4 day

The sun in a glass. Wine tour of Transcarpathia

Mukachevo - Berehove - Vinogradovo - Muzhievo - Middle - Uzhhorod - Chisai Valley

The ideal time for such a tour is when one of the wine festivals takes place in Transcarpathia (approximately 11-13 November the festival "Zakarpats'ke Beaujolais" in Uzhgorod, 13-15 January - Cherven Wine "in Mukacheve, 8 March - festival in Berehove, 1-3 May "Sonny napiy" in Uzhgorod, 5-9 of May - "Ugochanskaya Vine" in Vinogradovo).

5 days

Water world of the Silver Earth. Transcarpathia + SPA

Shayan - Nyzhne Selishche - Mukachevo - Khust - Iza - Velyatino - Sinevir - Shipot - Kolochava - Vinogradovo - Beregovo - Mukacheve

The Tisza River is the largest river, a symbol of Transcarpathia, thermal pools, numerous sources of Transcarpathian mineral waters, the Terebly-Rik hydroelectric dam and, of course, the "mountain eye of Ukraine" - Lake Sinevir. Wellness and sightseeing tour in Transcarpathia to the resort Shayan.

2-3 days

City with the aroma of coffee. For those who again chose Lviv!

Lviv - High Castle - Opera House - Lviv Museums

Many new products are waiting for you! Modern Lviv, Austrian Lviv, Ancient Lviv, Prince Lvov, Mystical Lviv, Lviv fortifications and dungeons, squares, coffee houses, numerous Lviv museums and more .... A tour for those who have not been here for the first time.

3-4 days

Byliny of Ancient Russia. Megatour for Chernihiv region

Kachanovka - Trostyanets - Sokyrinites - Chernigov - Baturin - Nizhyn - Novgorod-Seversky - Sosnitsa - Blue Lakes

Do you want to see the whole of the ancient Sivershchina in one round - ancient Russia that was covered with legends and bylinas? Immerse yourself in the thousand-year history of Ancient Chernigov and Novgorod-Seversky, in the glorious Cossack past of Baturin, in the provincial life of Nezhin, permeate the spirit of the landowners' estates, parks and palaces.

1 day

The city-museum. Mgar - Pereyaslav

Lubny - Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky

Excursion to the National Historical and Ethnographic Reserve "Pereyaslav". The city-museum - such a title of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky received not in vain: the city has about 30 a variety of museums. 

2-3 days

Millennial old people. Kiev - Pereyaslav - Chernihiv - Korosten

Kiev - Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky - Chernihiv - Korosten

The tour connects the ancient pearls of Ukraine, which will tell the history of Ukrainian statehood from ancient times. This journey brings together cities, each of which is more than a thousand years old!

3 day

Made in Odessa and Moldova! Wine and gastronomic tour

Odessa - Belgorod-Dniester - Izmail - Purcari - Tiraspol - Bender

Wine-gastronomic tour of Odessa region with tastings of the best spirits of local production, acquaintance with national cuisine, shopping, etc. interesting "adult stuff."

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