4 hours

Metalist - Forever. Kharkov sports

a thematic tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

This excursion has become very important today, when the pride of Kharkiv - the football club "Metallist" is going through not the best times in its history. But we continue to believe and attract the best!

4 hours

In good hands! Center for the Treatment of Animals

Kharkov Center for the Treatment of Homeless Animals

When a person has a pet, he takes responsibility for his life. It is very painful to watch stray animals that roam the streets in search of food. Remember that we are responsible for those we have tamed. We invite you to an exciting excursion to the Kharkiv center for the treatment of animals!

4 hours

Bee and honey. Kharkov Beekeeping Center

interactive tour of Kharkov, dedicated to beekeeping, from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

It is difficult to imagine a harmonious, healthy, full-fledged person without a connection with nature. When we inhale the fragrance of fields, meadow grasses, when we communicate with animals, we eat natural products, we become purer, kinder, spiritually richer.

4 hours

Asclepius and Panacea. Kharkov pharmaceutical

Kharkiv - Kharkiv pharmacies - National University of Pharmacy - Museum Pharmacy

The history of Kharkiv pharmacy dates back to the 18th century, the first full-fledged pharmacy appeared in 1778, and the first provincial stone pharmacy in 1787 it became an adornment of Yekaterinoslavskaya street (now Poltava shlyah). This building has survived to the present day.
4-6 hours

Have eternal fire. Memorials of Kharkov

Kharkiv - Forest Park - Drobitsky Jar - Solonicevka

The Second World War left countless scars on the face of our city, without exaggeration went through the fate of each of us. The excursion tells about the events of 1941-1943 years - Kharkov in the years of war and occupation. 

4 hours

Dog work. Dog Training Center

Rogan - Dog Training Center

In the Kharkov cynological center, they raise service dogs that are ready to serve people with faith, truth and even life: to save a drowning person, to get him out of the fire, to find a missing child or an escaped criminal, to find a mine or drugs and much more.

4 hours

Slobozhansky Fair. City of scientists, city of masters

Kharkiv - Kharkiv National University VN Karazin - Francilian - museums of Kharkov

Kharkov from its very foundation was a city of fairs, artisans, merchants, and eventually became a city of students, scientists, a city of science. Kharkov is "smart", progressive, modern and this interesting excursion is dedicated. Being smart is fashionable! Be in the trend!

4 hours

Premiere! Kharkov Television and Cinema

Kharkov - Kharkiv movie theaters - Kharkiv TV studio

Do you know that our city by right can be considered a pioneer not only of Ukrainian, but also of the whole world cinema?

4 hours

Theater backstage. Opera theatre

Kharkov - Kharkiv Theaters - Kharkov Theater of Opera and Ballet

How does the theater begin? From the hanger? From the poster? From the dressing room? From choosing a presentation? From the game of artists? We offer a novelty! Excursion dedicated to the Kharkov theaters. And the most interesting is that we will be able to go behind the scenes of the Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, see how the performance is being prepared, and what creative atmosphere reigns there. 

4 hours

In search of dark matter. The Higgs boson or "particle of God"

Kharkov - Institute of Scintillation Materials of NAS of Ukraine

Higgs boson or "particle of God"! Are you ready for new discoveries? Today we are ready to approach the understanding of the nature of dark matter and dark energy, which owns 96% of the mass of the universe and of which we do not yet know anything. 

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