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Celebration of Maslenitsa. Excursions with entertainment program

Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" invites everyone to the Maslenitsa festival, which will be held on the territory of the historical and archaeological museum-reserve "Verkhny Saltov"!

It is impossible to imagine the end of winter without the traditional Pancake week, for which every real Ukrainian manages to eat so many delicious pancakes that it’s enough for the whole year. Do you know that Maslenitsa is one of the oldest Slavic holidays, because it dates back to pre-Christian times, during the period of worship of pagan gods?

How will they meet Maslenitsa in one of the most beautiful, paradisiacal places of Slobozhanshchina - in Kovalevsky's estate, in Skovorodinovke? We are sure that it will not be boring! Are we going to Skovorodinovka?

As part of the holiday Maslenitsa, the Valkovsky District Council decided to hold the festival "Valkovskaya Slivyanochka", because the fame of the Valkovsky plums comes from ancient times - not for nothing that these berries are depicted on the city's coat of arms! The festival is held to preserve and promote the cultural heritage, the development of tourism and gastronomic traditions of our region.

Maslenitsa is an ancient Slav festival, which we got from the pagan ancestors. Pancake week is a mischievous and cheerful farewell to the winter and a meeting of spring carrying a revival in nature and solar heat.

On the spring holidays it was customary to ride horses, go to visit, have fun, cook dumplings and, of course, pancakes, which symbolized the sun, the sun's warmth and power.

Shrovetide is a farewell to winter and a solemn meeting of a beautiful woman - spring. Her celebration among the Gentiles was associated with the glorification of the Sun God Yarila, and after the adoption of Christianity, she became the last stage of preparation for Lent.

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