Tours to Israel - an unforgettable vacation, because "Promised Land" - an amazing country with a long, eventful history, shrines, attracting millions of pilgrims, as well as one of the most beautiful corners of the earth, where there are a huge number of nature reserves and five-star resorts.

Buying a tour to Israel, you will not only visit all its monuments, but also plunge into the unique atmosphere of the place where civilizations unite, you will visit once on three seas!


Despite the not too large territory, the climate in Israel is very uneven - from moderate to tropical, with lots of sunny days. From November to May the rainy winter season lasts, the rest of the time - dry summer. Heavy rains fall in the north and in the center of the country, much less - in the northern Negev, and in the south they almost never happen.

The main resorts

The entertainment capital of the country - Tel Aviv - was originally a Jewish quarter on the territory of the port of Jaffa, and over time it became one with it.

Modern Tel Aviv is one of the best embankments in the world, dozens of beaches, modern skyscrapers, the most fashionable restaurants, clubs and parties until dawn. It houses the best concert halls and galleries in Israel, as well as the country's largest Art Museum.

The city of Nazareth is considered sacred, as it was built in the very place where, according to legend, the Virgin Mary learned from the Archangel Michael that she would soon become a mother, and here she gave birth to the baby Jesus. Nazareth has many beautiful cathedrals, including the Church of the Archangel Gabriel. There is a national park and the very Roman bowls in which Christ turned water into wine.

Haifa is the largest port and business center in Israel. It differs from other Israeli cities: more European, less religious (as much as possible in this country), even work here on Saturdays. The main attraction of Haifa is the biblical Mount Carmel, on the slopes of which the city stands.

Departures, departures


Duration of the tour

from 5 days

Visa, documents

For the purpose of entering tourism, a visa is not required, the period of stay in the country should not exceed 90 days


Israeli hotels do not have a "star" classification: instead, there is a "class" system. Since there are a lot of hotels of different world "chains" in the country, tour operators establish their classification themselves, based on their more or less objective assessments. This means that when choosing a hotel in Israel, one should focus not on the number of "stars", but on a specific list of services and room descriptions. However, the service in hotels is quite clear - computers do not "freeze", there are no overlaps and "over-armor".

Those urban hotels that operators define as 4 *, usually without pools, as opposed to five-star hotels. Both the "five" and "quartet" are usually pleased with spacious rooms. The food in Israel is good everywhere, but in 5 *, of course, the menu is the richest.

Accommodation prices depend on the city. For example, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem it will be expected to be more expensive (by about 20-25%) than in Haifa or Netanya.


In Israel, people of different nationalities live, respectively, the cuisine is also very diverse. In the country there are a lot of restaurants: Chinese, Russian, French, Indian, Moroccan and further on the list. The menu is usually printed in Hebrew and English. Portions are large, but they are also quite decent.

From meat dishes, in which there are traditionally many spices and herbs, it is worth trying "meat in Hebrew" and "meorav yerushalmi" - a dish of four kinds of chicken meat. Among vegetable dishes, various salads, hummus (chicken paste with olive oil and spices), "falafel" (fried in oil peas and bean balls, served with salad or in pita with pickled vegetables and hummus), cold beetroot soup, potato pancakes and fried zucchini. Local beer "Macabi" is also quite good taste. The most kosher desserts: "gogol-mogol", baked apples, pancakes, gingerbread with almonds.



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

People come to Israel not only with difficult diagnoses, but also for beauty and general health improvement. The most popular health resort is the Dead Sea. Micronutrient-rich seawater and muds treat skin conditions, arthritis, asthma and more. There are hot springs in Tiberias that help with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and respiratory diseases. Also, there are health resorts in Arad, Ein Gedi and other regions.

Excursion program

  Walls of the Old City, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian quarters, Wailing Wall - this is not a complete list of attractions with which you are ready to introduce guides to Israel. A sightseeing tour of holy places, as a rule, takes place in a pedestrian format, so be prepared to spend on your feet on average four hours or more. To visit the Jerusalem shrines was given easily morally and physically, you need to take care of comfortable clothes and shoes in advance and take enough drinking water with you. Well, do not forget that in most places by default it is assumed that tourists will be in modest clothes that cover the body as much as possible. Women should be in hats.

Since Israel cannot be imagined without the Dead Sea, there are excursions that offer tourists plenty of rest in its healing waters. To make the trip memorable not only by splashing in the sea, you can ask the guides to include visits to nearby attractions in the route - for example, the Masada fortress, the Ein Gedi nature reserve.


The swimming season lasts all year round: in summer they swim in the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Galilee (Kinneret), in winter - in the Dead and Red Seas. The hottest months in the Dead Sea and Eilat (Red Sea) are June, July and August. The average air / water temperature at this time is + 38 / + 30 ° C.


For fans of shopping tours, we can combine rest in Israel with visiting the largest shopping centers and colorful markets. You will surely like it in Tel Aviv, because its entertainment and sales industry is active both day and night. Israel rest gives all tourists with generosity, so do not miss the chance to book a tour at a bargain price and visit this amazing country!


At the border, be prepared to present a return ticket with a fixed date, a hotel reservation or invitation, insurance for the entire trip, proof of financial solvency (bank cards or cash, a bank statement is not required). Also answer questions about whether you have relatives in Israel, where you are going to go on excursions, with whom you flew. This is a normal practice, it is not only pointless to get irritated, but also dangerous - nervous ones can be delayed for a long time.

If you have stamps from Arab states in your passport, be prepared for closer attention of border guards. Unlike some Arab countries, Israel does not prohibit categorically enter such tourists into the country, but treats them more suspiciously.

The Israelis are used to harsh checks and take them calmly - everything is done for their own safety. But the time for passing the control and inspection should be set at least an hour and a half more than usual. The best option is to arrive at the airport no later than 3-4 hours before departure.

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