2 day

On the banks of the Desna and the Sejm. Chernigov - Baturin - Nizhin

Chernihiv - Baturin - Sednev - Nizhyn - Kozelets

Two historical pearls of Chernigov in one round: ancient Chernigov - the cradle of Chernigov princes of the Svyatoslavich dynasty, with cathedrals and caves of the 12th century; and Baturin - the capital of Hetman Ukraine with the magnificent palace of Cyril Razumovsky early. XIX century.

1 day

Ukraine new! Kiev - Mezhyhiria

Kyiv - Mezhyhirya - Independence Square

One-day blitz tour to the capital of Ukraine, which immediately became popular. Excursion tour from Kharkov to Kiev with a visit to the residence of former Ukrainian President Yanukovych and a tour of the Maidan.

2 day

"Sered steppe wide ....". According to Shevchenko's places

Kanev - Zvenigorodka - Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi - Cherkasy

The small homeland of T.G. Shevchenko spreads across the expanses of Zvenigorod region: the picturesque villages of Morintsy, Shevchenkovo, Budishche, which belonged in the XNUMXth century. the landowner Engelhardt, where Taras was born and grew up, is a cultural center of national spirituality. 

3-4 days

Kiev plus. 7 Wonders of Central Ukraine

Kiev - Fastov - Kovalevka - Parkhomovka - Buki - Yagotin - Nizhin - Pryluky - Radomyshl - Chernobyl - White Church - Berdichev - Chernigov - Korosten - Pereyaslav - Uman

Of course, 7 wonders - it's a popular metaphor, tourist stamp. In fact, on this beautiful big tour we have prepared for you not seven, but much more masterpieces of Central Ukraine!

1 day

Hetman's capital. Baturin - Nizhyn

Nizhyn - Baturin - Razumovsky Palace - Baturin Fortress - Nicholas-Krupitsky Monastery

Affirms national pride, courage, honor and courage, is the life-saving spiritual source of Ukraine National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Getman Capital" in Baturyn. 

1-2 days

Sofia and Sofiyivka. Kiev - Uman - Grand Canyon Buki

Kiev - Uman - Arboretum "Sofiyivka" - Buksky Canyon

Numerous tourists dendro park "Sofiyivka" is known as a tourist pearl of Ukraine, a museum of landscape art, a place where you can plunge into the fabulous romantic world of nature, beauty and love. NEW! Fantasy park in Uman!

1 day

The heart of Ukraine. Day in Kiev

Kiev - Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - Pirogovo

All the sights of the capital of Ukraine in one round: Golden Gate, St. Michael's Cathedral, St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Mariinsky Palace, Maidan, Khreshchatyk, Andreevsky Descent, Dnipro embankment and much more ..

2 day

Between the Dnieper and the Bug. Kropiwnicki - Hope Farm

Kropivnitsky - "Hope Nadezhda" - Sofievka - Nechaevka - Rozumivka - Alexandria - "Monastery" - "Cascades"

"Kropivnitsky! A beautiful place,

Hunted with fogs of spring,

Perlina, scho dopovnyuє namesto

Містечок степовоїand ... "

1 day

Post station. City N

Kharkov - Nezhin - the "Postal Station" Museum

Today Nezhin rightfully owns the status of one of the seven wonders of Ukraine in the category of historical cities. The air of Nezhin is literally imbued with the magic of history, art, cultural traditions.

2 day

Gold of Ukraine. Chernihiv - Kiev

Kiev - Kozelets - Chernigov - Nizhyn

Two golden ancient princely capitals of Ukraine, two ancient cities, two pearls - Kiev and Chernigov - are a real chronicle of the history of Kievan Rus, manifested in the gilding of temples and monasteries, in cobbled streets, caves, monuments.   

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