Georgia is enjoying every day more and more popularity among Ukrainian tourists. It is a mysterious country, full of legends and riddles, with ancient history and original unique culture, kind and sympathetic people, a country of flowers and songs, a land of temples, mountains and blue skies.


 Aviation to Georgia from Kiev
  "Getting to know Tbilisi"
  Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Kakheti 
  5 days
  355 $ / person
  Tour dates: departure every day from 11.01.18 to 24.04.18 and from 05.05.18 to 25.12.18


  Bus tour for the May holidays in Georgia from Kharkov     

27.04.2018 - 06.05.2018
When booking before 28.02 $ 30 discount on the tour! During the tour, you will visit the capital of Georgia - the city of Tbilisi, relax on the Black Sea coast in gorgeous Batumi, climb Gergeti (in the highest mountainous region - Kazbegi)
  11 days
  Accommodation in hostel: 185 $
  Accommodation at the hotel: 285 $
Pictures on request gudauri

  Aviatour to Georgia (Gudauri Resort)

   Gudauri is one of the most famous ski resorts in the Caucasus, especially due to the good conditions for freeriding. The best time for skiing is March and April.
  * Departures every day! 
  8 days (number of days can be adjusted)
  from 315 $ (+ flight ~ 200 $)

The history of the country is a long list of ups and downs of empires, invasions of external enemies, violence and wars. But at the same time, this country has a huge cultural heritage. FROMThe traditions and customs of the proud and temperamental mountaineers, the ardor and hospitality of Georgians - Georgia, have something to surprise their guests ...

In Georgia, you can and must come again and again, because you can not love it. And in one visit to see everything, to get acquainted with all the sights is simply impossible.

Season of rest: The beach season lasts from May to September, the ski season - from December to April.

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Resort Features

Georgia is a large and diverse country, stretching from the Greater Caucasus Range in the west to the Black Sea in the south. Most of the country is occupied by wooded mountains, and their highest peaks are covered with snow all year round. In the area of ​​the Black Sea coast, the climate is mild and humid, the soil is fertile, citrus fruits, grapes and tobacco grow here. Georgia is famous for its national cuisine and hospitality, as well as health resorts on the Black Sea coast.


Subtropical climate in the west, transitional from subtropical to temperate in the east. The wet summer is on the coast of the country: the average temperature in July is + 24 ... + 27 ° C, winters - + 4 ... + 8 ° C. In January, in mountain areas, the thermometer can drop to -15 ...- 20 ° C.

The main resorts

Anaklia, Akhtala, Bakuriani, Batumi, Borjomi, Gonio, Grigoleti, Gudauri, Kvariati, Kobuleti, Kutaisi, Sairme, Sarpi, Tbilisi, Telavi, Ureki, Tskhaltubo, Chakvi


TUI, Alf TO, Join Up, Ljubosvit, TPG, Tour. Club, Cote

Departures, departures

Kyiv, Kharkiv

Duration of the tour

from 7 days

Visa, documents

To enter the visa is not required


The country is actively developing the tourism industry. In the capital of Georgia, a room in a hostel or a mini-hotel costs about 15-20 $, a room in a three-star hotel will cost 25-45 $. There is a good choice of premium suites and suites in international chain hotels with a price tag of 200-300 $, and you can also rent a chic villa on 5 bedrooms overlooking the garden for 3900 $ per day.


Most hotels offer meals like HB and FB. Large five-star hotels also work on the AI ​​system.



Type of tour



As a rule, all hotels have such a complex of services:
- parking place;
- Internet Wi-Fi;
- currency exchange;
- ATM.

Excursion program

Tbilisi, Kutaisi - the capital of the Colchis Kingdom, Mtskheta - pilgrimage center, ski resorts of Bakuriani and Gudauri, seaside resort of Batumi


Black Sea (municipal beaches)

The cost per person in UAH.

8000 from UAH.


- Flight
- Transfer to the hotel
- Accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category
- Food
- Insurance


You can bring national daggers, homespun carpets, containers for wine from glass, clays or horns, Georgian wines and cognacs, grape vodka "chacha", cheeses, spices and aromatic herbs.


Georgia has a high level of tourist safety, but it is recommended to leave documents and valuables in the hotel safe

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