15 hours

French charm. Manors of Sumy

Bogodukhov - Trostyanets - Sumy - Hoteni - Kiyanitsa

We leave Kharkov several centuries ago - to get acquainted with the measured life of noble manors of the XVIII - XX centuries. All these parks, ponds, pinnacles, sculptures, columns, porticos cause double feelings - romantic nostalgia and the irreversibility of the past ...

15 hours

Cossack Shrovetide. Petrikovka - with. Greek ethnochutor "Cossack Sich"

Dnepr - Petrikovka - with. Greek Cossack Sich ethno-khutor - the holiday of Maslenitsa

On the spring holidays it was customary to ride horses, go to visit, have fun, cook dumplings and, of course, pancakes, which symbolized the sun, the sun's warmth and power. 

15 hours

Sacred Ukraine. Monasteries and Pyramids of Poltava

Poltava - Commandant - Kozelshchina

How many still unknown mysteries are stored by our Ukrainian land! Did you know, for example, that in Europe there are 4 real pyramids, built like the Egyptian ones. But what is even more significant that 2 of them are in Ukraine, in Poltava region!

13 hours

Edge of embroideries. Reshetilovka - Machuchi

Poltava - Reshetilovka - Machuhi - Kovalevka

"Three hundred versts from Kiev rejoice in the sun, Reshetilovka, as if somebody scattered white grain on a towel, rastered it in the hills of its huts." Reshetilovka - the edge of craftsmen, masters, talents.

1 day

The capital of the five Sechs. Nikopol - the Dnieper

Dnepr - Nikopol - Sholokhov waterfalls - Kakhovka water reservoir

The Nikopol region is the cradle of Scythia and the historical center of the Zaporozhye Cossacks. It is on this land that the great king of the Scythian Athei empire is buried, it was here that the Golden Pectoral was discovered - a symbol of the ancient history of Ukraine, precisely from here the spirit of free Cossacks spread throughout Ukraine.

15 hours

Kremenchug magnetic anomaly. Gorishni Plavni

Gorishni Plavni - Keleberda-Kozelshchina

The Kremenchug magnetic anomaly, consisting of of the ten deposits of ferruginous quartzites and rich iron ores, was discovered in 1928 by geophysicist Andrei Stronoy, and in the 60-th years of the XX century Poltava ore mining and processing enterprise and the youngest city of Poltava region Komsomolsk-on-the-Dnieper grew here, and more recently Gorishni Plavni

from 3 days

We invite you to relax on the coast of the Azov Sea. Azov land is a unique cocktail of steppe and sea air, the smallest and warmest sea of ​​the planet, mud saline lakes, therapeutic hot springs and sun-drenched 112-kilometer beach is the longest sandy spit in Europe.

2 day

Necklace of Chernigov. Chernihiv - Kachanovka - Trostyanets

Chernigov - Kozelets - Nizhyn - Sednev - Kachanovka - Trostyanets

The tour is dedicated to the unique monuments of the palace and park architecture located in the Chernigov region - in Chernigov, Kachanovka, Trostyants, Sednev, Nezhin. 

15 hours

Novomoskovsk is an ancient and beautiful town on the bank of the Samara River. The year of foundation of the city is now 1576, although the city's foundation was usually connected with the construction here of the fortress by the hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazepa. 

2-3 days

The Dnieper waves. Tour of the Dnieper

Dnepr - Petrikovka - Nikopol

In 1776 on the left bank of the Dnieper was founded provincial center of the Azov province Yekaterinoslav. Traditionally, it is believed that Ekaterinoslav received his name in honor of the Empress Catherine II. There were arguments and the name of Dnepropetrovsk. Now the city received a "popular" name - the Dnieper.

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