Black yew. Rest in the Carpathians

Black Tisa is a beautiful Hutsul village, located on the banks of the river of the same name. It has been mentioned in historical sources since the XVII century. Until 1946, Chornaya Tisa was a settlement in the village of Yasinya. You can get to Dragobrat from here in 30-40 minutes, the distance to Bukovel is about 20 km.

We offer you a vacation in the Carpathians, tours to the Carpathians with accommodation in the Black Yew. From here you can make fascinating journeys to the source of the Black Yew, to the Center of Europe, to Vorokhta, Yaremcha, Kolomyia, Manyavsky Skit. In summer, campers, mushrooms, berries are waiting for vacationers, and of course, every self-respecting tourist must climb the highest peak of Ukraine - Goverla! In winter, local places are occupied by lovers of outdoor activities, mountain slopes from all over Ukraine and Europe.

In a few years, Chernya Tysa promises to become the center of the new Svidovets tourist and recreational complex, which will not only be a continuation of Bukovel, but will also surpass the famous resort several times over.

Ukrainian Carpathians, the most famous symbols of which are the peaks of Hoverla, Petros, Gemini, resorts Dragobrat and Bukovel. A sufficiently high level of service, hospitality and hospitality of the local Hutsul residents, Carpathian cuisine, thermal springs and mineral waters, the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and meadows attract tourists from all over the world. The Carpathians are always beautiful: in summer and winter, in spring and autumn.

Placement Locations

Black Yew, Transcarpathia


hotel complex "Black Tisza"

hotel with pool (open)

In a beautiful place on the banks of the Black Tisza there is a large tourist hotel complex for winter and summer holidays. 30 offers its guests comfortable rooms in the main building and several family cottages, gazebos, places to relax, a large lake for fishing, an indoor heated pool, a kolyba-cafe for 120 seats, a conference room, a bathhouse, a sauna, vats, exercise machines, volleyball and other sports grounds. 2-4-bed rooms are equipped with everything necessary for relaxation.

01 02
03 06
31 33
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Cost per 1 people per day with 2-x single meals:

period price
15.03 - 01.12  
01.12 - 29.12
10.01 - 15.03
29.12 - 10.01

Uzor NU

* The above prices are valid for standard rooms, with 2-local accommodation

* Hotels have the right to change the price policy without warning (both in the direction of price increase and downward direction)

* Availability and prices are subject to change before booking




accommodation, meals

When booking a hotel for at least 5 days - transfer to the railway station Yasinya - hotel - railway station Yasinya - FREE!


  • Cost is listed as of 01.11.2017
  • Children up to 5 years without provision of a place and food - free of charge, children up to 14 years - 10% discount.
  • For group customers - prices by agreement
  • Group tours to the Carpathians see here.
  • During the New Year and Christmas period, it is possible to purchase only ready-made tour packages - tours to the New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians

You can order additional services:

- transfer from Yasinoy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Mukachevo, Ternopol, Lviv and other places to Chernaya Tisu

- daily departure to Bukovel

- transfer to Dragobrat

- Excursions to Yaremcha, Vorokhta, Rakhiv, to the Center of Europe, Kolomiya, Maniavsky monastery, Kvass, etc.

- ascent to Hoverla, Petros and other peaks of the Carpathians, hiking to the sources of the Black Tisza, the Yablunets Pass, etc.

 - tasting of beer in a private brewery, trout farm, salt room, hot tubs, sauna, steam bath

- Rental of ski equipment, bicycles, etc.

Our address in the Carpathians:

smt. Yasinya, Transcarpathian region, Grushevsky, 2
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