6-8 hours

For the honor! For glory! For the people! The Ukrainian Cossacks

Kharkiv - Korobov Khutora - Cossack mountain

What do we know about the Ukrainian Cossacks, their history, attributes, hetmans and scribes, marches and songs, Cossack military ranks, life, clothes, peaceful life and campaigns? Then for a few hours we turn into Cossacks and learn about their lives, so to speak, from the first mouth. Uh, even scary a little ....

6-10 hours

In the protected forests. Hunting farm "Rakitnoe"

Valki - hunting farm "Rakitnoe" - Rakitnoe - Znamenka

Hunting farm "Rakitnoe" hid in the protected forests of the Valkovshchina and the Water-lads. Ducks, pheasants, fish are hunted here, they hunt, they rest from the city bustle. We offer you a new interesting excursion from the "Living Kharkivschina" cycle.

4 hours

Heroes of Kharkov. Weekly MES

Kharkov - center of civil protection - fire exposition

A place of heroism, there is heroism at any time, both in the peaceful and in the military. Workers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are real heroes of our days. To get acquainted with the specifics of their work you will be helped at the Center for Civil Protection and Life Safety.

4-6 hours

Weekday airport. Aerodrome "Kharkov" - Korotich

Kharkov - airfield "Korotich" - airport "Kharkov"

Kharkiv is famous for its aviation traditions and achievements! During the excursion you will get acquainted with the history of aviation, modern aircraft (including jet) and helicopters, a visit to the open-air aviation museum and the Kharkov airport.

4 hours

7 wonders of Kharkov. Excursion game

interactive tour of Kharkov for junior schoolchildren from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine, its former capital, economic and scientific center, one of the largest megacities of Europe. In 2008, the main architect of Kharkov, Sergey Chechelnitsky, published a list of seven wonders of Kharkiv according to the results of the competition.

4 hours

Not quite the usual sightseeing route acquaints with the "dark" alleys and "green" places of our city, Kharkov criminal, rampant, prison. The topic is controversial, ambiguous, but very interesting. The main thing is to make the right conclusions from all!

4-6 hours

The Kharkov Razgulay. Rogansky Brewery

Kharkov - Rogansky Brewery

The "adult" excursion is dedicated to the long history of the appearance of various drunken and alcoholic drinks, with which many myths and legends are associated, as well as to their modern production. To top it off, Rogansky Brewery company Sun InBev Ukraine.

4 hours

Domes of Kharkov. Orthodox churches

a thematic tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

The Orthodox Christian faith has always been a protection and support for the inhabitants of our country and our city. She supported and gave faith even in the worst of times. The excursion is dedicated to the main Orthodox shrines of Kharkov - the Annunciation Cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral, the Intercession Monastery, the Ozerian Church, etc.

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