10-12 hours

Handmade masterpieces. Krasnokutsk - Singing terraces

Krasnokutsky dendropark - City - Singing terraces - outdoor recreation

The tour introduces two masterpieces created together by the hands of man and nature: the Krasnokut dendrological park, founded more than 200 years ago by the Karazin landlords, and terraced orchards of the landowner Kharitonenko.

10 - 12 hours

Manors of Kharkiv region. Age of palaces and parks

Sharovka - Natalia - Old Merchik - Parkhomovka - Singing terraces - r. Merla

One of the most popular tours of the old manors that have survived to our days, which give an opportunity to look into the past of our region. Unfortunately, many estates are not in the best condition and require restoration.

6-10 hours

Saltov culture. Verkhniy Saltov - eco-farm

Verkhny Saltov - Rubezhnoye - Old Saltov - Khotomlya - Pechenezhsky reservoir

A very picturesque excursion route around the Pechenezhsky reservoir with a visit to the historical and archaeological museum-reserve "Verkhniy Saltov", an eco-farm, master classes, entertainment, outdoor recreation. 

6-10 hours

Orthodox pearls. Temples of the Kharkiv region

Kharkov - Berestenka - Rakitnoe - Water - Ozeryans - Lime Grove

One-day excursion "pilgrimage" on the pearls of the Orthodox faith of the Kharkiv region. You have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful temples in Rakitnoye, Berestenyky, Lower Ozeryans, Lime Grove, as well as Spas Sket and the monastery in Vodyanoye.

8-10 hours

Pecheniz'ke field. Kochetok - Pechenegi

Kochetok - Pechenegi - Pecheniz'ke Reservoir

Pechenegi is one of the most beautiful district centers of the Kharkiv region, the birthplace of the Ukrainian artist with world recognition of G. Semiradsky, the venue of the folk festival "Pecheniz'ke Pole".

8-10 hours

Beautiful city. Krasnograd - Berestenyka

Krasnograd - eco-garden "Time Turner" - ranch "Freedom" - Berestovka

The excursion introduces us to another interesting sightseeing object of the Kharkov region - Krasnograd! A beautiful and cozy city on a tributary of the Orel river. Berestova. The history of the founding of Krasnograd is associated with the construction in the XNUMXth century. Ukrainian defensive line.
6-8 hours

Ukrainian Socrates. Babai - Skovorodinovka

Kharkov - Babai - Skovorodinovka

"The world was catching me, but I did not catch it." Let's try to catch at least a memory of the outstanding Ukrainian poet, musician, philosopher, educator GS. Frying pan.

8-10 hours

Sweet city on the Donets. Raisins - Kamenka

Chuguev - Izium - Mount Kremyanets - Kamenka

Raisin is one of the oldest cities in the Kharkiv region with a rich and interesting history, the scene of the "Lay of Igor's Host". Of greatest interest are the remains of the Izyum fortress and the famous Izyum temples, as well as geological monuments of the Cenozoic and Mesozoic eras.

6-10 hours

At home I.Repina. Chuguev - Kochetok - Malinovka

Chuguev - Kochetok - Figurovka - Seversky Donets

Excursion to Chuguev - one of the oldest cities of the Kharkov region - to the homeland of the world-famous artist I.E. Repin. It was in these picturesque places on the shores of the Seversky Donets, on the outskirts of Chuguev Osinovka, that a great artist was born and spent his childhood.

6-12 hours

Weekend tour. Camping

Kharkiv region - bases and recreation places - outdoor recreation

We offer fun and interesting time with your friends or colleagues in the bosom of nature, in the most picturesque corners of our region - Korobovy Farms, Bezlyudovka, Vysoky, Nesterenki, Berminvody, Lyubotin, Rakitnoe, Petrenki, Kantakuzovka, Dobropolye, Timchenki, Stary Saltov, Pechenegi, Krasnokutsk Arboretum, Singing Terraces, Yakovlevka, Rubizhne, etc.

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