Megatur in Batumi (excursion bus)

Have you dreamed of seeing a mysterious country full of mysteries and unusual legends? Then you are going in the right direction by choosing an excursion tour to Georgia, a country with mesmerizing landscapes, wonderful nature, clean air, in which freedom and independence reign. Keep it up!

Placement Locations



Kharkov - Tbilisi - Batumi - Gudauri - Kharkov

Season of rest

summer 2020

Duration of the tour

12 days

Visa, documents

Citizens of Ukraine do not need a visa to enter.
Requires a passport, valid 90 days after returning from a trip.


Hotel 3 * 


breakfast when staying at the hotel



Type of tour


Excursion program

DAY 1-2

Group gathering in  Kharkiv, Bus station Yuzhny station (Kotlyara st., 11) near the railway station. Departure at 16:30. Border crossing. Moving across the territory of Russia.

DAY 3  The passage of the Russian-Georgian border.
We invite everyone who wants to visit at an altitude of 2170 m. Above sea level on a jeep-tour to Gergeti, at the foot of Kazbek Mountains (10 USD)... Let's go up to the Trinity Church itself! The excursion can be conducted on the day of departure from Georgia (day 10), depending on the passage of the border.
Our trip to Georgia continues from the incredible viewpoint of the Caucasus Mountains - the best place for photos! Going down below we will see the wonderful Ananuri fortress on the bank of the Zhinvali reservoir - the beauty is breathtaking!
Arrival in Tbilisi. Check in hotel.
Then we invite you to an evening excursion “Lights of Tbilisi” (10 USD + entrance ticket)... Getting around the city by public transport. During the excursion, we will see all the most famous sights of Tbilisi, which have a special view in the light of the city lights of the modern capital. We will go through the famous Bridge of Peace, which consists of a 156-meter steel frame covered with glass, to the singing fountain. Then we will climb the cable car, which will show us the most famous panorama of the city from a bird's eye view, but most importantly, will lead to the foot of the pedestal of Mother Georgia and the Narikala fortress. Interestingly, the exact time of the foundation of the fortress in Tbilisi is unknown, but in the IV century it already existed! On this day, return to the hotel on your own. Overnight in Tbilisi.



We are waiting for a sightseeing tour of Tbilisi "Warm City". We begin to get acquainted with the sights of Tbilisi, our views will open up incredible panoramas of the capital of Georgia: the Old City, on which magnificent quarters adorn, the majestic temple “Sameba” - the largest Orthodox cathedral in Transcaucasia, a symbol of the unity of the Georgian nation, the temple of Sioni - this is where A. Griboyedov was married with his wife N. Chavchavadze. Next, we will have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the old streets of Tbilisi, walking along the Shardeni promenade, Georgian cinema square, where we will see the monument to Sergo Parajanov.
Then an excursion awaits us "Ancient Capital" (15 USD)... We will go on an excursion, during which we will see sights from different eras of Georgian life! We will go to the ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta, where the Svetitskhoveli monastery, sacred to all Georgians, is located, a great shrine is kept here - the Chiton of Christ! Also in our program is a visit to the Jvari temple, which stands on an incredibly picturesque place - where two Georgian rivers - Aragvi and Kura join!
After that we offer an excursion to the largest in the Caucasus sparkling wine factory "Bagrationi" (20 USD)... We will get into the very heart of winemaking, where an experienced manager will show you how the process of making sparkling wine takes place, where it is stored and how to properly preserve an unforgettable taste! A selection of the best Georgian sparkling wines will already be waiting for us in the tasting room!
In the evening we offer to everyone "Georgian Night" (25 USD)! The traditional Georgian feast is a rich table with delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine, homemade wine and chacha, and fiery performances of dance and vocal groups! Nobody leaves indifferent from one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi! Overnight in Tbilisi.


Breakfast in the hotel. Eviction.
Excursion to Kakheti "Land of love and winemaking" (25 USD + entrance ticket)! Kakheti, aka Eastern Georgia, is rightfully considered the cradle of world winemaking and one of the most beautiful corners of Georgia, where centuries-old technology of winemaking is used! And we can make sure of this personally! The first stop will be at the storage of the KTW winery, where they will tell us about the uniqueness of the Kakhetian wine (entrance ticket). While walking through the wine storehouse, we will have the opportunity to taste all the main types of wine and cognac, as well as purchase good wine at group prices. Then we will be able to touch the thousand-year history, plunging into the healing the source of St. Nino in the Bodbe temple (10 GEL chiton for the source)... Then we will visit the city of love - Sighnaghi, which is primarily known for its round-the-clock registry office, and a magnificent view of the Alazani Valley! For those wishing to tie the knot, we will organize a wedding ceremony in Signagi with an official painting, champagne and flowers (65 USD). Back to Tbilisi!
After the excursion, if desired, a visit Tbilisi sulfur baths (10 USD = 1 hour)... Fatigue will be removed as if by hand!
In the evening we invite you to a tasting in wine house in the old town (15 USD). There you will find tasting of various types of wine and chacha. The winemaker will tell about the history of the wine house and the secrets of winemaking.
Free time. 23:00 - group gathering, night transfer to Batumi.


Arrival in Ajara.
Sightseeing tour of Batumi "Walk in Adjarian". The city, whose appearance has changed almost completely over the past few years, is attracting more and more tourists! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of modern architecture, boulevards with palm trees on the coast of Barcelona, ​​and the incredible Georgian flavor! Let's walk along the embankment of the city, see the famous statue of love Ali and Nino, and walk along Piazza Square, which has preserved its unique flavor!
Check in at the hotel no earlier than 14: 00.
Waiting for you in the evening boat trip (5 USD)! A walk along the embankment reveals the most famous panorama of the city, the “visiting card of Batumi”. Free time and rest at sea. Overnight in Batumi.


Breakfast in the hotel. Beach vacation.
Optional excursion to Botanical Garden of Batumi (incl. ticket)... The Batumi Botanical Garden is a real eighth wonder of the world, created on the principle of the Gardens of Semiramis, containing more than 50000 plant species, and only a tenth of them are of Caucasian origin! A huge territory and access to the sea are waiting for you!
Optional excursion "Mountainous Adjara" (25 USD)... Georgia is an ancient country, but even against the background of ancient monasteries, the fortress looks aloof - after all, it was built in the days of Ancient Rome! In a few hours we will go around many famous sights of Adjara - we will reach the border with Turkey, see the waterfall of St. Andrew the First-Called, the Gonio fortress, walk along the ancient arched bridge built during the time of Queen Tamara, once again enjoy the beauty of mountain landscapes and lakes in the Sarpi resort!
Later return to Batumi. Overnight stay.
Breakfast in the hotel. Free day. Today we offer you excursions to choose from:
"Martvili Canyon + Okatse Canyon" (30 USD + entrance ticket)... During this excursion we will go to the west of Georgia to see a beautiful and extraordinary creation of nature - Martvili canyon! We highly recommend taking a boat ride there. A huge number of waterfalls, white rocks covered with moss, lianas hanging from them, and even a petrified dinosaur head await us! Trust me, it's worth seeing.
For lovers of beach holidays we suggest to go on excursion “Magnetic Sands of Ureki + Zitsinatel Amusement Park” 
(10 USD)... The sand on this unique beach has healing properties. The magnetic field of sand has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and also has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect! After a beach holiday, we will go to the Tsitsinatela amusement park, which is rightfully considered one of the best parks in the region. There are 8 children's, 17 family and 11 extreme attractions, slot machines, a bowling alley, catering facilities and a shopping center - everyone will find entertainment to their liking! Return to Batumi. Overnight!


Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Departure to Gudauri. Today we will visit Prometheus Cave (20 USD + entrance ticket). The "Prometheus Cave" or Kumistavi is a real one, concealing many beauties, surprising with its power, many natural formations. And at the same time, it is so skillfully played with music, decorated with light, that it seems fabulous. Transfer to Gudauri. Check-in. Overnight.

DAY 10

Breakfast in the hotel. Eviction. Departure from Georgia.

DAY 11-12

The passage of the Russian-Ukrainian border. Arrival in Kharkov. Arrival in the morning of 12 is possible.


Excursions for the package "Excursion" in the amount of 95USD:

Name of the tour Cost (USD) Admission ticket

"Fires of Tbilisi" 10 2,5GEL = 1USD / person
2 "The ancient capital" 15

3 "The Land of Love and Wine" 25 10GEL = 5USD / person *


"Mountain Adjara" 25

5 "Prometheus Cave" 20 15GEL = 6USD / person *


Dates of departure from Kharkov: 
March:  06, 20, 26
April:  17, 29
May:  7, 21
June:  04, 11, 18, 25
July:  02, 09, 16, 23
August:  06, 13, 20, 27
September:  10,17, 24
October:  01, 08, 15, 22, 29

The cost per person in UAH.

Cost for living in a hostel (without meals)  149 $ / person
The cost of living in a hostel (without meals) with a tour package  214 $ / person
Cost for 3 * hotel accommodation (breakfast) 229 $ / person
The cost when staying at a 3 * hotel (breakfasts) with an excursion package  294 $ / person
Cost for accommodation in a 3 * hotel with single occupancy (breakfasts)  319 $ / person

Package “Excursion”:
«Tbilisi Lights » 
"The ancient capital - Mtskheta" 
"Mountain Adjara" 
"Land of love and winemaking - Kakheti" "Cave of Prometheus"


- Travel on the route by bus transformer;
- Accommodation in the selected hotel / hostel;
- Breakfast in hotels;
- 3 excursions: Tbilisi, Batumi, Botanical Garden,
- Accompanied group guide
- Medical insurance (for tourists from 3 to 60 years);


“Tbilisi Lights”
10 USD
10 USD
2,5 GEL - 1 USD
“Ancient Capital”
15 USD
10 USD
“Bagrationi” excursion + tasting
20 USD
15 USD
“Georgian night”
25 USD
20 USD
“Wine tasting in Tbilisi”
15 USD
“Sulfur Baths”
10 USD
10 USD
“Land of love and winemaking”
25 USD
20 USD
10 GEL - 5 USD *
3 GEL - 1,5 USD
“Boat trip in Batumi”
“Mountain Adjara”
25 USD
20 USD
“Martvili canyon + Okatse canyon”
30 USD
25 USD
15 GEL - 6 USD
13 GEL - 4 USD
15 GEL - 6 USD
“Rest in Ureki + Tsitsinatela Park”
10 USD
“Prometheus Cave”
20 USD
20 USD
15 GEL - 6 USD
“Jeep tour to Gergeti”
10 USD
10 USD
220 USD
170 USD
73,5 GEL - 29,5 USD


  1. Check in hotels not earlier than 14: 00;
  2. Eviction from numbers to 12: 00;
  3. If you notice a problem with the room when checking in - immediately inform your escort;
  4. Hotels / hostels on the program can be replaced by alternative;
  5. There is no breakfast in hostels.
  1. Enrollment for optional excursions is made on the way to Georgia;
  2. If you cancel the tour payment is not refunded;
  3. For temples, women should have a skirt for a knee and a scarf;
  4. Entrance fees are paid additionally at the ticket office of sightseeing facilities. The cost of entrance tickets to tour facilities may vary;
  5. Inspection of the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, Ananuri (day 3) is carried out under favorable weather conditions and in the daytime. Inspection can be carried out on the way back;
  6. In case of non-appearance on the excursion of the “excursion” package, the payment is not refunded;
  7. In case of force majeure, excursions can be replaced with alternative ones.
  1. We provide tea / coffee in disposable cups on the way;
  2. The bus has a toilet, but for sanitary purposes use is allowed only in the most extreme cases;
  3. On the way there will be sanitary stops every 3,5-4 hours;
  4. A stop for lunch on the way is provided for on the 2 day on the way;
  5. The time of meetings, arrivals, departures of the program is indicative and depends on the condition of roads, border services, etc.
  6. Arrival in Ukraine is possible on the morning of 12 of the day.
  7. The layout of seats in a horizontal position is made on the permitted sections of the road at the discretion of drivers.
  8. Nonresident tourists independently purchase train tickets to the gathering place. The tour operator is not responsible for the time of arrival in Ukraine and in case of a late arrival, the cost of railway tickets will not be reimbursed.
  1. We recommend taking 800-1500 rubles (Russian rubles) for a while on the road: there will be stops at equipped fuel stations where you can buy water and have lunch. On the way possible stops in tolls.
  2. In Georgia, the local currency is GEL (GEL). For exchange, we recommend to take dollars (USD). Indicative exchange rate: 1 US dollar (USD) is equal to 2.6 Georgian GEL (GEL)



Not included:
- Optional excursions;
- Entrance fees to sightseeing facilities;
- Personal expenses.

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