2-3 days

Modern Ukraine. Kiev - Mezhyhirya - Radomyshl - Chernobyl

Kiev - Mezhyhirya - Radomyshl - Chernobyl - White Church - Berdichev - Fastov - Buki - Vyshgorod

The newest history of Ukraine unfolds before our eyes. And now yesterday's myths turn into sightseeing objects. A busy tour to the Ukrainian capital with a visit to modern manors of the 21st century. Each of them has its own goal, history and destiny.

2 day

Gold of Ukraine. Chernihiv - Kiev

Kiev - Kozelets - Chernigov - Nizhyn

Two golden ancient princely capitals of Ukraine, two ancient cities, two pearls - Kiev and Chernigov - are a real chronicle of the history of Kievan Rus, manifested in the gilding of temples and monasteries, in cobbled streets, caves, monuments.   

4 hours

The city lights up the lights. Evening romantic Kharkiv

evening romantic tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

In the light of the night lights, the unhurried annals of our beloved city are majestically and solemnly conducted by his guards and symbols: streets, squares, parks, fountains, theaters, mansions, museums, sculptures, monuments. Evening Kharkov ... Romantic Kharkov ... A beautiful city with a beautiful history ...

10 hours

The main attraction of Burluk is the estate of the ancient Slobozhansky clan Donets-Zakharzhevsky. From the majestic palace, portico with columns, park and temple there was only a house. It was here that the famous "Veles Book" was found.

8-10 hours

Wooden architecture. Temples of the Kharkiv region

Kovyagi - Old Believers - Berestovenka - Timchenki - Yakovlevka

Scattered throughout the Kharkov region, for tens and hundreds of kilometers from each other, these beautiful wooden pearls, like guards, protect us from oblivion, from indifference, from devastation.

6-8 hours

For the honor! For glory! For the people! The Ukrainian Cossacks

Kharkiv - Korobov Khutora - Cossack mountain

What do we know about the Ukrainian Cossacks, their history, attributes, hetmans and scribes, marches and songs, Cossack military ranks, life, clothes, peaceful life and campaigns? Then for a few hours we turn into Cossacks and learn about their lives, so to speak, from the first mouth. Uh, even scary a little ....

15 hours

Novomoskovsk is an ancient and beautiful town on the bank of the Samara River. The year of foundation of the city is now 1576, although the city's foundation was usually connected with the construction here of the fortress by the hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazepa. 

15 hours

Ukrainian Baden-Baden. Mirgorod

Mirgorod - Great Sorochintsy - Oposhnya - Gogolevo

Mirgorod is one of the most famous Ukrainian resorts of mineral waters. The city was founded in 1575 year on the bank of the river Khorol. In the XIX century, Mirgorod acquired the status of a district town of Poltava province. 

12 hours

Kharkiv region and Poltava region were connected with each other by pedagogical experiments of the father-founder of Soviet pedagogy A.S. Makarenko. Not far from Poltava in Kovalevka was located with 1920 for 1926 year labor colony for juvenile offenders to them. M. Gorky.

15 hours

Flint is the son of Chug. Pavlysh - Kremenchuk

Poltava - Pavlysh - Kremenchuk - Kozelshchina

Kremenchug - a picturesque city - a port on the Dnieper, was founded in 1550 year as a cordon fortress. According to legend, Kremen was the son of Chuga, the founder of Chuguyev, so the name Kremenchuk came out. But this is only a legend .......

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