Azov from Kharkov. Hotel complex "Aist"

Sea of ​​Azov 2019! The hotel complex "Stork" invites you to spend your summer vacation on the coast of the Azov Sea! "Stork" is located near the hot spring with salty iodized water, on the very seashore, which can be seen from the windows of the rooms, you can relax here, improve your health and gain energy and strength.

5 reasons to choose the hotel "Stork" in Gengork for summer holidays:

- a hotel with a large beautiful green area on the very shore of the Azov Sea;

- the complex is located on the Arabatskaya Spit - one of the longest sandy beaches in the world;

- The combination of the therapeutic properties of the air with the peculiarities of the sea make this resort especially attractive

- on the Arabat Spit it heals and heals not only the air and the sea, but also salt lakes and curative mud;

- The Sea of ​​Azov is great for rest and recuperation of both children and adults;

Rest on the Azov Sea 2019! Recreation center on the Arabatskaya arrow! Bathing in the Sea of ​​Azov! Summer holidays in Ukraine! Affordable rest in Gengorka!

Duration of the tour

8 days / 7 nights


Kherson region, Genichesky district, pos. Gengorka


Boarding house «Aist» located on the spit Arabatskaya arrow, directly on the beach. Distance from the sea to the buildings 50 meters. The boarding house is designed to receive 400 vacationers.
aist korpus 001 aist korpus 003
aist territory 02 aist territory 04

Luxury one-room
2-3's local rooms are equipped with everything needed for a rest: TV, air conditioning, electric kettle, double and single bed, toilet, wash basin, shower.
aist lux1k02 aist lux1k03


The dining room is located on the first floor of one of the buildings. Here you can order for an additional fee full meals. The menu offers a wide range of meat and fish dishes.

aist korpus 0010 aist korpus 008

The order is possible according to the menu, and also applications for individual preparation of dishes are accepted.

Also on the territory there is a cafe with an excellent selection of cocktails and a large dance floor.

The bar serves a variety of dishes on the grill.

The water from the faucets is clean, from natural wells, immediately suitable for drinking + enriched with minerals.




Gorgeous private sandy beach, gently sloping shore, the water warms up to 30 degrees.

Sun beds - extra charge (2 sun beds + 1 umbrella = 80 uah)

aist pliazh 001 aist pliazh 003
aist pliazh 004 aist pliazh 005


Grocery and hardware stores, shop with beach accessories, souvenirs and toys, summer terrace with soft drinks, barbecue area.

For lovers of active rest there are tables for table tennis, table football, air hockey, shooting shooting range, playground, slide-trampoline (for children), labyrinth (for children), therapeutic massage.

Every evening - a disco in the cafe-bar "Morskoye".

Services included in the cost of living in the AIST TGC:

- Wi-Fi coverage

- visiting the beach

- parking

- playground


Reserve Askania Nova, hot springs, safari park, salt lake, water park, dolphinarium, Island Biryuchiy

Required documents

passport, children up to 16 years - birth certificate, tour operator's package "Navigator Ukraine".

The cost per person in UAH.

No. of arrival Dates of races At xnumx's local
At xnumx's local
1 02.06-09.06 5000 UAH 4200 UAH
2 09.06-16.06 5100 UAH 4300 UAH
3 16.06-23.06 5200 UAH 4400 UAH
4 23.06-30.06 5200 UAH 4400 UAH
5 30.06-07.07 5300 UAH 4500 UAH
6 07.07-14.07 5300 UAH 4500 UAH
7 14.07-21.07 5300 UAH 4500 UAH
8 21.07-28.07 5300 UAH 4500 UAH
9 28.07-04.08 5300 UAH
4500 UAH
10 04.08-11.08 5300 UAH 4500 UAH
11 11.08-18.08 5300 UAH 4500 UAH
12 18.08-25.08 5200 UAH 4400 UAH
13 25.08-01.09 5000 UAH 4200 UAH
14 01.09-08.09 4900 UAH 4100 UAH
15 08.09-15.09 4700 UAH 3900 UAH
    There are places Under the request No places
  • Children up to 6 years without a place and food - for free (in 2-bed rooms)
  • Children up to 14 years - 10% discount

  • Cost of voucher without railway pass and transfers - on 1000 uah less of the price in the table.

The order of additional food is possible:
surcharge for breakfast (7 days) - 770 UAH / person
surcharge for dinners (7 days) - 1000 UAH / person
surcharge for dinners (7 days) - 850 UAH / person
surcharge for 3 meals a day (7 days) - 2400 UAH / person

Medical service


railway travel on the route Kharkov - Genichesk - Kharkov (sedentary), bus transfers station - hotel - station, hotel accommodation in rooms with 8 days / 7 nights stay, use of the entire infrastructure of the base, use of the beach, insurance.


  • Departures from Kharkov on Sundays in 6: 26 by train No.729 (sedentary). Arrive at Genichesk at 13: 27. Transfer to the hotel.
  • The cost of the voucher for 1-local placement increases by 60%
  • Check-in at the hotel upon arrival, not earlier than 14: 00
  • Check out from rooms on the last day before 10-00
  • Bus transfer from the hotel - on the last day of arrival, approximately in 12-30.
  • Departures from Genichesk - on the last day of arrival by train No.730 to 14: 07. Arrival in Kharkov in 21: 32.
  • It is possible to purchase vouchers for 2, 3 and more races. Check with the managers of the tour operator.
  • It is possible to replace the railway journey (instead of the sit-down train No.729 / 730) to the night train No.81 (coupe) with departure from Kharkov on the eve of the arrival date at 23: 34 and arrival at Novoalekseevka at 7: 15. Back - to the night train №100 (coupe) with departure from Novoalekseevka in 21: 38 and arrival in Kharkov in 5: 50 in the morning. (check-in and check-out from the hotel according to the estimated time - see above)

    Address recreation: Kherson region., Genichesky Rn, with. Gengorka (Genicheskaya Gorka), st. Embankment №58

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