Constitution Day Tours

Excursions, tours by train and bus on Constitution Day

3 day
3850 from UAH.

3 days on the Sea of ​​Azov! Rest on Constitution Day Bus

Kharkiv - Arabatskaya strelka - Gengorka - hot springs - pink lake

Constitution Day Tour! We suggest you spend a few warm summer days on the gentle Azov Sea. Take a break from the bustle of the city and enjoy the truly clean sea air! 

16 hours
1150 from UAH.

Familiar with the island of Khortytsa covered with legends and the device of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, acquaintance with the history, traditions and life of the Ukrainian Cossacks, with the opportunity to see with your own eyes a unique performance with the participation of Sich Cossacks. 

13 hours
650 from UAH.

Desolation is one of the most glorious and powerful centers of cultural identity of Ukrainians, the recognized capital of Ukrainian pottery. We invite you to the National Museum - Pottery Reserve in Oposhn, as well as to other equally interesting places.

6 hours
550 from UAH.

We invite you to unusual photo locations, which you can visit only a few weeks a year, and bring unique photos and useful souvenirs from there.

10 hours
450 from UAH.

Slobozhansky Switzerland. Zmiev - Korobovy Khutor Bus

Zmiev - Water - Korobovy Khutor - outdoor recreation

Korobov Khutor - one of the most beautiful places in the Kharkiv region, a real resort. From the height of the Cossack mountain, from the banks of the Seversky Donets, a wonderful view of the picturesque places of the Kharkiv region opens.

10 hours
750 from UAH.

There seems to be no number of unique natural areas in Ukraine. Among them are the Dvurechansky Natural Park and Slobozhansky Provence - a lavender field in the village of Lebyazhye! The main advantage of the park is the ancient chalk mountains, and the lavender field - amazing photo locations, extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, fragrant aromas of medicinal herbs!

10 hours
395 from UAH.

Manor Kharkov province. The epoch of palaces and parks Bus

Old Merchik - Sharovka - Natalia - Singing terraces

For you - one of the most popular among Kharkov residents and visitors of our city is an excursion about the ancient manor houses that have survived to our days, about the life of Kharkovites in the XVIII - XIX centuries, about Kharkov patrons. 

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