Fairytale Cappadocia 2020

Cappadocia is a fabulous place to see with your own eyes! We offer a unique tour to experience all the magic of Cappadocia!

Placement Locations

Turkey (Cappadocia)


Kiev - Ankara - Kiev (a / c Pegasus Airlines)

Resort Features

Cappadocia is the eighth wonder of the world in Turkey. The place where the breathtaking views are breathtaking and the place where the most balloons in the world take off at the same time. People go to Cappadocia, first of all, to fly in a hot air balloon and take stunning photos. The season is there all year round. Cappadocia is not a city or a resort. This is an area, a territory that unites several cities and villages. 


Balloons fly in Cappadocia all year round, which means the season there all year round. However, of course, it is hotter in summer and cooler in winter. The best time for a trip to Cappadocia is April-May and September. It is not hot there at this time, and at the same time, the weather is excellent for flights.

The main resorts

  • The village of Goreme is the center of Cappadocia, which is located inside the cave park. It has the most hotels and entertainment.
  • The city of Kayseri is the "regional center" of Cappadocia, you can arrive here by plane.
  • The town of Nevsehir is a "regional center" near Goreme, there is also an airport (though small and there are few flights, but it is right next to Goreme)
  • The villages of Avanos, Guzelyurt, Urgup, Uchisar are villages near Goreme, where there are also few hotels. All of them are located within a radius of 10-15 km from each other. There are fewer hotels and tourists here, but you can also fly in hot air balloons and go on excursions.

Duration of the tour

3 nights / 4 days


Breakfast at the hotel + 4 lunch according to the program (during excursions)



Type of tour



Goreme National Park
This open-air museum is spread over an area of ​​more than 300 km², is a whole monastery complex: it consists of dozens of churches and chapels. From 6 to 9 centuries Goreme was considered one of the largest Christian centers on whose territory more than 400 shrines functioned. Many monasteries survived to this day, where the wall paintings of early Christianity, as well as Byzantine frescoes, were partially preserved. The most famous museum in the museum is St. Basil’s Church, inside which you can see the surviving images of saints and scenes from the Gospel. It is also worth a glimpse into the church of St. Barbara, painted with bright patterns, and the Apple Church with four columns and a Greek cross.

Avanos City

If you don’t know what to see in Cappadocia, we advise you to go to the miniature city of Avanos, located near the banks of the longest river in Turkey - Kyzyl-Irmak. Due to the fact that the water in the river is rich in ore and red clay, local residents managed to develop handicraft and pottery here. Underground buildings and bizarre rocks you will not find here, but you will find silence and solitude, harmoniously interwoven with oriental flavor. In addition, in the town, everyone has the opportunity to go to one of the local workshops and learn the basics of pottery. The attraction is also famous for its carpet factories, Aladdin's Seljuk mosque and the Museum of Women's Hair, whose collection contains more than 16 of thousands of exhibits - real curls that once belonged to girls from different parts of the world.

Uchisar City and Fortress
The quiet town located 4 km from Göreme is more like a small village where there are no banks or supermarkets. The settlement itself does not cause much interest, but the Uchisar fortress located on its territory attracts the gaze of tourists. This tuff structure with a sharp top can be seen from any viewing platform of the city. The fortress appeared in the era of the Hittite Empire and was able to accommodate up to 2600 people. The structure is gradually being destroyed, and travelers here can only look at a small part of the building. It is definitely worth going up to the observation deck, from where a large-scale overview of the expanses of Cappadocia with its picturesque valleys opens.

Fairy Chimneys
One of the most popular attractions in Cappadocia and Goreme are the Fairy Fireplaces, which have long become the hallmark of the area. You can look at the unique rock sculptures resembling chimneys or giant mushrooms with cone-shaped hats in shape in different parts of the valley adjacent to the town of Zelve. Of course, romantic legends tell the tourists that magical fairies live in the pillars, but in reality, bizarre formations were the result of the destructive effects of rain and wind exerted on tuff rock.

Underground City Kaymakli (Kaymakli Underground City)
Kaymakli is a huge underground complex with 8 floors. Each of them houses dozens of tunnels and rooms that once served as warehouses, kitchens, stables and cellars. It was equipped with ventilation and water supply systems, had its own chapel and pottery workshops. Here, scientists discovered a long tunnel that stretches for 9 km and connects Kaymakli with another attraction - the cave settlement of Derinkuyu. It is believed that the underground monastery could accommodate up to 15 thousand inhabitants. Today, tourists in Kaymakli are allowed to see only the first 4 floors of the city, but this is enough to feel the ancient atmosphere of the once residential caves.

Underground city of Derinkuyu
When visiting the cities of Goreme and Cappadocia in Turkey, you should definitely look at the underground Derinkuyu complex. The history of the landmark begins from the 8 century BC. For a long time, Christians hid in the building, persecuted by the Arabs for their religious beliefs. To date, archaeologists have managed to unearth 11 floors that go deep into 85 meters. Scientists suggest that they will be able to clear another 9 tiers.

Pashabag Valley (or Monks Valley)Pashabag is one of the most picturesque valleys of Cappadocia, which is often called the Valley of the Monks. Many centuries ago, the area became the home of Christian preachers, so today you can see the result of their activities - churches and chapels. The most famous building in the valley was the chapel of St. Simeon the Pillar, who came to Pashabag in the 5 century. The temple is located in a rocky sculpture with three cone-shaped hats. Several churches have survived here, in the walls of which ancient frescoes have survived.

Zelve Open Air Museum
If you are looking for information about what you can see on your own in Cappadocia, do not lose sight of the unique historical monument of Zelva. The first settlements within the walls of the complex appeared in the 2-5 centuries. By the beginning of the 11 century, Christians came to Zelva, who turned a number of its premises into churches and cells, so today you can look at their creations. Until the 1952 year, the caves remained inhabited, but due to the gradual collapse of rocks, people were forced to leave the complex. The destruction of Zelva continues to this day, and staying within its walls is dangerous, so visiting the museum is limited. But even a review of the complex from the outside will allow you to appreciate its grandeur and scale.

Pink valley
This is one of the most famous valleys in Cappadocia in Turkey, spreading closer to the village of Chavushin. The area got its name due to the pink hue of the rocks. In the valley there are two canyons running parallel to each other and connecting on the way to the observation deck on the Aktepe hill. One of the spurs stretches for 2 km, the other - for 3 km. In the Pink Valley, there are 5 ancient temples, the oldest of which is the church of St. Joachim and Anna, dated to the 7 century.

Excursion program

Meeting at the Borispol airport (Terminal D). Departure at 02:10 to Ankara. Arrival in Ankara at 05:15. Transfer to the hotel in Cappadocia (about 3.5 hours + technical stop 30 minutes), arrival at about 09: 00-09: 30 Breakfast under a tent with a magnificent view of one of the most beautiful valleys - Valley of the pigeons!  Check-in at the hotel and free time about 1,5 hours for rest. Excursion program: hthe famous UNESCO World Heritage Site - Goreme open air museum. Cave churches painted with paintings from the New Testament and impressive iconography in frescoes; Greek village of Sinassos until 1923, and now it is called Mustafapasha, ina tasty lunch at the traditional restaurant "Woman's Hands"; dolina of imagination (Devrent Valley)where everyone will find “their own figure” from the rocks.
Return to the hotel.

Breakfast in the hotel. After breakfast, start the day at 10.00. Volcanic lake Nar. Ihlar Valleya - a long beautiful canyon 150 m deep, along the bottom of which a mountain stream flows, lunch at a traditional restaurant by the Malendis River. Observation deck with panoramic views Salime Monastery. Underground Kaymakli city 60 m deep, 8 floors - rock stables, wine cellars, chapels. Visiting a Turkish sweets shop and a leather goods factory.
Return to the hotel and free time.

Breakfast in the hotel. The excursion day starts at 10:00 Ukhchisar Castle - a majestic rock fortress. The Valley of Pigeons is one of the best observation platforms with stunning views of the castle and the opportunity to feed the birds. Pashaba Valley aka Monakho Valleyc - a mystical place with a special energy, where you can wander among the "fairy chimneys". Lunch at the restaurant.  Avanos cityLocated along the longest river in Turkey, this ancient city was the center of Hittite potters, and today the same red and white clay from the surrounding hills is used to create the famous pottery. The art is over 4000 years old. Master class on modeling from red clay. Unforgettable photos for memory. At the entrance to Urgup observation deck "Three beauties"... Return to the hotel and free time.
In the evening at 20: 00 - “Turkish night” + dinner in the cave restaurant “Yashar Baba” with unlimited drinks (optional, surcharge).

After breakfast at 09:30, transfer to Ankara. Lunch at a restaurant. Then we head to the capital of Turkey - Ankara. Panoramic excursion and shopping in the Ankamall shopping center until 21:00. Transfer to Ankara International Airport. Departure to Kiev.

One day, the opportunity for an additional fee to fly in a balloon at dawn!
Please pay attention to the weather factor - all aeronautics over Cappadocia is controlled by the Turkish State Air Service - takeoff permission is issued by this organization in the presence of favorable weather conditions. Only a strong wind or significant rainfall can interfere with take-off. Pre-booking for the flight is made for the entire group in advance, and the exact number of participants is confirmed on the day the tour begins. If it is impossible to fly on the planned day, we do our best to transfer it to another day of the tour, subject to the availability of free seats on the ball

The cost per person in UAH.

MonthArrivalsPrice for 1/2 DBL
March 2020

05.03 - 08.03 - 8 March
19.03 - 22.03
26.03 - 29.03 - Children's Holidays

from 399 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 389 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)

April 2020

02.04 - 05.04
16.04 - 19.04 - Easter

from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)

May 2020

30.04 - 03.05 - The May holidays
07.05 - 10.05 - The May holidays
21.05 - 24.05
28.05 - 31.05

from 399 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 389 EUR)
from 399 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 389 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)

June 2020

04.06 - 07.06 - Trinity
11.06 - 14.06
25.06 - 28.06 - Constitution Day

from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 399 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 389 EUR)

August 2020

21.08 - 24.08 - Independence Day

from 399 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 389 EUR)

September 2020

10.09 - 13.09
17.09 - 20.09
24.09 - 27.09

from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)

October 2020

01.10 - 04.10
08.10 - 11.10
15.10 - 18.10
22.10 - 25.10
29.10 - 01.11 - Children's Vacations

from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)
from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)

November 2020

05.11 - 08.11

from 389 EUR (RB to 31.12 - 379 EUR)

* RB - Early booking! When booking before 31.12.2019 - minus 10 EUR / person


  • Flight Kiev - Ankara - Kiev (Pegasus Airlines, baggage included).
  • Transfer Ankara - Goreme - Ankara
  • Transport service according to the program
  • 3 nights stay in selected hotel breakfast base
  • Extra breakfast on the day of check-in
  • 4 lunch according to the program (during excursions)
  • Program Excursions
  • Medical insurance


Not included in the price

  • Mandatory one-time supplement at the rate of 35 euro / person (for entrance fees to museums and bus parking) - paid by the escort on site
  • Optional balloon flight - 210 euro / person - paid by the escort on the spot
  • Beverages
  • Dinners from 5 евро
  • Dinner and show program in the cave restaurant "Yashar Baba" - 30 Euro / person (optional) - paid by the escort on the spot
  • New! Attending this Dervish ceremony - 20 Euro / person (optional) - paid by the escort on the spot
  • Tips to driver and guide (optional)

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