Mayfine tour. New Year in Transcarpathia + Slovakia!

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Celebrate the New Year 2020 in a new tour in Transcarpathia and Slovakia!

Do not fake - call, armor, more May file - lem thu!

2020 New Year tour in Transcarpathia and Slovakia with a picnic and lekvar!

What we want to surprise you with this time:

- You will see not only the classical castles of Palanok, Ung, Shenborn, but also other equally refined palaces;

- Take a dip in the thermal pools of Kosino and Beregovo;

- Admire the snow-covered Carpathian polonyny, mountain rivers and waterfalls;

- Get acquainted with the culture of the Hutsuls, Ruthenians, ancient Celts and Transcarpathian Hungarians;

- Taste Transcarpathian dishes and wines, Celtic tinctures and buffalo milk;

- Meet the New 2020 year in the best hotels and restaurants of Transcarpathia.

- Discover the real pearl of Slovakia - the city of Kosice!

In the program of the tour: train travel, accommodation in Mukachevo in a comfortable hotel, food, New Year's banquet, 5 excursions in the tour price, optional excursions in Transcarpathia and Slovakia, Shipot waterfall, climbing to Borzhava mountain valley on the chair lift, Transcarpathian castles, buffalo farm, swimming in thermal pools, tastings of wine, cheese, Celtic tinctures, attractions, insurance.

Tour dates



Mukachevo - Uzhgorod - Chinadiyevo - Shipot - Borzhava - Beregovo - Kosino - Vinogradov - Kosice



Duration of the tour

5 days

Type of tour



breakfast in the hotel restaurant


Star Hotel 4 * (Premier Hotel Star) - the best hotel Mukachevo, one of the best Premier hotels in Ukraine, is located in the very center, opposite the Town Hall, in an old building that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian dynasty von Schoenborn, and now to the American billionaire Alex Rovt, a native of Mukachevo. The hotel has a gym, a Finnish sauna, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi.
star01 star02

2-bed rooms economy with all conviniences. The area of ​​the room is 18 sq.m., located on the attic floor of the hotel, in the room is air conditioning, TV, telephone, refrigerator, hairdryer, safe, minibar, free wi-fi. Extras. places are not provided.
Ekonom01 Ekonom02

2-local numbers standard. Room Size 18 sq.m. with a beautiful view of the central square of the city. The room has air conditioning, two single beds, TV, telephone, refrigerator, shower, desk, hairdryer, minibar, free wi-fi.
sta01 std02

2-3-4-local numbers Junior Suite. The area of ​​the room is 25 sq.m. The room has air conditioning, TV, telephone, dinette, work desk, refrigerator, hairdryer, safe, minibar, free wi-fi. In the room there are two separate beds (or one double bed) and a sofa.
polulux02 polulux01

Excursion program

29.12 Sunday
Departure of tourists from Kharkov by train No.46 in 12: 37 or by train number 17 to 15: 10
Tourists from Kiev by train No.81 in 18: 30

Uzor NU
1 day 30.12

Arrival in Mukachevo by train No. 81 from Kiev to 08: 45.
Arrival in Mukachevo by train No.17 from Kharkov to 09: 04
Group meeting at the station.

09: 00-12: 00 - Excursion "The romance of the county palace": sanatorium "Carpathians", the Count's park in winter decoration, a source of beauty, castle of the Austrian Count Schönborn.

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12:00 Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation in rooms. Free time before a tour of Mukacheve.
12:52 Arrival of tourists from Kharkov to Mukachevo by train No. 46. Meeting at the station. Transfer to the hotel and settlement.

15: 00-18: 00 - Tour of Mukachevo "The City of Latoritsa". Ancient and eternally young city of Mukachevo, its amazing history and architecture: the historical center of the city, the monuments of Cyril and Methodius, Prince Fedor Koriatovich, a cheerful chimney-sweep, covered with legends Palanock Castle, whose turbulent history is connected with the history of almost all countries of Central Europe.

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Optional * in the evening for an additional fee is offered:

18: 30-20: 30 - excursion-tasting "Celtic Yard under Lovachka" (300 UAH / person., limited number of seats!):

Celts, Gauls, Druids ... These words are most often associated with Scotland, Ireland or France, and yet the blood of this proud people flows in the veins of Mukachevites - from the third century BC between the mountains Galish and Lovacca there was the most eastern Celtic an opiate in Europe. "Celtic courtyard under Lovachka" offers tasting of fruit flakes and tinctures (slivovitz, nutcracker, chereshnevka, pears, hurmovka ...), as well as several types of vermouth, cooked on three dozen herbs .. The tasting is held in an ancient forty-five-foot cellar at the foot Lovachka mountains, on the slopes of which grapes have been grown for more than 500 years ...
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Uzor NU

2 day 31.12 8: 00 - Breakfast at the hotel.

10: 00-17: 00 - Excursion "Ungvar - Ancient City".
On the western outskirts of Ukraine on the border with Slovakia is located Uzhgorod - the regional center of Transcarpathia, a city with a unique appearance and an interesting history. The ancient street of Corzo, monuments to the Lantern, St. Mikolajczyk, Ferenc Liszt, the Catholic Church of St. George, the Greek Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals, the former synagogue of the orthodox Jewish community ... You will meet with Uzhhorod Castle, acquaintance with the wooden architecture of Transcarpathia in Museum of Folk Architecture and Life.

uzhgorod01 uzhgorod03
uzhgorod004 uzhgorod04

Return to Mukacheve. Free time, preparation for the New Year.

Meeting a NEW 2020 year!

It is proposed to meet and celebrate the New Year (optional):

1. In the restaurant "Astoria" - 1500 UAH from an adult.
An entertaining New Year's program and a festive menu (alcohol incl.). The restaurant is within walking distance (15-20 minutes) from the Star 4 * hotel. - Download MENU
2. In the restaurant "Grafsky Dvor" - 1500 UAH from an adult.
New Year's entertainment program, disco, photo zone and holiday menu (without alcohol, order on site) - Download MENU

Reservations and payment for NG banquets - in advance (up to 15.12)

Uzor NU

3 day 01.01 Happy New Year 2020 !! Late завтрак.

11: 00-19: 00 - excursion "Waterfall Shipot and Borzhavskie poloniny ".
The route passes winding roads of the Ukrainian Carpathians! Mysterious legends of the mountain region, stormy streams of rivers, picturesque waterfall Shypot, ancient wooden architecture, life of modern mountaineers. On toResell ski lift can be climbed to the incredible beauty of the Borzhavskiy polynode, opening from the hill of Gimb and above, feel like a real mountaineer, sipping hot wine and herbal tea in the mountain "Chayovna" over the precipice.
borzhava01 borzhava02

Optional evening for an additional fee is offered:

21: 00-23: 00 - Evening entertainment "Transcarpathian Evening in the Castle of Love" * (450 UAH / person).
The program of the evening includes an excursion along the road that led from the Russian Gate to the the castle of Saint Miklos XIVst. You will see the Chinadiev castle in the light of torches, the flickering light of which will snatch out of the darkness of centuries the secrets and mysteries of its famous owners, the romantic stories of brave knights and seductive beauties. You will learn how to dance the Hungarian Chardash dance, learn a few folk Transcarpathian songs, try a bograch - a national Hungarian dish, you will spice it with wine from the Transcarpathian cellars. And all this to the accompaniment of Hungarian, Slovak, Ruthenian songs performed by a multinational ensemble.
zamok l zamol liubvi01
Uzor NU

4 day 02.01 08: 00 - Breakfast in the hotel. Free day.

On this day, optional to choose for an additional fee offered:

1) 05: 30-18: 30 - Excursion "Kosice - the pearl of Slovakia" (1350 UAH / person) - for those who have biometric passports or a visa is open!

Kosice - once one of the largest free cities in the Kingdom of Hungary, one of the most important trade and political centers of Central Europe of the 13th - 18th centuries. Now it is the second largest city in Slovakia. In 2013, Kosice was declared the European cultural capital. We can join the glorious past and present during walking tour of the central part of the city. Tourists will see the Cathedral of St. Alzhbety (1345-1508) - one of the most beautiful Gothic temples in the world, the Gothic tower-bell tower of St. Urban (XVI century), the City Theater, the plague column (1723), unique for all of Europe Singing fountain

kosice winter slovakia slovakia
slovakiya koshitse2 dostoprimechatelnosti koshice rozhdestvo

2) 10: 00-16: 00 - Bdrive to Koson to recreational and entertainment complex "Thermal waters Kosino "* (250 UAH + entrance). The best thermal complex in Ukraine is in a beautiful oak grove and has 5 pools and 7 saunas. Average temperature in thermal pools + 41 °C. The pride of the complex is the largest in Ukraine fountains-jacuzzi - coffee, wine, beer, etc., and also fountain-illusion "Golden Faucet of Health" in height 15,5 meters.

kosino01 kosino03

Uzor NU

5 day 03.01 08: 00 - Breakfast in the hotel. Exemption numbers.

09: 00-19: 15 - Excursion "Delicious Sevlush":
During this excursion you will see the famous Lakes of Mukacheve and Irschavchiny, a valley of greenhouses, a century-old mill in the village of Velikie Komyaty, a Reformed church of the 17th century with the highest wooden bell tower in Ukraine in the village. Chetfolvo, snow-covered gardens of the warmest region of Transcarpathia, the famous Muzhiyevsky gold miner, the medieval defensive church in the village of Bene and much more.

Vinogradov (in the past Sevlush) will greet tourists with a "church parade" of different denominations of the XV-XVII centuries, a famous monument to the winemaker, before us will appear the ruins of the Kanko Castle of the XIV century, the palace of Baron Pereni.

Visit farm "Carpathian buffalo", where they are engaged in the restoration of the population of Carpathian buffalo, tasting cheese and other products from buffalo milk.

buyvol 01 buyvol11

We will visit Ukraine's only lekvara tasting room (traditional Hungarian jam), which is located in the village of Botar. We will try six types of lekvara from wild berries, washed down with all apple juice. In addition, on this farm grow unusual shaggy pigs-mangalitsa. The meat of these piglets is considered extremely useful. How tasty it is - we will be convinced, having tried cold cuts - 3 varieties of sausages, lard of mangalitsa and 50 grams of traditional Transcarpathian palenka!
botar01 botar2

Tasting of the best Transcarpathian wines in the family basement Paraska in the village. Bene. Tasting is conducted by a real winemaker, who knows not only the sense in wine, but also the truth hidden in it ...
paraska 01 paraska 02

Bathing in the "Skylark - Pachirta" swimming pool with curative thermal mineral water in Berehove, where you can wash yourself off from a hard, but interesting day, relax and get better.
Javornik 01 Javornik 02

Return to Mukacheve. Transfer to the station (check in to the supermarket on the way).

Departure from Mukachevo to Kharkov by train No.46 on 22: 38.
Departure from Mukachevo to Kiev by train No.29 on 23: 19.

Uzor NU

04.01 Saturday
Arrival to Kiev by train № 29 in 10: 11.
Arrival to Kharkov by train No.46 on 22: 07.

The cost per person in UAH.

Placement option tour cost
without train
tour cost
with railway pass
from Kharkov
46 / 45 train
tour cost
with railway pass
from Kharkov
46 / 45 train
tour cost
with railway pass
from Kharkov
17 / 45 train
в номере economy
with 2-x local accommodation
(there is a female share!)
5200 6100 6550 7050
в номере economy
with 1 but local accommodation
6200 7100 7550 8050
в номере standard
with 2-x local accommodation
5900 6800 7250 7750
в номере junior suite
with 2-x local accommodation
6450 7350 7800 8300
в номере junior suite
with 3-x local accommodation
5700 6600 7050 7550

- Children under 5 years without a seat (in a train, bus and hotel) and meals - free
- A separate seat in the bus for a child up to 5 years - 600 UAH.
- Children up to 12 years in the main place - discount 300 UAH.
- Children up to 14 years on all optional excursions - discount 50 UAH.
- The cost of extending your stay at the Star 4 * hotel for one day before or after the end of the tour:
1200 UAH - Economy number, 1400 UAH - Standard number, 1600 UAH - Junior Suite

There are places Few places No places

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  • Railway passage (according to the chosen tour package)
  • Accommodation in hotel "Star 4 *" in rooms with private facilities
  • Travel by tourist class bus
  • Excursions according to the program (5 excursions in the cost of the tour!)
  • Meals on the program - 4 breakfast
  • Transfers from and to the station
  • Group insurance (HMSK)
  • Group supervision by a tour operator representative


  • Extra charges:
    • Additional optional excursions (optional - the cost is indicated in the program);
    • New Year's banquet (optional - price to be specified);
    • Entrance fees to excursion objects, thermal springs, ski lifts, tastings (see notes below);
    • Personal expenses (additional meals, souvenirs).

    Entrance tickets, tastings in UAH with adult / student according to the standard tour program:
    - Mukachevo castle "Palanok" - 50 / 30 UAH.
    - Schönborn Castle - 20 / 15 UAH.
    - Shipot Falls - 10 / 5 uah
    - Uzhgorod castle - 50 / 25 UAH.
    - Museum of Folk Architecture and Life - 40 / 20 UAH.
    - Buffalo farm and tasting of cheese and milk - 65 UAH.
    - Lekvara tasting in the village of Botar - 130 UAH.
    - Wine tasting in Beno village - 80 UAH.
    - Tourist Lift - 130 / 90 UAH. round trip.
    - Thermal waters "Zhayvoronok", Beregovo - 200 UAH / 2 hours (adults), 150 UAH (pensioners), children up to 120, see - for free.

    The cost of optional excursions with admission tickets according to the optional program:
    - Tasting of Gali drinks in the "Celtic Court under Lovachka" - 300 UAH;
    - Departure for swimming in recreation and recreation complex "Thermal Waters of Kosino" - 250 UAH./pers. (additional ticket - 450 UAH / 3 hours from adult, children up to 150 see - for free, disabled persons of the І group and ATO participants - 150 UAH, locker rental - 50 UAH);
    - Excursion "Kosice - the pearl of Slovakia" - 1350 UAH./pers. (transport and excursion service).

  • The formation of groups for combined tours takes place upon receipt of applications. Please reserve your places and pay for the tour in advance.
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • For group customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group.
  • Optional excursions will be held if there are at least 15 people in the group.
  • The cost of entrance tickets, tastings, additional services is listed as of 29.07.2019 and is subject to change.
  • Due to possible changes in the schedule of the railway, the route, train number and time can be changed.
  • Due to the limited number of train tickets, compartment travel can be replaced with a reserved seat with compensation for the difference in ticket prices.
  • The cost of the tour and the New Year's dinner may change in case of a significant change in the economic situation in the country, the cost of the paid tour and the New Year's dinner are not subject to change.

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