"Sweet" excursions and tours

Excursions, tours with visits to confectionery enterprises, factories, specialty stores, master classes

4 hours

Chocolate Kharkov. Confectioner

Kharkov - confectionary factory - firm shop - confectionery master classes

The most popular excursion among children! We invite you to the magic world of sweets, baked goods and chocolate! Book today! We recommend you sign up in advance!

4 hours

Bee and honey. Kharkov Beekeeping Center

interactive tour of Kharkov, dedicated to beekeeping, from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

It is difficult to imagine a harmonious, healthy, full-fledged person without a connection with nature. When we inhale the fragrance of fields, meadow grasses, when we communicate with animals, we eat natural products, we become purer, kinder, spiritually richer.

1 day

Neon lights on the Bug. Vinnitsa - Strizhavka

Vinnitsa - Stryzhavka - Cave - Nemirov - Voronovitsa - Tulchin - show of fountains

The basis of Vinnytsia is attributed to 1363 year. The sights of Vinnitsa are the Jesuit Monastery, the majestic Orthodox Transfiguration Monastery, the New and Old Town on the different shores of the Southern Bug, the Hitler's stake in Strizhavka, the Pirogov manor and mausoleum.

2 day

Vinnitsa is a beauty! Vinnytsia - Medzhibozh - Tulchin

Vinnytsia - Medzhibozh - Brailov - Tulchin - Pechora - Nemirov - Zhmerinka - Bar - Litin - Khmilnik - Samchiki - Starokonstantinov - Sutkivtsi - Maliyevtsi

Traveling to Vinnitsa and Podolsky land is a unique opportunity to see the stunning natural, architectural and historical monuments of central Ukraine.

2 day

Myths and fountains. Vinnitsa - Uman

Vinnitsa - Strizhavka - Nemyriv - Uman

We offer an interesting and rich excursion tour, in which you will see the underground bunkers of the fascists, the crypt mausoleum of Pirogov, and the palace and park of Maria Shcherbatova, and one of the wonders of Ukraine - the arboretum "Sofiyivka", and much more. NEW! Fantasy park in Uman!

13 hours

Slobodskaya Ukraine. Akhtyrka - Trostyanets

Okhtyrka - Trostyanets - Lebedin

And Akhtyrka, and Trostyanets without a drop of doubt can be called the pearls of Sloboda Ukraine. Now Akhtyrka is the "oil capital" of Ukraine, a museum of temples in the open air, and Trostyanets is famous primarily for the Trostyanets arboretum, and of course, the museum of chocolate!

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