1-2 days

Sofia and Sofiyivka. Kiev - Uman - Grand Canyon Buki

Kiev - Uman - Arboretum "Sofiyivka" - Buksky Canyon

Numerous tourists dendro park "Sofiyivka" is known as a tourist pearl of Ukraine, a museum of landscape art, a place where you can plunge into the fabulous romantic world of nature, beauty and love. NEW! Fantasy park in Uman!

from 3 days

Corporate party on the Black Sea. Inflow

Odessa - Zatoka - rest by the sea

We invite you to rest on the sandy Carolino-Bugaz spit separating the Black Sea and the Dniester estuary. Huge clean sandy beaches, a gentle entrance to the sea, a unique climate create excellent conditions for recreation. Zatoka is a popular Ukrainian seaside resort on the Black Sea near Odessa.

7 days

Extravaganza of taste. From Lviv to the Carpathians

Lviv - Medenichi - Perechin - Berehove - Kosino - Shipot - Pylypets - Synevyr

All the sights, beauty and goodies of Lviv and the Carpathians we tried to connect in one round. Although, to be honest, in order to learn everything about Lviv and the Carpathians, one must live there all his life! Gastronomic tour to the Carpathians!

1 day

The tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" invites you to the city, which is more than 1300 years old - the ancient Chernigov! Ancient cathedrals and monasteries, hills and caves know the uncounted number of legends and stories about the birth of our people and our state.

3 day

Lviv snacks. Lviv, bears, castles and much more ...

Lviv - Bryukhovichi - Olesko - Pidgircy - Zolochev - Novoyavorivsk - Stry - Morshin - Tustan

Immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of Lviv! Coffee, beer, chocolate and .... romantic tour to Lviv! Lviv castles, museums, coffee shops, pastry shops, restaurants dream of meeting you!

2-3 days

Only Lviv - and nothing else! We invite you to spend your long-awaited vacation in Lviv! Tour to Lviv for children's groups for 2-3 days from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"!

2 day

Vinnitsa is a beauty! Vinnytsia - Medzhibozh - Tulchin

Vinnytsia - Medzhibozh - Brailov - Tulchin - Pechora - Nemirov - Zhmerinka - Bar - Litin - Khmilnik - Samchiki - Starokonstantinov - Sutkivtsi - Maliyevtsi

Traveling to Vinnitsa and Podolsky land is a unique opportunity to see the stunning natural, architectural and historical monuments of central Ukraine.  

2 day

The charm of southern Volhynia. Weekend in Ternopil region

Pochaev - Kremenets - Vyshnevets - Zbarazh - Dubno - Ternopol

A short but intense tour of historic Volyn with a visit to the unique national monuments of Ostrog, Dubno, Pochaev, Kremenets.

5 days

Transcarpathian voyage. Navigator for Transcarpathia

Mukachevo - Chinadievo - Kosino - Beregovo - Play - Sinevir - Lumshory - Shipot - Uzhhorod

A multi-day tour of Transcarpathia gives an opportunity to see and get to know all the sights of this fertile land: one of the wonders of Ukraine - Lake Sinevir, thermal pools in the open air and medieval castles of Transcarpathia, national Transcarpathian dishes and snow-capped peaks of the Carpathians!

3 day

Garlands of Transcarpathia. Mukachevo - Uzhhorod - Berehove

Uzhgorod - Mukacheve - Chinadievo - Berehove - Kosino - Lumshory

Unforgettable holidays in Transcarpathia! The most beautiful castles of Transcarpathia! Excursions around Mukachevo and Uzhgorod! Thermal pools Berehove and beautiful at any time of year Carpathians!

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