Weekend tours for groups

Corporate trips to the sea, organization of seminars, Odessa, Zatoka, Iron Port, Sea of ​​Azov

from 3 days

Corporate at the sea. Odessa

Odessa - rest by the sea

One of the most popular ways to relax and relax together is rest in Odessa "near the blue sea". A magical, heroic, beautiful, brave city with an amazing and rich history, colorful local people, famous Odessa humor and clean spacious sandy beaches awaits you!

from 2 days

We invite you to relax on the coast of the Azov Sea. Azov land is a unique cocktail of steppe and sea air, the smallest and warmest sea of ​​the planet, mud saline lakes, therapeutic hot springs and sun-drenched 112-kilometer beach is the longest sandy spit in Europe.

from 3 days

Corporate at the sea. Inflow. Black Sea

Odessa - Zatoka - rest by the sea

We invite you to rest on the sandy Carolino-Bugazsky Spit, dividing the Black Sea and the Dniester estuary. Huge clean sandy beaches, gentle entry to the sea, unique climate create excellent conditions for recreation. Zatoka is a popular Ukrainian seaside resort on the Black Sea near Odessa.

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