6-8 hours

All the ceremonies of the autumn cycle were for our ancestors, directly or indirectly timed to the end of the harvest, and the philosophical ideas are old as the world: the calling of fertility fields, domestic animals, the continuation of the genus.

6-10 hours

At home I.Repina. Chuguev - Kochetok - Malinovka

Chuguev - Kochetok - Figure - Malinovka - Seversky Donets

Excursion to Chuguev - one of the oldest cities of the Kharkov region - to the homeland of the world-famous artist I.E. Repin. It was in these picturesque places on the shores of the Seversky Donets, on the outskirts of Chuguev Osinovka, that a great artist was born and spent his childhood.

It seems there is no number of unique natural zones in Ukraine. Among them - Dvurechansky natural park and exotic Kytsevsk desert in the Kharkov region! The main dignity of the park are considered to be the ancient chalk mountains, and the Kitsevskaya desert is the golden sands and real dunes!
6-10 hours

Saltov culture. Verkhniy Saltov - eco-farm

Verkhny Saltov - Rubezhnoye - Old Saltov - Khotomlya - Pechenezhsky reservoir

A very picturesque excursion route around the Pechenezha Reservoir with a visit to the historical and archaeological museum-reserve "Upper Saltov", master classes, entertainment, outdoor recreation.

8-10 hours

Beautiful city. Krasnograd - Berestenyka

Krasnograd - private garden "Mokhovik" - Berestovka

Excursion introduces us to another interesting excursion object of Kharkiv region - Krasnograd! Beautiful and cozy city on the tributary of the Orel river. Berestovoy. The history of the foundation of Krasnograd connected with the construction in the XVII century. Ukrainian defensive line.
6-8 hours

Brands Slobozhanschiny. Valki - Sadiba Masters

Valki - "Sadyba Masters" - Cheremushna

Much closer than Oposhnya and Petrikovka, the exquisite capital of Slobozhanshchina, Valki, has settled down without exaggeration. Here are still old masters and carefully keeps the secrets of skill the younger generation.

6 hours

Ecotechnology. Museum of paper - Zmiev paper mill

Kharkiv - Zmiev - paper mill - Artyukhovka

What happens to tons of waste paper, packages of juices and milk, scrap left in the manufacture of books and notebooks? Are they just thrown away and litter our environment? No, all over the world there are modern technologies for processing waste and getting new products from recyclables!

6-10 hours

In the Cossack court. Ethnomusic "Cantacuzovka"

Rolls - Cossack yard "Cantacuzovka"

Excursion to an impromptu Cossack farm with master classes, games, horseback riding, delicious kulesh, a wonderful hospitable host. From the noisy dusty city you will plunge into the untouched world of nature and rural life.

4-8 hours

Rogan - Sharukan. Rogansky dendrological park - Dokuchaevskoe

Drobitsky yar - Rogan - Dokuchaevskoye - arboretum of the KNASU named after. Dokuchaeva

According to one version of historians and archaeologists, Rogan - this is the legendary Sharukan - the capital of the nomadic Pecheneg principality, destroyed in 1111 by soldiers of Kievan Rus.

6-8 hours

ART-preparation. On plein air, on etudes

Chuguev - master-class - open-air

Do you know how the plein air differs from the etude? You do not know yet. Plein air is when an artist works on a picturesque canvas outdoors, outdoors. A sketch is a preliminary sketch for the future work of painting. So we go with us to the open air - we will learn how to do etudes!

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