3 day

Since the days of Ancient Hellas. Sevastopol-Balaklava-Bakhchisaray.

Bakhchisaray - Sevastopol - Chersonese - Balaklava

The pearls of the Western and South-Western Crimea are the Khan's Palace, the Tear Fountain, the cave monastery, the Tauric Chersonese, the Lestrigov Bay, the Genoese Cembalo Fortress and much more.

3 day

The Bosporan kingdom. Kerch

Kerch - Adzhimushkay stone quarries - The royal burial mound - Feodosiya

Kerch - the oldest city in Eastern Europe, founded by the ancient Greeks in the VII century. BC. on the banks of the Bosporus - the modern Kerch Strait.

2 day

A completely new and beautiful excursion tour, connecting two Black Sea pearls - always popular Sevastopol and undeservedly forgotten, but from this equally beautiful Evpatoria.

2-3 days

Modern Ukraine. Kiev - Mezhyhirya - Radomyshl - Chernobyl

Kiev - Mezhyhirya - Radomyshl - Chernobyl - White Church - Berdichev - Fastov - Buki - Vyshgorod

The newest history of Ukraine unfolds before our eyes. And now yesterday's myths turn into sightseeing objects. A busy tour to the Ukrainian capital with a visit to modern manors of the 21st century. Each of them has its own goal, history and destiny.

2 day

The first Cossack state. Chigirin - Subbotov - Cherkassy - Kanev

Kanev - Cherkasy - Chyhyryn - Saturday - Cold yar

The National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Chigirin" is the capital of the first Ukrainian Cossack state, a city connected with the name and destiny of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky.

2-3 days

Keep up with the times. Vacations in Kiev

Kiev - Mezhyhirya - Buki - Pirogovo - Vyshhorod - Kanev - Trypillya - Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi

Novelties of Kiev! The glass bridge that has already become famous, the interactive museum of the formation of the Ukrainian nation, the Ukraine Miniature Museum in Hydropark! Be the first to see it!

2 day

On the banks of the Desna and the Sejm. Chernigov - Baturin - Nizhin

Chernihiv - Baturin - Sednev - Nizhyn - Kozelets

Two historical pearls of Chernigov in one round: ancient Chernigov - the cradle of Chernigov princes of the Svyatoslavich dynasty, with cathedrals and caves of the 12th century; and Baturin - the capital of Hetman Ukraine with the magnificent palace of Cyril Razumovsky early. XIX century.

1 day

Ukraine new! Kiev - Mezhyhiria

Kyiv - Mezhyhirya - Independence Square

One-day blitz tour to the capital of Ukraine, which immediately became popular. Excursion tour from Kharkov to Kiev with a visit to the residence of former Ukrainian President Yanukovych and a tour of the Maidan.

2 day

"Sered steppe wide ....". According to Shevchenko's places

Kanev - Zvenigorodka - Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi - Cherkasy

The small homeland of TG Shevchenko stretches in the open spaces of Zvenigorodshchina: the picturesque villages of Morintsy, Shevchenko, and Budishche, which belonged to the XIX century. landlord Engelhardt, where Taras was born and grew up, is the cultural center of national spirituality.

1-2 days

Exclusion Zone. Chernobyl - Pripyat

Kiev - Mezhyhirya - Chernobyl - Pripyat

Having seen Chernobyl at least once, very differently look at the so-called "ordinary life." Including his own. And in this - perhaps, the main meaning of this trip rich in impressions.

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