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Celebration of Maslenitsa. Excursions with entertainment program

Along with the awakening of nature from winter sleep, the people began a cycle of spring festivities, accompanied by songs, games, dances. The spring calendar opened with a holiday of Meeting, the code of the winter met for the first time with the spring, 1 Marta on Evdokiya celebrated the New Year.

How will they meet Maslenitsa in one of the most beautiful, paradisiacal places of Slobozhanshchina - in Kovalevsky's estate, in Skovorodinovke? We are sure that it will not be boring! Are we going to Skovorodinovka?

Maslenitsa is an ancient pagan festival, which migrated to Christianity and was recognized by the Orthodox Church. We invite you to Shrovetide in a beautiful picturesque corner of Slobozhanshchina: relax, learn a lot of interesting things about the history of our region, meet the spring together with the best folklore groups, have a tasty meal and have fun.

On the spring holidays it was customary to ride horses, go to visit, have fun, cook dumplings and, of course, pancakes, which symbolized the sun, the sun's warmth and power.

Maslenitsa is an ancient Slav festival, which we got from the pagan ancestors. Pancake week is a mischievous and cheerful farewell to the winter and a meeting of spring carrying a revival in nature and solar heat.

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