4 hours

Outstanding Kharkovites. Architect Beketov

a thematic tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

A.N. Beketov is rightfully considered one of the most prominent Ukrainian architects. It is Beketov who owns one of the most beautiful buildings of Kharkov, it is his creativity that largely shaped the architectural ensemble and spiritual appearance of our city.

4 hours

Outstanding Kharkovites. Artists of Kharkov

a thematic tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Kharkov has always been a cultural and artistic center of Slobozhanshchina and Ukraine. The tour is dedicated to the famous Kharkov artists - Vasilkovsky, Samokish, Shevchenko, Rayevskaya-Ivanova, Beketov, Tkachenko, and others.

4-6 hours

Outstanding Kharkovites. The word of Kharkov

Kharkov - High - Kharkov literary

Kharkiv can rightly be considered the cradle of Ukrainian literature. In Kharkov, P. Gulak-Artemovsky, G.F. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, here lived and created an outstanding poet and philosopher G.S. Pan. The destinies of many Russian and Ukrainian artists are connected with Kharkov.

6 hours

Ecotechnology. Zmiev paper factory

Kharkov - Zmiev - paper factory

What happens to tons of waste paper, packages of juices and milk, scrap left in the manufacture of books and notebooks? Are they just thrown away and litter our environment? No, all over the world there are modern technologies for processing waste and getting new products from recyclables!

6-8 hours
Bus and pedestrian route for those who are interested in the history of Slobozhanshchyna, namely: the construction of the Ukrainian defensive line, fortresses, temples, as well as the history of the Second World War and fighting places near Kharkov.
6-10 hours

In the Cossack court. Ethnomusic "Cantacuzovka"

Rolls - Cossack yard "Cantacuzovka"

Excursion to an impromptu Cossack farm with master classes, games, horseback riding, delicious kulesh, a wonderful hospitable host. From the noisy dusty city you will plunge into the untouched world of nature and rural life.

6-10 hours

Orthodox pearls. Temples of the Kharkiv region

Kharkov - Berestenka - Rakitnoe - Water - Ozeryans - Lime Grove

One-day excursion "pilgrimage" on the pearls of the Orthodox faith of the Kharkiv region. You have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful temples in Rakitnoye, Berestenyky, Lower Ozeryans, Lime Grove, as well as Spas Sket and the monastery in Vodyanoye.

1 day

As they say in Odessa: "And sho - do not even have tea?". And have time to have a drink of tea, and see all the sights of Odessa in one day. Doctors say that one tour of Odessa adds a year of life. So do not miss your chance to get healthier and younger!

2 day

Pearl by the sea. Weekend in Odessa

Odessa - catacombs - studio - port - palaces of Odessa

Do you want to know Odessa for 2 days? To do this, you need to have time: to inspect all the sights, to burn yourself, to buy something unnecessary on Privoz, to get into some embarrassing situation, to throw a coin into the sea ..... To end up saying: "Okay, but not enough!"

3 day

Made in Odessa and Moldova! Wine and gastronomic tour

Odessa - Belgorod-Dniester - Izmail - Purcari - Tiraspol - Bender

Wine-gastronomic tour of Odessa region with tastings of the best spirits of local production, acquaintance with national cuisine, shopping, etc. interesting "adult stuff."

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