6-8 hours

Ukrainian Socrates. Babai - Skovorodinovka

Kharkov - Babai - Skovorodinovka

"The world was catching me, but I did not catch it." Let's try to catch at least a memory of the outstanding Ukrainian poet, musician, philosopher, educator GS. Frying pan.

8-10 hours

Sweet city in the Donets. Raisins

Chuguev - Raisins - Mount Kremenets

Raisin - one of the oldest cities of the Kharkiv region with a rich and interesting history, the scene of the action "Lay". The remains of Izyum fortress and famous Izum temples are of the greatest interest, and in June Izyum invites guests to the annual strawberry festival.

6-10 hours

At home I.Repina. Chuguev - Kochetok - Malinovka

Chuguev - Kochetok - Figure - Malinovka - Seversky Donets

Excursion to Chuguev - one of the oldest cities of the Kharkov region - to the homeland of the world-famous artist I.E. Repin. It was in these picturesque places on the shores of the Seversky Donets, on the outskirts of Chuguev Osinovka, that a great artist was born and spent his childhood.

6-12 hours

Weekend tour. Camping

Kharkiv region - bases and recreation places - outdoor recreation

We offer fun and interesting time to spend time with your friends or colleagues in the bosom of nature, in the most picturesque places of our region - Korobov Khutor, Bezlyudovka, Vysoky, Nesterenki, Bermindvody, Lubotin, Rakitnoe, Petrenki, Kantakuzovka, Dobropole, Timchenki, Old Saltov, Pechenegi, Krasnokutsky arboretum, Singing terraces, Yakovlevka, Rubezhnoe, etc.

8-10 hours

Manors of Kharkiv region. Cherry Orchards

Old Lubotin - Gievka - Rakitnoe - Ozeryans

Another excursion from the series "The Estate of Kharkiv region" continues to acquaint Kharkiv citizens with the beautiful past of our region, which, like the cut down Chekhov's cherry orchards, will never be returned ...

6-8 hours

Brands Slobozhanschiny. Valki - Sadiba Masters

Valki - "Sadyba Masters" - Cheremushna

Much closer than Oposhnya and Petrikovka, the exquisite capital of Slobozhanshchina, Valki, has settled down without exaggeration. Here are still old masters and carefully keeps the secrets of skill the younger generation.

4-6 hours

The zoopic. Lozovenky - eco park

Kharkov - Lozovenky - Malaya Danilovka - eco-park of Feldman

Animals at all times, beginning with primitive society, played a huge role in human life. The collection of excursions from the series "Zhivaya Kharkivschina" is one of the most popular among tourists, both schoolchildren and adults.

6-8 hours

Another excursion dedicated to the tragic and legendary events of the Second World War and in general the history of the Kharkov region. The fate of the two villages - Sokolovo and Taranovka - closely intertwined in the difficult days of 1943

8-10 hours

Wooden architecture. Temples of the Kharkiv region

Kovyagi - Old Believers - Berestovenka - Timchenki - Yakovlevka

Scattered throughout the Kharkov region, for tens and hundreds of kilometers from each other, these beautiful wooden pearls, like guards, protect us from oblivion, from indifference, from devastation.

6-8 hours

For the honor! For glory! For the people! The Ukrainian Cossacks

Kharkiv - Korobov Khutora - Cossack mountain

What do we know about the Ukrainian Cossacks, their history, attributes, hetmans and scribes, marches and songs, Cossack military ranks, life, clothes, peaceful life and campaigns? Then for a few hours we turn into Cossacks and learn about their lives, so to speak, from the first mouth. Uh, even scary a little ....

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