8-10 hours

Since the days of Yakov Chernigovets. Poetic Balakley

Balakleya - Prishib - Seversky Donets

During the XV - XVII centuries, the Cossacks, peasants, clergy created settlements on the lands of the present Slobozhanshchyna, which were called slobods. In 60-s of the XVII century. Colonel Yakov Chernigovets founded Balakleyu.

1 day

Konotop battle and Konotop witch. Sumy - Konotop

Konotop - Shapovalovka - Sosnovka - Field of Konotop battle - Sumy

More than 350 years ago, one of the most grandiose events in the history of the Ukrainian nation occurred: the Battle of Konotop: the army of the Grand Duchy of Russia under the command of Hetman Ivan Vygovsky won a grand victory over the Moscow army led by Prince Trubetskoi.

6-10 hours

Emergency. Technopark "Vatutino"

Vatutino - Training Center of the Operational and Rescue Service of the Civil Defense of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

It turns out that the military-patriotic education of future defenders of the homeland can not take place boringly and monotonously at the school desk, but in the real center of the Operative and Rescue Service in the style of Action-adventure! We invite students of 1-11 classes.

2 day

Saltovskiy weekend. Saltov - Volchansk

Old Saltov - Volchansk - Herlegovka - Cretaceous Mountains - Upper Saltov - Pecheniz'ke Reservoir

To spend a weekend in one of the most picturesque places of the Kharkiv region, in the bosom of nature, in the circle of friends - what could be more beautiful? And also to get acquainted with the ancient history of our region.

3 hours

Nello, Kharkiv! Excursion in English or French

interactive tour of Kharkiv in English or French from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Our long-standing dream came true - to make excursions around Kharkov in foreign languages ​​accessible and regular. And not just a simple tour, but an interactive one, with questions, answers, interesting tasks. Are you ready?

5 days

Transcarpathian delicacies. Bathing and tasting

Mukachevo - Lumshory - Nevitskoe - Iza - castles of Transcarpathia - Beregovo - Vinogradov - Kosino - Khust - Vyshkovo - Chizay valley - Solotvino - Voevodino

Before this tour is recommended at least a month-long strict diet, because to keep from temptation will be simply impossible! Although if every day to combine abundant treats with spa procedures, then the charge of vivacity, youth and joy is guaranteed!

6-8 hours

All the ceremonies of the autumn cycle were for our ancestors, directly or indirectly timed to the end of the harvest, and the philosophical ideas are old as the world: the calling of fertility fields, domestic animals, the continuation of the genus.

4 hours

Let's paint the city! Street art of Kharkov

Kharkov - walls - streets - gateways - yards - master classes

"Tempora mutantur et nos mutantur in illis". Times change, and we change with them. Promptly in our lives are new technologies, new information systems, the world is entangled in social networks, even wars have come up with new ones - hybrid .... That's art does not stand still, goes to the streets, closer to the people ....

6-10 hours

Wedding of the Sun and Water. Ivan Kupala

holiday of Ivan Kupala - Kharkiv region

Summer customs and rites of Ukrainians were, of course, associated primarily with concerns about the harvest. The oldest and most emotional holiday is the holiday of Ivan Kupala. Kupala Fire and Water had a healing, purifying, magical power.

4-8 hours

The Paparazzi tour. Catch the moment!

Kharkov - Kharkov region - photo master-class

You never had an elementary question: do we know how to take pictures? Not that professionally, beautifully, but simply - take pictures? Myself, friends, nature, beautiful places, attractions ..... You can press the camera button, but take pictures ...

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