It is not surprising that a huge number of tourists choose to rest in Spain, because the inexhaustible possibilities of beach holidays are combined here with ancient culture, the greatest monuments of history and architecture, passionate flamenco, exciting bullfighting and touching serenades.

The hot southern sun, golden sandy beaches, mysterious underwater life, the heavenly coolness of the sea breeze impress and pacify. Almost all mainland Spain has access to the sea and, accordingly, offers opportunities for recreation. Not to mention the islands.

Season of rest: The swimming season lasts from June to October.

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Resort Features

Spain is an ideal country for recreation. This attracts diving enthusiasts, adventurers and antiquities, and culinary gourmets. And the sights of Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona for many tourists are attractive primarily for their history, museums, exhibitions of paintings of great painters, squares and cultural national parks.


The north of the country is subject to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean: there is a mild wet winter and a mildly warm summer. The south-east coast is a Mediterranean climate with a very mild short winter and a dry, hot summer. On the central plateau of the country the climate is sharply continental with a noticeable difference between day and night temperatures. Summers are hot and dry, winters are dry and cold.

The main resorts

Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada, Madrid, Mallorca, Menorca, Fr. Tenerife, Sierra Nevada


TUI, Anex, Join Up, Zeus Travel, Idriska, Coral, Pegasus, Siesta, TPG, Tour. Club

Departures, departures


Duration of the tour

from 6 days

Visa, documents

For owners of biometric passports - visa is not necessary 

For those who have an old passport it is necessary to open a Schengen visa, it opens at the Spanish Embassy in Ukraine. The time for opening a visa is from 5 to 14 working days. Consular fee 35 euros + visa center services are from 25 to 30 euros


In Spain there are no uniform state rules for the classification of hotels in the country: each region solves this issue at the local level. Hotels in Spanish resorts are mostly urban, do not have their own beaches and are located in small towns with a lot of shops, bars, restaurants and discos "by the side."


In Spain, a real cult of food - a lot of restaurants and snack-taverns are offered to join the cuisine and wines of Spain. Some cafes, in addition to national dishes, have an Italian, Mexican and Asian menu. In addition, the country has a huge number of significantly different from each other regional cuisines.



Type of tour



Barcelona, ​​Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Santiago de Compostela - one of the most important cities of medieval Christianity, the monastery, St. Pilar (Zaragoza), the monastery ensemble of Torresjudad (Huesca) and much more.


  • Laundry
  • City guide
  • Currency exchange
  • Shop


From the east, Spain is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the southern Spanish coast overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar. The beaches are the wealth of Spain. This country boasts countless beaches of all kinds - sandy, pebble, rocky, and even volcanic black sand. In the country, all beaches are municipal and free - access to them is not limited.


Not all hotels offer animation programs. Many children's mini-clubs work only in the summer season, and indoor hotel pools are closed from June to September.

The cost per person in UAH.

From 8500 UAH


  • Flight Kiev - Barcelona - Kiev
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back
  • Accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category
  • Meals of your choice
  • Insurance


Usually they bring food from Spain (cheeses, wine, ham "jamon") and souvenirs with the symbols of the country (fans, skirts, flamenco shoes). There are many shops of famous brands in the country, fashion weeks are regularly held, and in large cities there are a lot of outlets, sometimes even set aside in separate “shop villages”.


During walks and excursions, it is better to have a photocopy of the passport with you, and keep the passport, money and air ticket in the hotel safe. Tourists should be attentive - they steal here often and very professionally.


  • Departures to Kiev and Lviv are possible
  • In addition, a visa is paid to Spain from 65 euro (for owners of biometric passports, VISA IS NOT NECESSARY !!!)


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