Independence Day Tours

4 days / 3 nights
3850 from UAH.

Reserve Ukraine on Independence Day. Askania-Stone Graves-Azov Bus

Schastlivtsevo - hot springs - Ascania Nova - Stone graves

Popular weekend tour! A sea of ​​pleasure in one trip: rest on the shore of the warm Azov Sea, a unique monument of history Stone graves, the pride and wonder of Ukraine - the Ascania Nova biosphere reserve and much more!

3 days / 5 turodney
3750 from UAH.

Necklace Chernihiv. Independence Day Tour Train

Nezhin - Kachanivka - Trostyanets - Chernihiv - Kozelets - Baturin

Do you want to see the whole of the ancient Sivershchina in one round - ancient Russia that was covered with legends and bylinas? Immerse yourself in the thousand-year history of Ancient Chernigov, in the glorious Cossack past of Baturin, in the provincial life of Nizhyn, permeate the spirit of the landowners' estates, parks and palaces.

3 days / 5 turodney
3800 from UAH.

Amber tour. Volyn + Belarus on Independence Day! Train

Ostrog - Klevan - Lutsk - Brest - Belovezhskaya Pushcha - Berestechko - Tarakanov - Dubno.

New 2019! We invite you to the Independence Day on the ancient Volyn land, in the Ukrainian and Belarusian Polesye! Spring, colorful, mysterious land of Volyn! From the mid-10th century, Volyn land was part of the Old Russian state. Here, everything breathes with antiquity, ancient culture, Ukrainian mentality.

3 days / 5 turodney
3800 from UAH.

Neon tour. Vinnitsa - Uman - Nemirov on Independence Day Train

Vinnitsa - Strizhavka - Uman - Nemirov - fountain show

All the secrets of the Southern Bug in the Neon tour! A beautiful tour on Independence Day in Vinnitsa, the highlights of which are certainly the light-music fountain on the Roshen embankment in Vinnitsa, Sophia Arboretum in Uman and Palace of Maria Scherbatova in Nemirov.

3 days / 5 turodney
3800 from UAH.

Bukovinsky mix. Chernivtsi - Kamenets-Podolsky - Hotin Train

Khmelnitsky - Chernivtsi - Khotyn - Kamenets – Podolsky - Khmelnitsky

Summer Bukovina and Podolia 2019. Tour of Western Ukraine includes a visit to the unique Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khotyn fortress, Chernivtsi, acquaintance with the nature and history of Bukovina.

3 days / 4 turodnia
3950 from UAH.

Paradise tour! 3 rest day on the Azov on Independence Day Train

Kharkov - Genichesk - Genicheskaya Gorka - Schastlivtsevo - Novoalekseevka - Kharkov

We offer you to spend unforgettable 3 days off on Independence Day in one of the best hotel complexes of the Sea of ​​Azov on the Arabat Spit - "Garden of Eden"! This place undoubtedly will charm you with its beauty, bright colors and aromas of a blooming garden, accommodation in comfortable rooms and, of course, heavenly food in the restaurant according to the Swedish line system!

14 hours
450 from UAH.

Sorochinsky Fair. Oposhnya - Sorochintsy. The height Bus

Oposhnya - Great Sorochintsy - Sorochinsky Fair 2019

One of the days of hot August, one thousand eight hundred ... eight hundred ... shone with such a luxury. (N.V. Gogol)

13 hours
500 from UAH.

Excursion to the historical – cultural reserve “Svyatogorsk Holy Dormition Lavra” is truly a miracle created by nature and people in an amazingly beautiful place on the banks of the Seversky Donets.

1 day / 2 night
1450 from UAH.

Miracles Cherkassky. Uman + Buk canyon for Independence Day Bus

Uman - Sofievsky dendrological park - Buk canyon

The traditional popular bus tour to Uman from Kharkov, which combines the visit of the most beautiful places in Ukraine - the Sophia Dendropark in Uman - and the Buk Canyon on the Tikich mountain river.

14 hours
450 from UAH.

Sorochinsky Fair. Oposhnya - Sorochintsy. Closing Bus

Oposhnya - Great Sorochintsy - Sorochinsky Fair 2019

One of the days of hot August, one thousand eight hundred ... eight hundred ... shone with such a luxury. (N.V. Gogol)

10 hours
400 from UAH.

Manors of Kharkov province + Singing terraces Bus

Old Merchik - Sharovka - Natalia - Singing terraces

One of the most popular excursions among Kharkiv residents and visitors of our city tells about ancient estates that have survived to our days, which give an opportunity to glance into the past of our region, learn about the life of Kharkiv citizens in the XVIII - XIX centuries, Kharkiv patrons.

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