Christmas is the sacred time of the year when the world is reborn, renewed, reborn. Our souls are reborn, and in every human being, faith in the victory of Light, Love, Happiness, Peace and Good re-inflames!

1 day

We invite you to Korosten in the beginning of autumn to the traditional International Festival of Deruns, and at any other time - just to admire the beauty of this ancient city of Kievan Rus.

2-3 days

Annals of the Drevlyan land. Zhytomyr - Korosten - Ovruch - Polessky Nature Reserve

Berdichev - Zhitomir - Novograd-Volynsky - Khoroshev - Korosten - Olevsk - Ovruch - Denishi - Korostyshev - Radomyshl - Letichev - Khmilnik - Starokonstantinov

Drevlyanska land attracts tourists with a unique combination of the unique Polesie natural landscape and rich historical and cultural heritage.

2 day

Nest over grouse. Berdichev - Zhytomyr

Zhytomyr - Berdichev - Verkhovnya - Kazatin

Attractions of Zhitomir can be listed endlessly. This is an ancient city, the wealth of history of which looms here in every building, in every street, in every monument.

1-2 days

Radomysl Castle. Kiev - Radomyshl

Kiev - Radomyshl - Mezhyhiria

Radomysl Castle is one of the most ambitious historical and cultural projects implemented in Ukraine for years of independence.


The Ukrainian Interfluve of the rivers Psel and Vorskla is not only stunning in its beauty and energy places, but also a multifaceted layer of the history of culture from the ancient Scythians to the hetman Cossacks. Poltava does not cease to surprise and conquer us!

14 hours

Kupal Games in the homeland of Gogol. Dikanka - Gogolevo

Dikanka - Gogolevo - folklore festival "Kupala games in the homeland of Gogol

Where else can you spend the evening on the eve of Ivan Kupala and meet the midnight bathing night, if not at the home of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol? With the holiday of Ivan Kupala, many beliefs are connected. For example, that on the night of Ivan Kupala herbs acquire healing power, that this night ferns blossom and the one who finds his flower will find happiness.

1-2 days

Magnates of different eras. Kiev - White Church - Mezhyhiria

Kiev - White Church - Alexandria arboretum - Mezhygorie

Two parks created by magnates of different historical epochs - the Alexandria arboretum of the Polish Hetman Branitsky and the mezhyhirya suburban residence of Ukrainian President Yanukovych.

13-14 hours

Stone Flower. Chuguev - Slavyansk

Slaviansk - Svyatogorsk - Izyum - Chuguev

A new unique "musical-potter's" excursion to Slavyansk, from where you will return spiritually rich, not with empty hands, but with magnificent souvenirs made of ceramics.

2 day

The sky over the Dnieper. Zaporozhye - the Dnieper

Dnipro - Petrikovka - Zaporozhye - Khortitsa

We will unite in one round two beautiful Dnieper pearls of Ukraine, a city with a glorious Cossack past and no less glorious industrial present - Dnipro and Zaporozhye!

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