6-10 hours

Tropics and subtropics. Exotic plant nursery and ecofarm

Kharkiv - Hotomlya - nursery "ExoticEdem" - eco-farm "Pani Jupiter"

Who among us does not dream of being transported even for a few hours to warm exotic countries, to the ocean shore, to breathe in the aroma of tropical plants?

4 hours

Beer Kharkov. Brewery "Beer Legend"

Kharkiv - Brewery "Beer Legend"

The history of beer in the world goes back several millennia. The first mentions of it date back to the early Neolithic era. Already 6 years ago, people used technologies to turn bread into a fragrant drink.

8-10 hours

For joy and inner peace. Lavender field

Chuguev - Lebyazhye - Kitsevka - Dvurechansky natural park

"Lavender warms braintired of lived years ”(Hippocrates).
"Lavender is a whip for hearts и broom for brain "(Avicenna).

We invite you to an unusual photo location, which you can visit only a few weeks a year, and bring unique photos and useful souvenirs from there.
6-8 hours

Shrovetide is on the nose! Festivities in Old Saltov

Old Saltov - Soich Park - Maslenitsa holiday

What's on the nose? Maslenitsa is on the nose! - said the hero of an old famous cartoon. So maybe it's time to get ready to meet her ?!
4 hours

Art factory “Mechanics. Another land "is a new creative space in Kharkov, located in the workshops of a former steam locomotive plant of the late XNUMXth century. The goal of the project is to create a single place for the embodiment of creativity and unusual ideas, uniting young and talented people.

4-6 hours

Chrysanthemum Ball 2020 in Feldman Ecopark! The floristic festival starts on September 27 and will last until frost. For the eighth time, Kharkiv residents and guests from all over Ukraine will be able to participate in a fantastic flower show.

at the request of the customer

Soich Park. Weekend in the heart of Old Saltov

Old Saltov - Pechenezhskoe Reservoir

To spend a weekend in one of the most picturesque places of the Kharkiv region, in the bosom of nature, in the circle of friends - what could be more beautiful? And also to get acquainted with the ancient history of our region.


New! Enterprise "Mriya" in the Kharkiv region is one of the best agricultural enterprises in Ukraine today. They are engaged in dairy cattle breeding, pig breeding, fishing, and even exotic birds - ostriches!

4 hours

Key and lock. Secrets of Kharkov doors

Excursion - quest. Rymarskaya - Sumy - Chebotarskaya

Fascinating excursion-quest during which we learn a lot of interesting things about Kharkov doors, locks, keys and, of course, about people who lived in our city in the distant and recent past.

4 hours

Kharkov is a city of eccentrics. Walk quest

Mashinostroiteley Park, pl. Constitution, garden them. Shevchenko

“La!”, “Tyu ?!”, “Shaw? ...” It sounds almost French, isn't it ?! These funny words were invented by Kharkovites, who have long been known as funny and witty people. They embody their eccentric ideas not only in the art of words, but also in many other things - for example, in sculpture.

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