Tatars. Rest in the Carpathians

We invite you to Tatariv - the Hutsul climatic resort, one of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians. Tatariv is located at an altitude of 750 m above sea level. In the Polish 1912 guide of the year, it is called a “climate resort” and for good reason! A comfortable climate really prevails here: in the summer it is cool, in the winter the Tatars are covered with dense snow cover - like most settlements of the Carpathians.

Summer and autumn Tatars are a comfortable place for picking mushrooms / berries and wandering with low stone slides. In winter, the village is filled with an inexhaustible stream of skiers and snowboarders.

Tatars are surrounded by mountains and, they say, it’s not just that these mountains appeared around the village. At one time, people lived on the banks of the Prut. Their village was very small. The son of an indescribable beauty grew up near the village headman, against which no beauty of the district could resist. Why are there rural beauties, forest nymphs, and they sighed for the young man! One Mavka fell in love with a guy, but he didn’t show him, so as not to frighten him — she watched her lover furtively because of furry twilight while he hunted. Once she heard how the earth was buzzing from the approaching Tatar army. I ran to my beloved, and said: “Run to the twin! Get ready for defense soon! ” The young man - in the village, and the nymph to the forest lord for help. And he asks him: “Save my love, or else I will perish from the burning longing!”. The forest lord removed the royal crown from his head and hit him on the ground, and at the same moment not only forests, but real mountains grew around the village.

While unexpected guests overcame the obstacle and impassable forest jungle, the Hutsuls managed to organize a worthy defense and defeat the Tatars in battle. So Tatarov got his name.

The list of must-see sights when visiting Tatarov includes the building of the old railway station, built here at the end of the 19th century. Moreover, since the middle of the 2014 year, thorough restoration work has been carried out here. After all, the station is considered one of the best architectural projects for the railway of the late 19th - early 20th centuries (across Ukraine).

Church of st. Dmitry also belongs to the architectural monuments of the Yaremche region. At first glance, you can’t say that this temple near the highway will soon turn 150 years old! Dmitrievskaya Church was built here in 1870 by the design of F. Menchinsky. The temple is executed in the style traditional for the Hutsul national architecture.

Another attraction of Tatarov is Zhenetsky Falls, which is located near the cottage of the ex-president of Ukraine V. Yushchenko. Tourists come to look at Guk from all over Ukraine and the whole world: the waterfall is really worthy of attention. Tall, sonorous, does not dry out in summer, and only partially freezes in winter, leaving sparkling icicles the height of a two-story house in pictures of tourists of fabulous beauty.

Placement Locations

Tatariv, Carpathian region


Hotel Koruna

hotel with pool (open)
A large spacious recreation complex is located on the road from Tatariv to Vorokhta on the picturesque slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. Koruna Hotel offers 65 rooms of Standard, Junior Suite and Suite categories for a comfortable stay in the Carpathians. All rooms are bright, with large windows, equipped with modern furniture, TV and Wi-Fi. Maintenance of cleanliness and order is an invariable rule of the Koruna service. The restaurant of the Koruna hotel offers European and Hutsul cuisine. The Koruna Hotel is equipped with two conference rooms, for 150 and 40 people. For recreation and entertainment of guests: outdoor summer pool, satsna according to old Carpathian recipes, tennis court. billiards.
Koruna xnumx Koruna xnumx
Koruna xnumx Koruna xnumx
Koruna xnumx Koruna xnumx
Koruna xnumx Koruna xnumx

Cost for 1 people per day with breakfast:

period number
26.02 - 31.03  

Uzor NU

Hotel and recreation complex "Lavender Country Club"

hotel with pool (indoor)

Complex "Lavender Contry Club", conveniently located along the coast of the Prut River, offers its guests 6 categories of rooms for every taste, rooms from 15 to 58 square meters, chalets from 90 to 185 square meters.

All rooms are equipped with modern furniture, high quality sanitary ware. It features a main national-style restaurant, a summer restaurant on the outdoor terrace, and a movie bar. phyto-bar, outdoor barbecue gazebos, children's playrooms and playgrounds. A special pride of the hotel is the spa complex: Finnish sauna. Turkish hammam, outdoor summer swimming pool, gym, salt room, aromatherapy room, massage room.
Lavanda 001 Lavanda 002
Lavanda 003 Lavanda 004
Lavanda 005 Lavanda 006
Lavanda 007 Lavanda 008

Cost for 1 people per day with breakfast:

period price

Uzor NU

Hotel complex "Tatariv Deluxe"

Tatariv Deluxe is a hotel in the heart of the Carpathians - Tatariv, on the banks of the Prut River, 8 km from the Bukovel complex. Modern technical equipment of rooms, service, restaurant, entertainment for every taste, bathhouse, gazebos on the territory - the hotel has all the conditions for full relaxation. Each room has comfortable beds, TV, refrigerator, table, wardrobe, clothes rack, LCD TV, refrigerator, tableware, balcony. The bathroom is equipped with high-quality sanitary ware and necessary hygiene items (towels, bathrobe, slippers, hair dryer). It offers: free parking, ski equipment drying service, Wi-fi internet access in rooms and a restaurant, a children's playground and playroom, a live corner for children, a universal sports ground, and a karaoke bar. conference room, video room.
Tatariv deluxe 001 Tatariv deluxe 004
Tatariv deluxe 003 Tatariv deluxe 002
Tatariv deluxe 005 Tatariv deluxe 006
Tatariv deluxe 007 Tatariv deluxe 008

Cost for 1 people per day with breakfast:

period price

Uzor NU

Hotel Petros

The "Petros" hotel includes 6 cozy wooden cottages, a kolyba restaurant and a playground are located on the territory. Guests are accommodated in comfortable Standard and Suite rooms. All rooms have balconies, each has a TV and all the necessary amenities, a kitchen area with utensils. The cottages are provided with round-the-clock water supply (hot and cold water), autonomous water heating functions. Fresh and hot dishes are always waiting for guests in the kolyba. You can order 2 or 3 meals a day, there is food delivery to the room.
petros 001 petros 002
petros 003 petros 004
petros 005 petros 007
Cost per 1 people per day:

period price

Uzor NU
Mini-Hotel Villa Provans

hotel with pool (open)

Mini-hotel "Villa Provence" is located in the resort area with. Tatars on the banks of the mountain river Prut. The hotel consists of 10 beautiful and comfortable Standard and Junior Suite rooms with a picturesque view of the Carpathian Mountains from a panoramic window. In the rooms: comfortable furniture made of natural wood; bathroom; satellite television; Free Wi-Fi Internet access. Each block has a shared kitchen, fully equipped with modern appliances. It offers a stove, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, coffee maker, set of dishes. It also has a restaurant, sauna, outdoor pool.
provans 001 provans 002
provans 003 provans 005
provans 004 provans 006

Cost per 1 people per day:

period price
winter, march



Uzor NU

* Prices shown are valid for standard rooms, with 2's local location

* Hotels have the right to change the price policy without warning (both in the direction of price increase and downward direction)

* Availability and prices are subject to change before booking




accommodation, meals


  • Cost is listed as of 01.11.2017
  • Children up to 5 years without provision of a place and food - free of charge, children up to 14 years - 10% discount.
  • For group customers - prices by agreement
  • Group tours to the Carpathians see here.
  • During the New Year and Christmas period, it is possible to purchase only ready-made tour packages - tours to the New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians
You can order additional services:

- transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk, Mukachevo, Ternopol, Lviv and other places in Yaremche

- daily departure to Bukovel

- transfer to Dragobrat

- excursions to Yasinya, Vorokhta, Rakhiv, to the Center of Europe, Kolomyia, Manyavsky Sket, Kvass, etc.

- ascent to Hoverla, Petros and other peaks of the Carpathians, hiking to the sources of the Black Tisza, the Yablunets Pass, etc.

 - tasting of beer in a private brewery, trout farm, salt room, hot tubs, sauna, steam bath

- Rental of ski equipment, bicycles, etc.

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