3 hours

Nello, Kharkiv! Excursion in English or French

interactive tour of Kharkiv in English or French from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Our long-standing dream came true - to make excursions around Kharkov in foreign languages ​​accessible and regular. And not just a simple tour, but an interactive one, with questions, answers, interesting tasks. Are you ready?

10-12 hours

Muraf dacha and peat bogs. SPE "Slobozhansky"

SPE "Slobozhansky" - Krasnokutsk - Natal'evka - Parkhomovka - Singing terraces

The national natural park "Slobozhansky" is located on the territory of more than 5244 hectares in Krasnokutsk district of Kharkiv region in the Merla valley. Here, organically interspersed with each other are the plateaus and valleys of rivers, Forest-Steppe and Polesie.

6-8 hours

All the ceremonies of the autumn cycle were for our ancestors, directly or indirectly timed to the end of the harvest, and the philosophical ideas are old as the world: the calling of fertility fields, domestic animals, the continuation of the genus.

4 hours

Let's paint the city! Street art of Kharkov

Kharkov - walls - streets - gateways - yards - master classes

"Tempora mutantur et nos mutantur in illis". Times change, and we change with them. Promptly in our lives are new technologies, new information systems, the world is entangled in social networks, even wars have come up with new ones - hybrid .... That's art does not stand still, goes to the streets, closer to the people ....

6-10 hours

Wedding of the Sun and Water. Ivan Kupala

holiday of Ivan Kupala - Kharkiv region

Summer customs and rites of Ukrainians were, of course, associated primarily with concerns about the harvest. The oldest and most emotional holiday is the holiday of Ivan Kupala. Kupala Fire and Water had a healing, purifying, magical power.

4-8 hours

The Paparazzi tour. Catch the moment!

Kharkov - Kharkov region - photo master-class

You never had an elementary question: do we know how to take pictures? Not that professionally, beautifully, but simply - take pictures? Myself, friends, nature, beautiful places, attractions ..... You can press the camera button, but take pictures ...

6-8 hours

ART-preparation. On plein air, on etudes

Chuguev - master-class - open-air

Do you know how the plein air differs from the etude? Don't know yet. Plein air is when an artist works on a painting outdoors, in nature. A sketch is a preparatory sketch for a future painting. So we are going with us to the open air - we will learn how to make sketches!

4 hours

Paper treasures. Printing house "Ranok"

Kharkov - printing house "Ranok" - logistic center

The printing industry is one of the most dynamic, rapidly developing industries in the world. Introducing a new excursion from a series of production, career-oriented excursions - to the printing house "Ranok"!

1-3 days

The Pechenezhsky weekend. Pechenegi - Elat

Kochetok - Pechenegi - Martov

If you are tired of city fuss, if you are tired of cares and affairs, it's time to rush out of the city to the Pechenizhskoe reservoir. Have you ever been to these parts in summer and winter? Did you go skiing or sledging? Did they walk around the winter snowy forest?

4 hours

Everything will be marshmallow! Excursion to the chocolate factory

Kharkov - confectionary factory - firm shop - confectionery master classes

The most popular excursion for children! We invite you to the magical world of sweets, pastries and chocolate! Book today! It is necessary to sign up already yesterday !!

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