The Ukrainian Interfluve of the rivers Psel and Vorskla is not only stunning in its beauty and energy places, but also a multifaceted layer of the history of culture from the ancient Scythians to the hetman Cossacks. Poltava does not cease to surprise and conquer us!

14 hours

Kupal Games in the homeland of Gogol. Dikanka - Gogolevo

Dikanka - Gogolevo - folklore festival "Kupala games in the homeland of Gogol

Where else can you spend the evening on the eve of Ivan Kupala and meet the midnight bathing night, if not at the home of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol? With the holiday of Ivan Kupala, many beliefs are connected. For example, that on the night of Ivan Kupala herbs acquire healing power, that this night ferns blossom and the one who finds his flower will find happiness.

1-2 days

Magnates of different eras. Kiev - White Church - Mezhyhiria

Kiev - White Church - Alexandria arboretum - Mezhygorie

Two parks, created by tycoons from different historical eras - the arboretum "Alexandria" of the Polish hetman Branitsky and the country residence "Mezhyhirya" of the Ukrainian president Yanukovych.

13-14 hours

Floramik is a park. Slavyansk

Chuguev - Raisins - Svyatogorsk - Slavyansk - Blue Lakes

FLORAMIK PARK is a unique place for your creativity, entertainment and new discoveries!

2 day

The sky over the Dnieper. Zaporozhye - the Dnieper

Dnipro - Petrikovka - Zaporozhye - Khortitsa

We will unite in one round two beautiful Dnieper pearls of Ukraine, a city with a glorious Cossack past and no less glorious industrial present - Dnipro and Zaporozhye!

1 day

Konotop battle and Konotop witch. Sumy - Konotop

Konotop - Shapovalovka - Sosnovka - Field of Konotop battle - Sumy

More than 350 years ago, one of the most grandiose events in the history of the Ukrainian nation occurred: the Battle of Konotop: the army of the Grand Duchy of Russia under the command of Hetman Ivan Vygovsky won a grand victory over the Moscow army led by Prince Trubetskoi.

2 day

Poltava vyderzhki. Great Sorochintsy - Oposhnya - Poltava

Sorochintsy - Oposhnya - Dykanka - Gogolevo - Poltava

If you think that one day to get acquainted with Poltava is not enough (and you still think it is right!), Why not take off for a trip for two days. And you can and three, and four ...

15 hours

French charm. Manors of Sumy

Bogodukhov - Trostyanets - Sumy - Hoteni - Kiyanitsa

We leave Kharkov several centuries ago - to get acquainted with the measured life of noble manors of the XVIII - XX centuries. All these parks, ponds, pinnacles, sculptures, columns, porticos cause double feelings - romantic nostalgia and the irreversibility of the past ...

15 hours

Cossack Shrovetide. Petrikovka - with. Greek ethnochutor "Cossack Sich"

Dnepr - Petrikovka - with. Greek Cossack Sich ethno-khutor - the holiday of Maslenitsa

On the spring holidays it was customary to ride horses, go to visit, have fun, cook dumplings and, of course, pancakes, which symbolized the sun, the sun's warmth and power. 

15 hours

Sacred Ukraine. Monasteries and Pyramids of Poltava

Poltava - Commandant - Kozelshchina

How many still unknown mysteries are stored by our Ukrainian land! Did you know, for example, that in Europe there are 4 real pyramids, built like the Egyptian ones. But what is even more significant that 2 of them are in Ukraine, in Poltava region!

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