15 hours

Flint is the son of Chug. Pavlysh - Kremenchuk

Poltava - Pavlysh - Kremenchuk - Kozelshchina

Kremenchug - a picturesque city - a port on the Dnieper, was founded in 1550 year as a cordon fortress. According to legend, Kremen was the son of Chuga, the founder of Chuguyev, so the name Kremenchuk came out. But this is only a legend .......

16 hours

Mgar shrine. Lubny - Reshetilovka - Chernukhi

Lubny - Reshetilovka - Chernukhi - Poltava

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Mgarsky Monastery - the spiritual pearl of the Lubensk land - has for many centuries been rising above the picturesque Sula. It was founded by the monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Isaiah Kopinsky, who did much to preserve Orthodoxy in Ukraine.

15 hours

French charm. Manors of Sumy

Bogodukhov - Trostyanets - Sumy - Hoteni - Kiyanitsa

We leave Kharkov several centuries ago - to get acquainted with the measured life of noble manors of the XVIII - XX centuries. All these parks, ponds, pinnacles, sculptures, columns, porticos cause double feelings - romantic nostalgia and the irreversibility of the past ...

15 hours

"The Dnieper is wonderful in quiet weather, when the forests and mountains full of water are flowing freely and smoothly through the forests ..." The Dnipro River was the name of its favorite city by the locals always. Dnipro, Dnipro - this is the official name received in 2016 this one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. 

15 hours

Novomoskovsk is an ancient and beautiful town on the bank of the Samara River. The year of foundation of the city is now 1576, although the city's foundation was usually connected with the construction here of the fortress by the hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazepa. 

12 hours

Natalka-Poltavka. Poltava creative

Poltava literary - Poltava art - Poltava creative

Poltava is a soul, the spiritual heart of Ukraine is a city of beauty, talent, inspiration, beautiful at any time of the year, but especially beautiful at the time of flowering gardens. It is inextricably linked with the life and work of many Ukrainian artists of the pen and brush, the Poltava Mova became an example of the Ukrainian literary language.

2 day

The sky over the Dnieper. Zaporozhye - the Dnieper

Dnipro - Petrikovka - Zaporozhye - Khortitsa

We will unite in one round two beautiful Dnieper pearls of Ukraine, a city with a glorious Cossack past and no less glorious industrial present - Dnipro and Zaporozhye!

1 day

The Forgotten Capital. Gluhov - Krolevets

Glukhov - Glinskaya Pustyn - Krolevets

Glukhov - the "forgotten capital", one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine, was first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle for 1152. Glukhov was the capital of the Hetman and Left-bank Ukraine, the residence of the hetmans I. Skoropadsky, D. Apostol, K. Rozumovsky.

15 hours

The Petrikov Region. Petrikovka - Kitaygorod

Dnepr - Petrikovka - Mykolin Khutor - Grechanoye - Kitaygorod

We invite you to visit the unique corner of the Dnieper region - Petrikovsky krai, which combines a magnificent nature, original folk art and unlimited hospitality. This is a great place to get acquainted with the authentic Ukrainian culture and outdoor recreation.

2 day

Poltava vyderzhki. Great Sorochintsy - Oposhnya - Poltava

Sorochintsy - Oposhnya - Dykanka - Gogolevo - Poltava

If you think that one day to get acquainted with Poltava is not enough (and you still think it is right!), Why not take off for a trip for two days. And you can and three, and four ...

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