6-10 hours

Orthodox pearls. Temples of the Kharkiv region

Kharkov - Berestenka - Rakitnoe - Water - Ozeryans - Lime Grove

One-day excursion "pilgrimage" on the pearls of the Orthodox faith of the Kharkiv region. You have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful temples in Rakitnoye, Berestenyky, Lower Ozeryans, Lime Grove, as well as Spas Sket and the monastery in Vodyanoye.

8-10 hours

Sweet city in the Donets. Raisins

Chuguev - Raisins - Mount Kremenets

Raisin is one of the oldest cities in the Kharkiv region with a rich and interesting history, the scene of the "Lay of Igor's Host". Of greatest interest are the remains of the Izyum Fortress and the famous Raisin temples, and in June Izyum invites guests to the annual strawberry festival.

8-10 hours

Wooden architecture. Temples of the Kharkiv region

Kovyagi - Old Believers - Berestovenka - Timchenki - Yakovlevka

Scattered throughout the Kharkov region, for tens and hundreds of kilometers from each other, these beautiful wooden pearls, like guards, protect us from oblivion, from indifference, from devastation.

8-10 hours

Since the days of Yakov Chernigovets. Poetic Balakley

Balakleya - Prishib - Seversky Donets

During the XV - XVII centuries, the Cossacks, peasants, clergy created settlements on the lands of the present Slobozhanshchyna, which were called slobods. In 60-s of the XVII century. Colonel Yakov Chernigovets founded Balakleyu.

1-3 days

The Pechenezhsky weekend. Pechenegi - Elat

Kochetok - Pechenegi - Martov

If you are tired of city fuss, if you are tired of cares and affairs, it's time to rush out of the city to the Pechenizhskoe reservoir. Have you ever been to these parts in summer and winter? Did you go skiing or sledging? Did they walk around the winter snowy forest?

8-10 hours

Manors of Kharkiv region. Cherry Orchards

Old Lubotin - Gievka - Rakitnoe - Ozeryans

Another excursion from the series "The Estate of Kharkiv region" continues to acquaint Kharkiv citizens with the beautiful past of our region, which, like the cut down Chekhov's cherry orchards, will never be returned ...

10 hours

The main attraction of Burluk is the estate of the ancient Slobozhansky clan Donets-Zakharzhevsky. From the majestic palace, portico with columns, park and temple there was only a house. It was here that the famous "Veles Book" was found.

6-10 hours

Khan Chugai and the Green Serpent. Chuguev - Figure - Malinovka

Chuguev - Kochetok - Figure - Malinovka - factory "Prime"

An interesting and informative excursion to one of the most beautiful corners of Slobozhanshchina, to Chuguevsky Krai. The symbol and pride of these places is undoubtedly the majestic Seversky Donets. And since 2006 year in this ecologically clean place of Kharkiv region - in Malinovka - the largest distillery of Europe works - "PRIME"

6-8 hours

Another excursion dedicated to the tragic and legendary events of the Second World War and in general the history of the Kharkov region. The fate of the two villages - Sokolovo and Taranovka - closely intertwined in the difficult days of 1943

2 day

A completely new and beautiful excursion tour, connecting two Black Sea pearls - always popular Sevastopol and undeservedly forgotten, but from this equally beautiful Evpatoria.

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