Czech Republic. Mariánské Lázně

The luxurious Czech spa is famous for its mineral springs, whose water has a unique chemical composition that helps cure a wide range of diseases. Treatment in Mariánské Lázně implies a whole range of procedures - massages, water treatment, physiotherapy, thermal and gas wraps, selection of diet and walking regimen.

But the main procedure of any medical complex is the drinking of mineral water from the source in the amount designated by the spa physician. Prices for treatment will be determined individually, taking into account the severity and type of disease, as well as the duration of the disease.


Czech Republic



Season of rest

All year round

Resort Features

Mariánské Lázně are the second largest resort and recreation area in the Czech Republic and located at 180 km. from Prague. This city is a picturesque garden, located on the southern outskirts of the Nightingale forest. Almost all the houses and sanatoria are built in the style of the Italian new-renaissance. The resort is surrounded by forests with numerous paths leading to many interesting places and monuments. The beauty of the surrounding nature, beautiful comfortable hotels and the main thing - healing springs - deservedly placed the city in the category of the best world resorts. Mineral springs here were known already in the 16 century, but the status of the resort city was received only in 1866. In Mariánské Lázně, 40 sources come to the surface, each of them has a peculiar chemical composition, but for all, an abundance of free carbon dioxide and a low water temperature are characteristic.

The main resorts

Mariánské Lázně 

Departures, departures

Kyiv, Lviv

Duration of the tour

from 7 days

Visa, documents

For owners of biometric passports - visa is not necessary 

A visa is required to enter with a regular passport. It opens at the Czech Embassy in Ukraine. The time for opening a visa is from 9 to 14 working days. There are single and multiple entries. Consular fee 35 euros. Visa center services range from 15 to 25 euros


Hotels 3 *


BB + treatment 
HB + treatment 
FB + treatment 



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

For medical procedures, natural remedies are used - cold acidic springs used for drinking treatment, inhalation and preparation of carbon and mineral baths, as well as peat, mud and natural medicinal gas - the so-called Mariin gas.

List of natural sources:

  • The Cross Spring
  • Source Ferdinand
  • Forest source
  • Source Ambrozha
  • Source Rudolf
  • Source of Carolina
  • Mariin source
  • The source of Alexandra


Recreation + treatment 


From 7 to 21 days 

The cost per person in UAH.

It is individually calculated for the query 


Transfer: airport (PRG) - hotel (PRG), hotel (PRG) - airport (PRG)
Hotel: Hotel (meals according to the program)
Insurance: Medical Insurance Standard



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