3 day

Saint Valentine, Svejk and the Musketeers. The suburbs of Lviv

Lviv - Sambir - Old Sambor - Lavrov - Staraya Sol - Dobromil - Olesko - Podgoretsk - Zolochiv - Krekhov - Zhovkva

When, after the decline of Kievan Rus and the Galicia-Volyn principality, Ukraine was divided between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland, architecture and fine art continued to preserve the traditions of the previous era. We leave Galicia by the roads of kings, musketeers and brave soldier Svejk.

2-3 days

Beauty and silence. Lvov - Pochaev - Goshev

Lvov - Olesko - Pochayevskaya Lavra - Goshev - Zhovkva - Krehiv - Brody - Skole

Pochaevskaya Holy Dormition Lavra is the spiritual center of Orthodoxy in Ukraine. According to legend, the miraculous icon of Pochayiv Mother of God protected the monastery from capturing the Turks. 

3 day

The magic of Podillia and Volhynia. Castles - Caves - Waterfalls

Pochaev - Kremenets - Vishnevets - Zbarazh - Chertkov - Krivche - Chervonograd - Ternopol - Khotin - Kamenetz-Podolsky - Mikulyntsi - Terebovlya - Zalishchiki - Bilche-Zolotoe - Monastery - Dubno - Bakota

Ternopil region is one of the largest open-air museums in the world. One third of all castles and fortresses of Ukraine are preserved, many churches and monasteries are conquered by their grandeur and old times, and nature is like the embodiment of God's paradise!

2 day

Spiritual shrines. Pochaev - Zarvanitsa

Pochaev - Kremenets - Dubno - Zarvanitsa - Strusov - Sourness

In the Ternopil region there are two shrines of Ukrainian Christian culture: the Orthodox Holy Pochaev Lavra and the Greek Catholic Mariinsky spiritual center in Zarvanice.

2-3 days

City with the aroma of coffee. For those who again chose Lviv!

Lviv - High Castle - Opera House - Lviv Museums

Many new products are waiting for you! Modern Lviv, Austrian Lviv, Ancient Lviv, Prince Lvov, Mystical Lviv, Lviv fortifications and dungeons, squares, coffee houses, numerous Lviv museums and more .... A tour for those who have not been here for the first time.

from 4 days

Silver strings. Waterfalls of the Carpathians

Yasinya - Rakhov - Yaremche - Manyava - Kosov - Sheshory - ur. Reaper - Lumshory - Kosino - Beregovo - Solotvino - Bukovel - Benefit - Hoverla

A beautiful excursion tour of the Carpathians includes not only numerous waterfalls, but also other equally interesting objects, including water: mineral water sources, thermal pools, vats, salt lakes, rivers - the waterways of the Carpathians. And of course - mountains and mountain valleys!

4 day

Zori of the Dniester. West Podolie + rafting on the Dniester River

Mikulintsy - Buchach - Golden stream - Dniester - Chervonograd - Bilche-Zolote - Ternopil - Zbarazh

Drive a trip to Ternopil region! We risk to change a comfortable hotel to a tent, and also pay a lot of money for it? Then we start to pack backpacks!

5 days

Forest song. Volyn - Shatskie lakes - Polesie

Ostrog - Klevan - Peresopnitsa - Kremenets - Pochaev - Lutsk - Vladimir-Volynsky - Winter - Shatsk - Rivne - Olyki - Kolodyazhnoye - Plyasheva - Tarakanov - Dubno

Volyn is the Ancient Kievan Rus, Galicia-Volyn principality, it is the birthplace of the daughter of the Ukrainian people, Lesia Ukrainka and the tourist mecca of Ukraine - Shatsk National Nature Park, the famous Shatsk Lakes. Let's try to cover all masterpieces of Volyn Polesie in one round!

3 day

The Golden Ring of Volhynia. Lutsk - Vladimir-Volynskyy

Lutsk - Kolodyazhnoye - Vladimir-Volynsky - Zimnoe - Plyasheva - Rivne - Klevan - Dubno

Volyn is a historical region in the north-west of modern Ukraine in the basin of the Pripyat and the Western Bug. From the middle of the 10th century the Volyn land was part of the Old Russian state.

5 days

The Lviv Vandler. Palaces and castles

Zolochiv - Olesko - Podgoretsk - Goshev - Zhovkva - Krehiv - Svirzh - Univ - Drohobich - Naguevichi - Rogatin - Galich - Berestechko - Lviv

We invite you to a grand tour of Lviv and Lviv region! We tried to unite all the main castles and palaces of Lviv region in one round: High and Low Castle, Zolochevsky, Olesky, Podgoretsky, Svirzhsky, Galitsky, the castle in Zhovkva, the fortress in Tustany.

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