Shrovetide Tours

Celebration of Maslenitsa. Excursions with entertainment program

13 hours
750 from UAH.

Poltava snacks. Wide Shrovetide in Poltava Bus

Poltava - Abazovka - Bolshie Budischa - Maslenitsa holiday

The traditions and customs of Ukraine on Shrovetide have come to us from the depths of centuries. Our ancestors celebrated this holiday in the springtime, when nature woke up from a winter dream. The meeting of spring was accompanied by fun festivities, baking of golden pancakes. 

8 hours
550 from UAH.

All over the Kolodyya! Carnival in Skovorodinovka Bus

Skovorodinovka - Kovalevsky's estate

How will they meet Maslenitsa in one of the most beautiful, paradisiacal places of Slobozhanshchina - in Kovalevsky's estate, in Skovorodinovke? We are sure that it will not be boring! Are we going to Skovorodinovka?

15 hours
890 from UAH.

On the spring holidays, it was customary to ride horses, go on a visit, have fun, treat yourself to vareniki, cook dumplings and, of course, pancakes, which symbolized the sun, solar warmth and power. 

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