

Arrival of tourists in the village. Yasinya
- from Kiev by train # 357 at 07:58.
- from Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev by train # 15 at 13:35.

Meeting tourists in Yasiny. Hotel accommodation. 

Yasinya - the legendary capital of the Hutsul Republic, one of the most picturesque places of Transcarpathia. Yasinya is not without reason called "Heart of the Carpathians", because it is here that they meet, forming a conditional heart when viewed from space, the three main ranges of the Ukrainian Carpathians are the Montenegrin, Svidovetsky and Gorgan.

Walking tour of Yasinyam. In the picturesque gorge on the banks of the mountain rivers Black Tisa and Lazeshchina, surrounded by the highest peaks of Ukraine - HoverlaPetros and Bliznitsa, - the Hutsul village of Yasinya is spread out. Mountain ranges, like waves of the sea, rise above the blue sky. Sign "Heart of the Carpathians", Mount Kostyrivka, Arpad line, Peter and Paul Church and Strukovskaya wooden church of the XVII century.
yasinia03 yasinia01
Ясіня Yasinya 2 

At the end of the excursion LET'S DIVE IN THE CARPATHIAN COLORITE: tourists will be greeted by local musicians in national costumes, with Carpathian Hutsul musical instruments. Raise a glass of mulled wine for the start of the holiday tour!

Yasinya muzykanti 1 BuYNHaxyYo4


Free time. All comers can choose for themselves ski equipment (rental of equipment from 150 UAH per day).

We invite you daily to The Carpathian font * (the cost of the vat on 2 hours - 1500 UAH.): Carpathian vats in the open air. A fire is kindled under the cast iron vats, and thanks to the peculiarities of cast iron, the water in the vats is heated and constantly maintained at a temperature of 40-42 degrees. In the rest room you can enjoy the taste of Carpathian tea, Viennese coffee, medicinal herbal infusions. Helpful and pleasant! The chan can accommodate up to 8 people at a time, booking in advance.

chan002 yaremche chany 02
Uzor NU

2 day 30.12  Breakfast.  Departure to the most famous ski resort of Ukraine - Bukovel. On the new road through Yablunetsky pass to Bukovel only 12 km. Those who are looking for comfortable conditions for recreation, prepared slopes with a grass base, snow in any weather, evening lighting - on Bukovel! For those who prefer a less active activity, Bukovel resort offers water entertainment complexes, swimming pools, outdoor hot pools, saunas, cable cars, kolyba and restaurants, numerous children's entertainments, attractions.

In winter, the Bukovel resort offers, in addition to the usual skiing, the following entertainment: "VODA CLUB", a panoramic lift, ethnopark "GUTSUL LEND", Rodelban "SPEED FUN", "Bukovel hills", the longest zip line in Ukraine, a toboggan run, snow tubing , skating rink, "BIKE ZIP", dog sledding, "ICE LAND", ATVs and snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicle "SHERP", go-kart club "Need for Speed", extreme attraction "REVERSE", rope jumping, swing "Pendulum"

ilovebukovel compressor VODA CLUB Bukovel

16:30 Optional excursion "Kvasnaya water and live beer" *
(450 UAH per adult with tasting, 250 UAH for children up to 18 years - without tasting).
Village Kvasses 30 km from Yasinya - the famous resort of mineral ("kvass") waters, known since the 82th century. In total, there are XNUMX mineral water springs in the Rakhiv region. Excursion to the private craft brewery "Tsypa", brewing secrets, cellars with barrels, legends about the cosmonaut Gagarin and hutsul-bokorash, tasting unique sorts of beer with a light snack. Delicious! You can additionally order banosh, bograch, barbecue, smoked pork ears and other delicious ...
pivo05 pivo03
pivo006 tsipa brewery

Dinner In a hotel.

Uzor NU

3 day 31.12  Breakfast In a hotel.

Fans of mountain slopes and active recreation await the ski slopes of Bukovel. For a change, we suggest visiting the most high-altitude resort of Ukraine - Dragobrat.  The Dragobrat tract is located at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level at the junction of coniferous forests and high mountain valleys. The snow here lies from October to May. 12 ski lifts and chairlifts await you, many descents from 1000 to 2000 m. Dragobrat is one of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians (transfers to ski resorts are paid on site additionally:
Bukovel - 150-200 UAH per person, Dragobrat - 400-500 UAH per person.

4allAlkrxOQ gallery 12 1

Fans of a quiet holiday are invited to make a pedestrian walk to the memorable sign "Heart of the Carpathians", to Strukov church - the main treasury of Yasinya, built in 1824 on the slope of Mount Kosterivka, to book a sauna in the hotel.

Optional on the last day of the year is offered:

- 09: 00-15: 00 excursion "Hutsul Paris, Hutsul cheese and the center of Europe"(500 UAH per person + entrance tickets).  The capital of Hutsuls Rakhiv on the border with Romania, the Museum of Hutsul cheese in Rakhiv, Trufanetsky waterfall, Carpathian biosphere reserve, Geographic center of Europe in the village of Dilove, a museum-kolyba. Here stands a stele with a geodetic sign, in which it is written in Latin: "A constant, accurate, eternal place." The center of Europe is set in 1887, the place is measured very accurately with the help of a special apparatus with a scale of meridians and parallels made in Austria-Hungary. "

center of europe14452529362 0f63fcc brinza

- 08: 00-18: 00 excursion  "Vorokhta - Verkhovyna * (650 UAH per person + entrance tickets)

Vorokhta... Vorokhta is an urban-type settlement and a famous ski and climatic resort, which is located at an altitude of 850 m above sea level in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Located in the valley of the Prut River on the territory of the Carpathian National Reserve. In Vorokhta we will see the wooden churches named after Peter and Paul (1924th century) and the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos (1925-XNUMX), as well as stone railway bridges built in the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries, the so-called viaducts - masterpieces of Austro-Hungarian technical thought. empire. The first railway built in the region passed along them. Chairlift ride.

VerkhovynaMoving to Verkhovyna - the capital of Hutsul flavor. Here nature itself will tell you everything about the Hutsul history and culture. Visiting interactive museums: Hutsul magic, museum of cheese-making and Polonynsk life "Khata-staya", museum of musical instruments of Roman Kumlik.
1 13 verxovyna kumlyk 08

Dinner at the hotel.

Preparation and meeting of NEW YEAR 2022!

We offer to celebrate the New Year at the "Zoryany" restaurant in the center of the village. Yasinya (time of the event 20:00 - 01:00, the cost is specified)
Delicious national cuisine (alcohol included), Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, various contests for both children and adults, Hutsul dances, folklore, live music, national costumes and much more!
zorianiy 005 zorianiy 001 
Uzor NU

4 day 01.01 HAPPY NEW 2022 YEAR !! 

Breakfast. We rest, we enjoy the Carpathians. Skiers - waiting for skis! And lovers of pleasure and entertainment:

12:00-16:00 optional visit to the trout farm * (250 UAH per person + 450 UAH per kilogram of catch with cooking and tinctures, paid depending on the amount of fish caught)

Not far from Yasinya is a recreation complex, a pond, fish-trout, where you can catch yourself fresh fish as long as time and a purse allow. And while you wash your hands, there will already be your freshly trout trout on the table, and to her, mouth-watering Hutsul infusions, all sorts of robins, peppers, etc.

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Dinner In a hotel.

Uzor NU

5 day 02.01 Breakfast.  We continue to plunge into the Carpathian flavor. Departure awaits all tourists on "Polonyna Peppers" (entrance ticket is included in the price). We invite you to the stylized polonin in the village. Yablunitsa... You will see a real gazda - the owner of this unusual and incredibly popular place among tourists, get acquainted with the Hutsul economy and life, and also enjoy live folk music. Hutsul huts, a smithy, a Hutsul grocery store, a variety of antiques of the Hutsuls, as well as a highlight of this place in winter - the garden of St. Nicholas, await fans of bright and non-standard photographs.

For an additional fee, you can order a detailed excursion to all the sites of the Polonyna Peppers, visit a cheese and liqueur tasting, visit St. Nicholas, ride a snowtube, as well as buy souvenirs and organic products - cheese, bacon, mushrooms, liqueurs.

ppertsi 001 ppertsi 002

Dinner In a hotel.

Uzor NU

6 day 03.01  Breakfast, free time, eviction from the hotel, departure for excursion.

Excursion "Hutsul Switzerland - Yaremche"On the picturesque mountain road, bypassing the Hutsul villages of Lazeshchyna, Tatariv, Yablunitsa, Mykulychyn, stopping at Yablunets Pass, we reach the goal - the high mountain resort of Yaremche. This smart and pretty town, stretched on the river. Prut, is beautiful at any time of the year. Stop near the waterfall of Proby. Hutsuls are sure that places near mountain waterfalls have a powerful energy. Near the waterfall of the Probyium, everyone will feel it: all problems and anxieties are removed by hand. Rather, it washes off water! Visiting the bazaar of Hutsul souvenirs.

obzorka yaremche 02 obzorka yaremche 03
obzorka yaremche 04 obzorka yaremche 05
Transfer to the station.
Departure of tourists from Yaremche:
- at 15:08 by train # 358 to Kiev
- at 17:45 by train number 16 to Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev

Uzor NU

04.01 Tuesday

Arrival in Kiev by train number 358 to 06: 40
Arrival in Kharkov by train # 16 at 11:12 (to Kiev at 04:16, to Poltava at 08:34)

The cost per person in UAH.

 Cost for booking before 01.11.2021:
hotel / railway route without train with railway pass 
from Kiev
357 / 358 train
with railway pass 
from Kharkov, Poltava
15 / 16 train
surcharge for
in the hotel "Tisa" at 3-4 local placement
6000 Zones 8300 - -
in the hotel "Tisa" at 2 local placement
6250 Zones 8550 2000
at the hotel "BobrovSki" at 3-4 local placement 7050 Zones 9350  - -
at the hotel "BobrovSki" at 2 local placement 7300 Zones 9600 2500
in the hotel "HOF" at 3-4 local placement 6900 Zones 9200  
in the hotel "HOF" at 2 local placement 7150 Zones 9450 2500
at the hotel "Orchid" at 3-4 local placement 7050 Zones 9500  
at the hotel "Orchid" at 2 local placement 7300 Zones 9750 2500
in the hotel "Roksolana" at 3-4 local placement  7750  Zones  10200  
in the hotel "Roksolana" at 2 local placement  8000  Zones  10450  2750

Children up to 5 years old without a seat and food - free (at the "HOF" hotel - up to 3 years old!)

Children under 10 years old have a discount for 2-bed accommodation - UAH 500, for 3-4-bed accommodation - UAH 1000.

For tourists traveling alone, we are looking for options for sharing. Possible surcharge for 1-local accommodation.

The cost of only accommodation with 2 meals a day (without transport and excursion services) is 1500 UAH cheaper.

There are places

  Few places 

   No places   

  • For booking and fixing the price, it is enough to make a minimum prepayment of 30% of the tour cost.
  • In the event of a worsening of the situation with Covid (restrictions on the work of the tourism industry or cancellation of departure on our part), we will refund the funds in full.

Cost of the national tour to the Carpathians for Christmas See here
Cost of all New Year and Christmas tours See here

Cost regular tours to the Carpathians See here.
Programs group tours to the Carpathians See here.


  • railway travel (according to the chosen tour package);
  • accommodation in the selected hotel in rooms with conveniences for 5 nights;
  • 2 meals a day (breakfasts + dinners);
  • transport service;
  • excursion service according to the program;
  • group meeting with musicians;
  • insurance;
  • supervision of the group by the representative of the tour operator.


  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • For group customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group.
  • Additional paid: entrance tickets to visited facilities, optional excursions and entertainment *, ski equipment and lifts, bringing to the ski lifts, a New Year's banquet.
  • Due to the increased demand for the New Year's banquet, please reserve and pay for the banquet in advance. Some dishes on the menu can be replaced with equivalent ones.
  • Optional excursions will be held if there are at least 15 people in the group.  
  • Optional excursions are booked when booking a tour!
  • Discount for children up to 14 years on optional excursions - 50 UAH. Children up to 5 years without a seat on the bus - for free.

  • Due to possible changes in the schedule of the railway, the route, train number and time can be changed.       
  • Due to the limited number of tickets, the compartment travel can be replaced by a reserved seat with compensation for the difference in value.  
  • The tour operator is not responsible for the presence of snow cover, work of lifts and prices for additional services.    
  • The cost of the tour can be changed in case of a significant change in the economic situation in the country, cost paid tour and paid The banquet is not subject to change.
  • Train tickets can be purchased independently or ordered from us.

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