Beyond the rapids of the Dnieper. Zaporozhye - Khortytsya

Zaporozhye - Khortytsya

Slobodskaya Ukraine. Akhtyrka - Trostyanets

Okhtyrka - Trostyanets - Lebedin

In the depths of millennia. Sumy - Putivl - Gluhov

Sumy - Putivl - Glukhov - Okhtyrka

The Forgotten Capital. Gluhov - Krolevets

Glukhov - Glinskaya Pustyn - Krolevets

Ancient city of Russia. Putivl

Putivl - Molchensky monastery - Spadshchansky forest

Sorochinsky Fair. Great Sorochintsy

Sorochintsy - Oposhnya

The capital of Ukrainian ceramics. Oposhnya - Budishcha - Kotelva

Oposhnya - Velikie Budishcha - Kotelva - Dikanka - Poltava

Natalka-Poltavka. Poltava creative

Poltava literary - Poltava art - Poltava creative

The soul of Ukraine. Poltava

Poltava historical - Poltava aviation - Poltava battlefield

Evenings on the farm. Dikanka - Gogolevo - Proni

Dikanka - Gogolevo - Farm Prony - Velikie Budishcha - Oposhnya - Poltava

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